21 March 2015

A Good Pamper

Life can be hectic as we all know so it is important to take some time out for ourselves. I love having baths every now and then to unwind and relax my mind and body from stress. My favourite thing of all is making that a cup of tea each night, lighting a candle, painting my nails, catching up on TV series, blog reading, YouTube and putting a face/hair mask on.

I think at times we forget we need to have a break and pamper ourselves. I think after you've done a few of these remedies you feel like a whole new person again as well as combining healthy eating and exercise (as they always say)!.

For myself I find using the right things makes me look forward to pampering myself more. When I say "right things" I mean as in using your favourite cup to have your most desired tea in or using a good quality face mask so you can see the results in your skin after. There's no point on using things that don't make you feel good or show results! You will find the little things make all the difference. I think good quality teas and candles are just as important as well.

Brands such as T2 tea are my definite go to when it comes to quality as well as variety! My most go-to tea to indulge in each night depends on my mood. Most nights will consist of Jasmine Green tea, Oolong or Chamomile (so lovely on its own or wish a dash of Manuka honey) and on those sweet tooth days I like a good English/Melbourne breakfast (yes even at night)! Or Creme burlee tea with a dash of soy/skim milk and Manuka honey.

If you're a regular reader of my blog you will definitely notice my favourite candle brands come to no surprise! I love a good Diptyque candle as well as Byredo, This Works, Laudree and Tocca! Occasionally I like to go through my old stash of candles which I still do enjoy burning. Brands such as Glasshouse, Palm Beach, Yankee, Wavertree and London and Gascoigne King which are a few from random boutique brands I've bought during my holidays. Although these types of candles don't come cheap they are definitely worth the investment because even without burning the candle you can still smell the strong scent which lingers throughout the room. Plus they make gorgeous storage for things such as makeup brushes, cotton tips and jewellery etc when you've finished the candle, so it's a win win!

Do you have any recommendations on candles or teas (or even your favourite pamper items)? I would love to try new ones so please comment your suggestions below!

- Diptyque Candles in 34 Blvd Redoute, Roses, Baies Noir, Wick Trimmer.
- Favourite cup Keep Cup Brew Limited Edition Cork in Filter size Medium 12oz.
- Currently drinking T2 Tea in China Jasmine.

Pictured above


  1. Love burning candles. Most of the ones I have enjoyed have been from tiny little boutiques and there is also a lady in my area who hand makes candles and will customise. Although I have to say the This Works Deep Sleep is amazing.


  2. I agree that you can still smell the scent from diptyque candles without burning them....which is why I'm so lazy to burn my candles haha. I sometimes drink green tea to wind down but recently, I love drinking soy milk as it makes me sleep better. Try warming soy milk in a microwave... I promise, you will never look back :D

  3. before i properly got into beauty i just didn't think about things like face masks and skincare but once i got into it the turning point for me was realising that it's not a chore, it's me taking care of myself and doing things that make me feel good and it makes SUCH a difference when you look at it that way and it becomes something to look forward to. and it's definitely worth investing a bit more because you'll enjoy it that much more and you'll want to keep doing it when you actually see results from using skincare and when you can actually smell the candle when you're burning it (as opposed to cheaper ones that don't give off much scent.)

    some teas i definitely recommend are the yogi teas (probably my favourites) which i have seen stocked in random shops irl but you can get them from iherb (throw a few boxes in if you need to pick up some realtechniques brushes) and also the twinings pumpkin spice chai and the celestial teas have some really interesting flavours too. as for candles i love the p.f. candle co candles which you can buy from urban outfitters - my favourite is teakwood & tobacco but i really want to buy their campfire candle as well cause those are the kind of scents i'm into. i'd also recommend the paddywax ones too - there are lots of cool candles on urban outfitters from indie brands (though they do go in and out of stock) so that's totally worth checking out!

    jessica - littlehenrylee.com