14 January 2015

Lu - What?

You know when you have those days where the item you purchased previously wasn't the correct one because the sales assistant gave you the wrong one? Well, that happens to me all the time. I initially wanted to get the Chanel Le Volume mascara (original - RRP $52) however the day I went in and showed the Chanel lady the mascara sample I wanted she of course gave me the "waterproof" version. For a while I kept wondering why the sample had worked so much more better than the full size that was until I realised the sample wasn't at all waterproof so I did what any girl would do and went to exchange it. The new lady I spoke to was lovely she told me that the other lady that served me didn't bother to look properly as the samples were all the original formula and should have not given me the waterproof version as it doesn't work as well unless you like waterproof formula. The waterproof dries out a lot quicker and is more drying on the lashes, which is exactly what I found to happen. Anyway of course while exchanging my mascara for a new one I had to get more items with it too right? Lets just say I am extremely happy I finally have the right mascara and it is seriously so amazing on my lashes — literally does wonders from lengthening to volume! It's really hard for me to find a good mascara that works well for me!

I've been wanting to purchase a full size of the Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation (RRP $77) since trying out a sample. It is such a unique consistency comparing it to its sister the Vitalumiere foundation which I absolutely also adore however I find that one to have less coverage compared to the Velvet - I don't know if that is what it's supposed to be or the other way around but on me the Velvet provides more coverage. It applies liquidity and once blended into the skin leaves such a "velvet" smooth to powder feel along with amazing coverage while being so light weight. Vitalumiere will always remain a favourite but I do think Chanel hit the nail with the Velvet as well! Mixing the two together creates an even more unique texture giving you dewy, velvet and coverage all in one — which is what I like to do occasionally. I wear the shade B20 for the Velvet and B30 for the Vitalumiere (for my NC25-30 skin — incase you would like a shade reference in MAC terms) — you will find the shades are not the same in both, the Velvet appears to be more darker so if you are usually a certain shade in Vitalumiere then go down one shade if you're planning on getting the Velvet or better yet just get colour matched at a Chanel counter to be sure.

Along with the two other items I was in need of (or actually just wanted) another Rouge Coco Shine lipstick (RRP $50) since I already own two and they're my favourite lipsticks to wear. I opted for the shade #89 Satisfaction (I find the shade name very fitting for the current situation) — it is a perfect nude/everyday shade for my lips, my natural lip colour is slightly soft pink tone so with a nude like this (pinkish, rose with hints of brown undertones — almost similar to MAC's Matte Velvet Teddy but in shine/cream form) it works perfectly for me. If you haven't tried the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks yet I highly recommend them!

When I was finished at the Chanel counter we started heading back to the carpark to go home and along the way we walked by Lululemon and yep you know it - I went inside to look! I was good and only purchased the Flow Y Bra IV Granite Black marble pattern crop top to wear at home or while doing light exercise (yoga). It was on sale for $34 down from $49. The pattern is so lovely, marble is literally everywhere on Instagram and I can't help but also fall in love with it. 


  1. I can't believe we both had the same issue of getting the wrong mascara, what a nightmare! I'm sure it must happen a lot and you would think they'd learn their lesson, haha. Oh well, at least you got the right one in the end! For me, I noticed it said Waterproof on the box even before I had opened it, but I've never been a fan of any waterproof mascara - too annoying to take off and I don't need it, anyway.

    Perfection Lumiere sounds so lovely, but I'm really happy with Vitalumiere right now. How gorgeous is the smell of Chanel foundations? I just love it! I'm absolutely in LOVE with MAC Velvet Teddy, it was so funny when I came over and you knew straight away that I was wearing it! I'll definitely take a look at that Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick as I have Boy and is so beautiful. I'm really getting back into nudes at the moment!

    I've never been into a Lululemon store, but I'm more into my Nike fitness clothing. That bra is so gorgeous though and I'm super into marble too right now! I want to buy some contact paper and put it on my bedside table and cover up my pin board with it!


  2. Lovely post. Loving the lippie as well! It reminds me of Chanel's Caricature (I think that's the spelling)

  3. Ooh I will have to check out that Chanel shade then! I'm all for those beautiful shades thanks girl xx