02 January 2015

Givenchy, Oui!

I would like to introduce you to my new beloved Givenchy Lucrezia Mini bag (in the shade taupe/beige with gold hardware, calf leather and suede lining) RRP for the mini is approximately $2,700 and for the medium size approximately $3,300 — prices may vary especially depending on the shade/leather/material/pattern , etc. This was a beautiful surprise gift from my boyfriend as a recovery gift for my surgery. I was not at all expecting this and was so surprised and thankful for such a wonderful present. I've been wanting a Givenchy for quite some time now along with many other designers. The reason behind why I chose to get the Lucrezia is because while seeing it in store along with the Antigona (which was what I was originally going to get) I took a while deciding which one stood out to me more. Although the Antigona is beautiful it isn't as practical as the lucrezia not to mention that everyone and their mother has the Antigona and me being me I don't like to be a sheep and get what everyone has as it's a put off and since I've hardly seen anyone own the Lucrezia (besides Kendall Jenner and Miranda Kerr to name a few celebs) I knew that I had to have it in my life which I guess makes it so much better.

When going retail therapy with my friend Wendy a while ago and seeing the Givenchy bags in person we we're looking thoroughly at each bag and to point out what we liked and didn't like about each bag. I'll explain exactly what I think and my point of view towards the two bags. First of all the bag I initially was eying the Antigona was too stiff when opening the bag it doesn't open out much making it difficult to get your items out of the bag. The style of the bag is nice to just hold on your wrist/inner elbow but I think it would be annoying to hold there all the time and seeing as the straps that come with the small/medium size is just way to short that if you were to use the shoulder strap the handles of the bag sits really awkwardly under your armpit due to it not being foldable and that's a no no for me. It does come in a mini size with a relatively long strap as well but I didn't like it due to the stiffness of the bag and that it was actually really tiny. Not to mention the inside of Antigona is made from just fabric lining as opposed to Lucrezia having suede/velvet lining which I'd much prefer.

Although it is so beautiful there were too many negatives. Now to the Lucrezia although it's a tad bit more pricey the pros to it is the leather is softer yet still very sturdy keeping its shape but still giving enough to be able to open up the bag well to get items out. I went with the Mini size as it fits me perfectly and with the strap being long it sits nicely as a cross body or on the side of my shoulder hitting just below my waist. The size is surprisingly really roomy I can fit so many of my belongings in there just as much as there was in my Longchamp bag! I was going to op for the medium size however the strap for that is really short as well and it too also sits weirdly with it being too bulky looking if you were to wear it on the shoulder just like the Anitgona however with the Lucrezia the handles can be folded down which really stood out to me where as the Antigona's handles stay standing up under your armpits I can imagine would eventually annoy me or be uncomfortable. I also decided I liked the taupe/beige shade rather than the black because I noticed in person that the taupe shows more of the bags characteristic and makes it look more chiselled whereas the black didn't stand out as much. 

So as you can see I am very particular and have acquired taste when it comes to picking out things. I guess I just like to think things through very thoroughly since it's an investment. I've had this thought with both bags for a while now so of course I always talk to the boyfriend about it a while ago and he already knew which bag I was keen on so when it came to surprising me he did a great job not that I was expecting it at all. I thought it would be a while that I would ever get my own designer bag. I know I could easily just save up and get it whenever, however I'd much prefer to wait until I have the money to freely get it which won't be anytime soon as I have savings for other things. So as you can tell I am so shocked even now when I look at it I can't believe I have it! I am forever grateful and so in love! 

I thought since I have a new bag now I should do an updated "what's in my bag".

- Ted Baker makeup bag
- Prada saffiano wallet (bluette)
- Prada saffiano key and card holder (ametista)
- Rayban Clubmaster folding sunglasses
- iPhone earphones
- Portable black phone charger 
- Aēsop hand sanitiser and hand cream
- An Organised Life Travel Journal/stationery 
- Car keys
- USB (for documents and photos)
- Lipstick I'm wearing/NARS lipstick in damage
- iPhone (of course)!


  1. This bag is gorgeous! I've seen both here on the blogshphere and I have to say I prefer this one as well. Great choice. Lucky girl and I love everything thats inside. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your bag is absolutely beautiful, hun, and I just love that colour. It's neutral so it goes with any outfit and you're definitely right when you say that you can see the structure better with this colour than if you were to get the black. Excellent choice! I love how it's big enough to fit in all those daily essentials without it being too big either. I really want to get the Mulberry Alexa as my everyday big bag and then have a smaller one for little shopping trips or dinner dates! Not sure what bag that'll be though!

    I can't wait until I get my hands on some Ray-Ban Clubmasters and I want to try the Aesop hand sanitiser too. I'm getting a little sick of the Soap & Glory Hand Maid one as I've had it for ages. I can't stop staring at that NARS lipstick. It's so beautiful! It reminds me of Up The Amp by MAC. :)


  3. Absolutely love your purse! I'm trying to find the mini in this color and I can't find it anywhere? Would you mind telling me where you purchased the purse? Thanks a bunch😊

    1. Thanks so much! Obviously depending where you're from you can buy Givenchy bags in Australia at Reebonz and Cult Status. xx