06 March 2015

The Little Things

First of all I shall warn you that this will be a long post — possibly the longest post I've ever put together since it has taken me a week and a half to get done! I want to go into great detail about many things so make a cup of tea and enjoy! My iMac decided to die on me a few weeks ago and it wasn't until last Monday that I was able to have it back and running new again. I was so happy when my dad told me his friend could upgrade and fix my iMac at a great price. It is now running super fast with an added 2 terabytes and extra fans it is running so smooth and has been working extremely quiet without overheating.

It's so hard to not have your computer with you for so long, I must admit I was having withdrawal symptoms (haha). I did however lose all my data and memory so I was really devastated. Nonetheless my boyfriend is trying to retrieve all our documents back so fingers crossed.  Right now I am setting up everything again on my iMac — there's something really exciting about having it "brand new" again. Makes you feel like you have a new toy to put together again.

These last few weeks have been so hectic and phenomenal. I've had so many changes, made so many big sacrifices and experienced a world of new adventures. I love it when this happens, life is just all a mystery and you take things as they come. I'm all for change and although it may seem like the scariest thing to just let go of something that isn't right for you and continue to embark on other adventures you just got to do it. It's the things that scare you that challenge you the most. I am so happy and I do admit I have my days where I feel confused and down but that's just all part of dealing with change. I won't go into too much detail as to what has changed in my life but I will inform you that I have moved onto new and better things and I am so excited for what the future brings.

My freelancing is building up so much with many ambitions and ideas I'm currently working and planning on I am super thrilled for whats to come. I've met some amazing and talented photographers, models and hairdressers during my most recent shoot where I did makeup on 8 models with a mixture of themes that included special effects makeup — blocking out the brows with wax , etc. It was such an amazing experience and so crazy! I must admit it was pretty full on but I live for these moments and I know this is where my heart lays. My friend Loren has been so amazing and we've been working hard together on many projects and future plans. Some times you just need to move on from your comfort zone and put yourself in the utmost situations in order to understand and learn more. It's all in experiencing new things. You won't go anywhere just staying in the same old position and doing something that isn't exciting.

I don't know if you've noticed but my posts are literally a mixture of everything, I mostly express my feelings and thoughts along with pretty pictures which I guess that is the way I express myself. On to what this post was supposed to be about which is me just taking random photos of what I'm currently loving which majority of the time is what most of my posts are about. I thought I would update you on a few oldies and newbies that I have been head over heels over these last few weeks to months. Mixture of candles, makeup, skincare, books, nails , etc.

On the top of my makeup table I have this small white shelve that holds all my favourite perfumes, a few candles and bits and bobs. I store the rest of my perfumes and candles in a box stored away. Throughout my years I've always had an acquired taste when it came to things such as candles and perfumes. I like unique scents and tend to not like branded perfumes and celebrity perfumes as much. Although I did own the occasional Britney Spears perfume when I was 14 which I still keep as it was the first present my boyfriend gifted me when we were wee ones so its sentimental.

I also have brands such as Chloe, Burberry, Elie Saab etc which I still like but its quite limited that's why majority of my other perfumes are stored away since I don't gravitate to them anymore. When I joined the makeup industry and started exploring more within the beauty of the not so known brands I started to see the real beauty in these. From Byredo to Diptyque and even Jo Malone, oh they are just perfection. There's just something that separates them all from the rest. The uniqueness of each scent they have in their range to the packaging itself — minimalistic.

Now perfumes such as these don't come cheap, in fact they are ridiculously pricey and by all means so worth it. Therefore one cannot own so many at once. I actually had all of these on my wish list for quite some time now but just couldn't justify spending it on myself since in the end they are just perfumes and do I really need them? No - more so I WANT them. I am ever so grateful to my loving boyfriend who just spoiled me this Valentine's Day with so many beautiful, oh so beautiful new goodies to add to my collection. 

From left to right these are the products pictured above as well as my brief thoughts on each product.

Byredo Bal D'Afrique parfum - Like I mentioned before, these perfumes are just divine. They all have such a unique scent to them. This one in particular my boyfriend had chosen for me (I initially had Gypsy Water on my wish list however he smelt that one and didn't like it so he surprised me with this scent - I didn't know he dropped by the store by himself to choose some perfumes for me for Valentine's Day. We don't usually celebrate it to the fullest but we do little things here and there.) I don't think I ever smelt this scent before. I guess like most others do they just go with the scents everyone raves about but I just knew the more I kept going into the store and smelling Gypsy Water the more I wasn't sure which is why I held off from buying it for so long.

I think it's more special when you find a great scent that your partner enjoys too since they're obviously the one who smells you the most so it would be ideal that they like the perfume scent you're wearing. He told me he went around smelling each scent and decided on a few that he enjoyed and knew I would like too. I must say he did very well in this, I never would have thought he would do this yet alone chose me scents that I haven't even smelt myself. I am absolutely in love with this perfume, it has a subtle mixture notes of "Top: Bergamot, Lemon, Neroli, African marigold, Bucchu Mid: Violet, Jasmine petals, Cyclamen Base: Black Amber, Musk, Vetiver, Moroccan cedarwood" as the website lists. If you haven't smelt this yet I highly suggest you do when you're in store next.

Byredo Black Saffron parfum -Again this Byredo perfume is just gorgeous. This is actually one I was leaning towards several times when I smelt it in store. I think for myself I do find it difficult to settle on a particular scent as I tend to like many but at the same time when I know it's expensive I have to make a proper decision since I would be purchasing just one. This however was obviously my lucky day when the boyfriend got me quite a few things from my wish list which I was ever so grateful for. With both Byredo perfumes I wrote on my wish list that I wanted 50ml since they're EDP so they're a lot more intense and plus I never finish a perfume anyway! I think that is a perfect size.

As the website lists it has a mixture notes of "Top: Pomelo, Saffron, Juniper Berry Mid: Black Violet, Accord Cuir, Cristal Rose Base: Blond Woods, Raspberry, Vetiver". Now I'm not one to describe scents all that well so having the lists there helps a lot and you can just imagine the combination of the lot mixed together would create such an interesting scent. I feel like this has a sexy but also soft sweet smell to it making it definitely one of a kind.

Bumble & Bumble Thickening spray - I can tell you one thing I am converted to Bumble & Bumble and that my whole hair care consist of it only. Since trying it out one by one wish list to wish list I just kept falling more and more in love with the brand. The team behind this brand sure know whats good for your hair that's all I can say. In the photo I took I decided to put my mini travel sizes in instead of my full sizes as they photograph better. The thickening spray you just need a few spritz to make your hair have a bit of oomph to it as well as texture. There's nothing too fancy to say about this product other than my tip is to not use too much, really only one to two spritz will do the job (obviously depending how long/thick your hair is of course).

Bumble & Bumble Hairdressers primer - This one here is a given, it is by far my most favourite out of all my hair care. It basically does everything you can imagine from detangle, heat protection (with UV) to a nourishing treatment it does the lot. I've gone through a bottle of the 250ml — yep it is staying permanent in my regime (and with two backups it's a definite love).

Bumble & Bumble Repair Blow Dry - This is my most recent to my B&B collection. It's also quite fairly new in-store but of course I didn't need another product that protects my hair from heat when I have the above mentioned. However since using this several times I've noticed it does more than just protects, it repaired the split ends I once had (who would have thought?!) I also feel like my hair feels really soft and manageable once I've use this in my damp hair before I blow dry it (I don't usually blow dry often, I prefer to let it air dry which works just as well only time consuming of course). It's the little things that each product does that makes you buy more than you would need — either that or I'm just an addict.

Diptyque 34 Blvd Redoute candle - Oh, the oh so beautiful marble looking candle! I was so hesitant to put this on my wish list due to the price. But I decided to add it in case the future me wanted to splurge when I least expect. I've been pondering over getting the Diptyque Pomander candle for what seems like years but never seem to end up buying it. I thought with this limited edition candle and its gorgeous packaging I had to settle for this (this is again gifted to me from my boyfriend — thank youuuu!!!) As not only is it bigger and beautiful it has pretty much the exact same scent. With cinnamon, cloves, orange the only difference it has from Pomander is additional rose, cedar and amber to it which makes it even more worthwhile. It's almost too good to even burn, I would just sniff it constantly and just stare at its beauty.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme - I bought this beauty during IMATS last year as I've been wanting to try it for the longest time. Since adding it to my regime (and my freelance kit) I knew this would be a staple. I like to switch my facial creams depending on my current skin situation so I use this on days where my skin is at its good moments. It absorbs quickly and nourishes the skin giving it this smooth feeling. It doesn't irritate my skin whatsoever and I find it suits pretty much every skin type hence why I have it in my freelance kit as well. It is a perfect base before having makeup on as well. Thank you France for always providing us with amazing products.

Josie Maran Black Oil mascara - This too is fairly new — since its launch in store I've been eying this but never got around to actually buying it. I've tried it several times on clients and it looks so lovely and natural looking. This isn't going to give you massive lashes but it does build up volume quite nicely with the wand shape having 5 balls on it, it coats with a thick formula to each lash perfectly and not to mention the argan oil is just going to nourish and make your lashes grow so beautifully — which I have noticed it has done for my lashes since using it.

Smashbox Lash primer - My friend Loren has been telling me on and on about how amazing this lash primer is since the day I met her (3 years ago) and yet it took me this long to actually own it. (Shame on me!!) Yes, every single itty bitty thing she has raved about is absolutely true. This wonder will coat your lashes making the primer thicken your lashes as well as the fibres in it which add extra length to each lash creating beautiful long and natural looking lashes. I know a lot of fibre mascara/lash primers give you that spider leg look on your lashes but this one does by far the opposite and exactly what its job is. The ingredients are also phenomenal as it also helps your lashes grow, which again I have noticed a difference. My friend Loren's lashes are to die for so I know this baby is a definite winner.

Diptyque Philosykos EDT - I have only owned one Diptyque perfume which is the Eau Rose roll on perfume. Which can I say is the most gorgeous smelling rose perfume I have come across? So naturally I had to invest in another one which by invest I mean as in my boyfriend bought it for me again (oh thanks boy)!. I've had Philosykos on my wish list for what seems like forever. Since smelling it for the first time years and years ago in store I was thinking wow figs are so lovely. I especially love that my boyfriend really enjoys this on me too, each time I have it on he always compliments me (well actually more so himself for picking it up for me hehe) and says it is fast becoming one of his favourites that he likes me wearing. I can't quite describe how this smells only that it obviously has fig in it but isn't just fig, its like a whole world of beautiful things in one bottle.

I could smell this all day and when it lingers (which it really does throughout the day) I can't help but feel lovely each time. For a toilette it is quite strong but subtle as well if that makes sense. I find it does last on and you can always smell it. I decided to pick up the largest size considering it was a toilette and I would probably go through it a lot faster than a EDP and also because the price difference wasn't too far apart. Diptyque is just lovely and one of these days when I finally get a trip around Europe I will visit the official store.

Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart book - This is what you would call a feel good book. I decided to pick it up on eBay (since it is no where to be found in any book store here in Perth)! For $25 and it was shipped from Sydney. I guess I was mainly drawn to this book because I wanted to get more of these types of motivating books especially if it has a lot of tips to good eating and advice. I am at that stage in my life where I am trying to look after my body and since losing a lot of weight from my recovery last year things have been so good. I did gain a lot of weight when I broke my leg last year, which is a given since I couldn't really move around anywhere. But since recovering through physio and now going back to my new routine of healthy eating and yoga/pilates again I feel so happy to be back to myself again. It's never a good feeling when you know your body is changing especially when it's out of your control.

I've had so much help from my doctor which I am ever so thankful for — which I think if you can find an amazing doctor you trust definitely seek for their help they can do so much to help you. I first saw this book from of course my favourite Essie Button which she featured in some of her vlogs as well as Instagram. I did some research on it and not only is the book so pretty it is filled with even more beautiful content. I've tried a few of her recipes (pumpkin soup — yum) and I'm yet to still continue reading this book as I'm slowly getting through it so I can absorb each information properly. I definitely recommend this it if you want an inspiring book to read — especially about healthy lifestyles.

Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink lipstick - Charlotte Tilbury is one of those brands that you can't help but fall in love with over and over again. From the quality to the packaging but also its uniqueness. I want to seriously own everything — so please CT come to Australia?! I love the formula to these lipsticks they smell so yummy too (vanilla). This shade is what they say your lips but better colour. It is so creamy but has a consistency which I find stays on your lips so evenly. I really want to try her matte range — the bullet square looks so interesting.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip pencil - As mentioned above, this is just gorgeous! I am scared to use this as it is slowly getting smaller and smaller as I keep sharpening it. This is the best shade lip pencil I own in my opinion. They are thick and creamy and literally stay put on your lips through eating and drinking (and for myself — talking lots). This will definitely be a restock item on my list. I love you Charlotte.

Dior Lady #294 Gel nail polish - When I first saw this in store while walking past the stand I was instantly drawn to the shade. It is just one of those shades that just gets me each time and something I can own about a million of. It's quite a hard shade to describe but for myself I would say it is a muted pale rose with a brown undertone. The name Lady is just so fitting for this I think! Not only is the shade beautiful the quality and consistency of the formula to this varnish is just amazing. It is fast becoming a favourite of mine and I would choose it over any other polish now! I want more!

This is my first time trying the gel range (I do own one of their extremely old polishes back when I was about 15 years old) and it applies so nice without any streaks, it is so pigmented and bold with one application and lasts so long on the nails — with the gel finish it just looks perfect. I am definitely going to invest in more! I much prefer these Dior polishes over the Chanel ones which I find Chanel polishes chip easily and the formula isn't good especially for its price. Dior retails for $39 which is a lot better quality than Chanel. I do own 2 Chanel polishes and I don't think I will purchase anymore since I find it is not worth it.

Ciate Speed top coat - This one was something I randomly stumbled by while at work and decided to paint my nails (yep as you do) of course I needed something that would dry fast so I tried this speed top coat and was instantly convinced it was amazing. It dries fast (not super fast but fast enough) and leaves your nails glossy and staying put for a long time! I am yet to look into getting the Dior top coat that my beautiful friend Tenneil keeps telling me about! But for a cheaper option this is a definite gem!

Chanel B20 Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation - There isn't too much to say about this foundation as I did write my thoughts on it in this post. But what I can say about it since using it more is that it feels like nothing but perfect skin in a bottle (the typical term everyone uses when they love a foundation) but no really it is just as it claims to be — velvet skin. I don't feel like I'm wearing any kind of makeup when I put this on, a little goes a long way and it is so pigmented the coverage covers any spots or dark spots perfectly without any caky or heavy feeling to it.

I find at times I don't even need to follow up with a concealer when I use this. I can't quite confirm if I prefer this over the Vitalumiere as I do find they are quite different but let's just say Chanel's got it when it comes to foundations (well the ones that I've tried anyway). Just keep in mind their shade range is much different from the Vitalumiere so if you're a particular shade I suggest you try the Perfection Lumiere Velvet in store prior since they run differently.

NARS Alaska tinted moisturiser - I had a hit and miss with this product when I first tried a sample of it. It was when I was going through my purging stage of breaking out which led to my skin not liking anything on it basically. I felt like it didn't sit properly and felt extremely oily on my skin even though I had dry patches of skin at that time. Since my skin had cleared up and I decided to try it again I noticed it worked so differently. It's a shame you basically need to have good skin for it to work — well in my opinion anyway. However I think that goes with most complexion products. I find when I use it now it blends in so nicely giving a perfect amount of coverage and if I do say so a lot more coverage than your typical tinted moisturiser. It makes your complexion look so nice with a hint of glow without looking too dewy. I think with most products when you first try it out as everyone's skin is different it may not work for you but try it again a few months later and your opinion about the product will be the total opposite — which in my case tends to happen quite a lot.

I guess it depends on your current situation where you know your skin isn't at a good stage and what ever you put on it doesn't sit right. But then again the same goes with other makeup products such as mascara when you first try it you can either love it or hate it and when you let it wear in a bit that's when you notice it works completely different from when you first tried it. I love using this tinted moisturiser for days where it is hot and I don't want much makeup on. I have tried using this on days where I went out the entire day and it held up really nicely. It works with the oils on your face throughout the day and settles into the skin effortlessly. Give it a try, and if the same thing happens to you as it did for me try it again later and see if you feel differently about it.

Deep Sleep pillow spray - On days where I am having trouble sleeping or getting a good nights rest I turn to this gem. Basically all the lavender and herbs put into this just relaxes not only your body but especially your mind. I need to keep remembering I have this, although it sits on my bedside table I tend to forget I should use this. I sometimes have trouble sleeping like most people when I have so much on my mind. As soon as I spritz this on my pillow about 3 times I instantly relax and start to doze off. I high recommend this if you find this would work for you too.

Jurlique Purely White Skin Brightening essence - I went through stages throughout the years of the occasional break outs. At times I would have immaculate skin and other times I would have horrendous skin. I think it was mainly due to stress and moving around a lot (I have moved so many times throughout these years) and that was what caused it. Now that I am starting to settle (or who knows I could be on the move again haha). I have been using this serum for about almost 2 years now and I found it has helped me so much with my hyperpigmentation. When I break out I get these dark spots around my face and it creates uneven skin tones within my complexion — which is also due to sun damage although I do wear sunscreen it still happens.

I found this serum to have amazing ingredients such as Licorice root extracts which is known to help with dark spots as well as all the added fruit extracts and oil extracts within this product. It seeps into the skin with a gel like consistency and since having this in my regime I have notice a significant change with my dark spots which basically have disappeared. As soon as an active pimple is on my face when it starts to deteriorate away and the dark spot appears I always put this serum on like a spot treatment to help it from getting any darker. I also use this daily each night so help even out my skin tone in general as well as hydrate the skin. From the same range I've been using the Purely White Brightening Cleanser from Jurlique for quite a while now and it is definitely my favourite cleanser. This range is amazing if you're looking for something to brighten dull skin and hyperpigmentation.

REN Invisible Pores Detox mask - You know those days where you look real closely at your mirror and you see those black heads around your nose? Yep well this beauty is what I call the vacuum cleaner of all. It literally will suck out and remove all gunk from your pores (no kidding the reviews are true people)! I have a back up of this and I am not even half way through the bottle (that's how much I enjoy it). I only use this about once a week or when I feel like my skin needs a pick me up (mainly around the time of the month situation when I break out a little). You will notice a dramatic difference when you use this, look closely again and your pores have shrunken and no black heads are visible. Perfection!

REN Clarifying toner - I've always struggled to find a toner that actually works nicely on my skin. I can't stand those toners that leave a sticky residue on your skin especially after you've cleansed and the last thing you want is this gross feeling left onto your skin. When I first heard Vivianna Does Makeup talk about this I decided to give it a go since it isn't expensive and reading the ingredients list it is filled with so many beautiful plant and fruit extracts. I can tell you I am definitely hooked now and again I have a back up of this (crazy I know).

I've tried this for about almost a month now and it just leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and amazingly clear. When I say clear I literally mean clear — it banishes pimples, dead skin and I find it evens out the texture to my skin leaving it so smooth and healthy looking. There is no sticky residue with this whatsoever and better yet it makes your skin feel revived again. I highly recommend this for any skin type really, your skin will love these beautiful extracts to balance everything.

REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute facial - The same goes with this 1 Minute facial, I tried a few samples of it and was happy with the results. At first I wasn't too sure as the scent did put me off a tad, but shortly after I got over it (it smells citrus but a little funky and weird)?. It has amazing Vitamin C in it and once rubbed into the skin the little granules burst with the Vitamin C which penetrates deep into your skin leaving it beautiful and glowing. It comes out a greenish colour and when rubbed into your dry skin it disappears. You add a little bit of water to activate the Vitamin C and leave it for just a minute - I sometimes leave it for a few more minutes but regardless it will penetrate. I find the end results after using this several times it leaves your skin feeling like you had a lovely facial. And dare I say I have a back up of it already.

Josie Maran Argan oil - I mainly use this during winter as I find that's when my skin is at its driest. This is 100% pure pressed argan oil — the finest, therefore it is so rich and will hydrate your skin. There's nothing too much to say about this only that it is multipurpose you can use it on your hair, cuticles, brow/lashes, face/neck , etc. It is especially lovely to use if you fly on a plane a lot too. It perks up your skin and gives it the boost it needs from dehydration.

Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face sunscreen - I've spoken about this sunscreen a few times now so this is a given. But I recently bought the smaller size bottle which I like to carry some times in my hand bag for those days I know I will be in the sun for a long time. The size is so convenient for travel and it always works well as an all in one for moisture, makeup base, sun protection , etc. It doesn't leave a white cast on your face with broad spectrum and has UVA and UVB protection which is the perfect all in one as well as extra lovely ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E - my fave!

I really hope you enjoyed this post. I felt the need to go thoroughly into each product to give a deep in depth of what I think and how it works for me which I find is really helpful if you're looking for a review. I am slowly working on doing a makeup collection however it is taking me a while since I am always changing up my storage and seem to never be completely 100% about it but it will be up soon!


  1. That's amazing your freelance career is going well, sometimes we just have to take the risk and follow what our hearts want. I'm planning to set up my own business soon and the sooner I can work for myself the better! I completely agree we have to put ourselves out there, out of our comfort zones in order to really succeed.

    Btw out of interest what are your favourite lipsticks that you find the most long lasting? Thanks girl :)

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  2. Ooh, you were a very spoilt girl but sometimes we need to be :-) I have Rose Noir and Gypsy Water and I love them both. I have layered them both as well and go beautifully together. Byredo are such a chic brand. Jealous of your Diptyque candle collection. I need that in my life !

    x Sarah


  3. Congrats on how everything is going for your career, that's really exciting for you!
    I really enjoyed this post c: I'm actually thinking of picking up the Dior Lady nail polish, I hope it's still available!! I really want to try CT make up too but there's too many things I want *sigh. I'd love to try some REN skincare too but trying to get through some of my products first.
    I absolutely love the Embryolisse Lait-Creme and Deep Sleep pillow spray.

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo

  4. This was such a good read. Happy for you and all the wonderful things that are coming your way!
    I love your perfume and candle selection. I love e a good Jo Malone candle, and want to try the Dyptique ones as well. I love the entire Hairdresser line from B&B. I'm running out of mine at the moment and need to replenish my stash. So worth the money. Definitely want to try the CT lip liner in pillow talk as well as some other products from her make up line. I hope you enjoy your goodies. Such a nice bunch of products. Xo

  5. Omg, girl, this blog post was truly EPIC. I can't even imagine how long it must've taken you to put together. I absolutely love the effort you put into your blog and I always keep a tab of your blog open so I can look at all your gorgeous things! I want them all!

    I think I express myself the same way with my blog. I like taking pictures and I think from there, the words just naturally come. I usually have a topic to my blog posts, but I really like the random ones where you can talk about anything whether it's your life, beauty, etc. It's okay for it all to be a mish-mash!

    Where do I even start with all your mini reviews?! You've talked about some incredible products here that I'm dying to get my hands on and your informative reviews have only made my itch to get these even worse! Damn you and your enabling, haha. As you know, I'm DYING to get my hands on a Byredo perfume, but I feel like it should be saved for a special occasion, so hopefully for my birthday I can treat myself, or when you come here or I go back home, we'll buy one together because that is a special occasion in itself. :) I never got the hype about Diptyque Figuier/Philosykos when I first smelt them, but I think my taste has definitely changed as I've gotten older and now I just love the smell of figs. As you know, they're on my wishlist too!

    I'm so glad the NARS tinted moisturiser ended up working out for you, hun. It's a really lovely product to wear during the summer. I've gone back to wearing more heavier coverage foundations like NARS Sheer Glow and Laura Mercier Silk Creme, but my skin is looking clear again to get back into using it.

    I just recently talked about the REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask on my blog and I love it so much, I really want to get that toner too! I was contemplating it for long so, but now it's a definite on the wishlist. I've still really been loving the Josie Maran Argan Oil you gave me, the little bottle is just too cute! It reminds me a lot of Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil, which is probably heaps more expensive, but also an amazing product.

    I wasn't sure about whether I should get Eat Pretty, but it sounds like an amazing book and I could always do with some motivation in eating better and knowing what I'm truly putting into my body. I got Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes last week as it was 40% off books last week at Myer. Can't wait to get stuck into this and also for my Charlotte Tilbury order to arrive! So excited!


  6. Thank you so much darl! I definitely agree, good luck to starting your own business soon hun I know you can do it!! I find a long lasting lipstick would be definitely matte formula of course - brands such as MAC and NARS do amazing ones! But also lip pencil used on your lips alone stay on so long! A few favourites are NARS Pigalle lipstick which is a semi matte but I find it stays on SO long! (its a chocolate rose shade) and from MAC majority of their matte lipsticks are so long lasting - I particularly enjoy Velvet Teddy it's a beautiful everyday shade! Hope that helps xx

  7. Hehe yes, he spoils me too much! How good is Rose Noir?! it is just stunning!! I really want to like Gypsy Water but each time I smell it I'm not sure, maybe I need to wear it to know how it smells too. That is such a good idea to layer them both together I will definitely try that out next time! I like to pair Jo Malone perfumes together (my fav is Blackberry & Bay with Wild Bluebell). xx

  8. Thanks so much darl and for your kind words it means a lot to me!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed this post - it took forever to put together but I'm glad with how it turned out! You need Dior Lady nail polish in your life, it is amazing - its limited edition so try to get on it asap! Oh CT you will love her products, they're so chic and great quality always my favourite to use!! I think best thing to start off with from her collection is the bronzer and highlight palette and a few of her lippies! Especially her lip liners! xx

  9. I'm so happy you enjoyed this post hun!! Thank you for your support, I really appreciate it! I really need to catch up on everyones blog so right after this I'm heading over to your blog to catch up on all your beauty hehe! I really want to try Jo Malone candles - they're defnitely on my wish list. You need to try Diptyque, trust me they do such unique scents. I can defnintely see myself repurchasing B&B Hairdressers line forever now - I'm so glad you like it as well - how amazing is it right?! Girl, you need CT pillow talk lip pencil it will look so gorgeous on you!!! xx

  10. Oh girl, you know I only post because of lovely friends like you who encourage me to post like this!!! it was so fun to put together but definitely took so long - but so worth it in the end!! I always have your blog on tab as well but I have SO much to catch up on! As soon as I finish this reply I am heading over to your blog to catch up AND then replying to your beautiful text messages! I think Sundays are the best days for me to catch up on everything! I REALLY miss talking to you - even when I am talking to you I STILL miss you hehe :P

    YES, it is always so nice when posts are a little bit of everything - it makes it quite interesting doesn't it?! HEHE yep we sure do enable one another - one of the good things about our friendship is the amount of things we have in common we just totally get one another! I know you will eventually get many of these items on your wish list - it just takes time!! But with your wish list so handy girl, I know EXACTLY what to get you for your birthday (I hope you won't get it soon but there is so many things I want to get you)!! I CAN'T WAIT hehe!

    You are so sweet to me, everything you say just melts me heart :D For sure we will get these perfumes together and I NEED to book tickets this year to Melbourne to be with you & cuddle you endlessly hehe. I know, it's always like that you hate something and soon after your taste changes and you end up loving it or vice versa! Which is exactly what happened to me with the NARS tinted moisturiser now I absolutely LOVE it! But also that Chanel Concealer at first I wasn't sure but now I absolutely LOVE it too but only down side is the price! I'm still yet to get the LM silk creme I have a few samples - it gives such full coverage!!

    How good is that REN mask?!?! I will read your post right after this (can't wait eeeek)! I know you will enjoy the toner as well, it is definitely one of a kind and does a great job. Let me know what you get your hands on it!! :)

    I think you will enjoy Eat Pretty, maybe have a look through it online and see if you like the content of it - I find it is SO motivating and I do love it. Lisa gifted me the book Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes for my birthday as well as NARS Douceur (OMG how amazing right?!) I am yet to read it but I'm so excited I flicked through it a few times and it looks pretty incredible!

    I can't wait for your CT products to arrive to you too - Beautylish ship SO fast from USA it is amazing. I'm so glad you enjoyed trying out some of my CT and that you finally got some for yourself - I just know you will be hooked onto her lovely beautiful range! xx

  11. I may have picked up Lady a couple of days ago in my cheeky work break. I'm wearing it now and it's definitely love! I think the bronzer and highlight palette is a good place to start for me too because I don't own anything like that yet!

  12. Right? I keep seeing Diptyque everywhere! Definitely added a few of their candles and a room spray to my wish list. And same here with the B&B Hairdresser line. My favorite is the oil hit treatment. I've put my mom on to the line and she's in love as well. I think I'm gonna cave and get the CT pillow talk. I keep seeing it everywhere and i'm like *swooooon*!!!!

  13. yeah hun, add it to your wish list! it is so expensive but aghhh its stunning and so unique - just keep thinking in your head at least you can use the jars after they finish so its even more worth it right?? :p

    I love the primer the most from the hairdressers line I have the oil treatment but I don't use it as much as I should. I think a little definitely goes along way with that oil so when I did a few pumps my hair felt really heavy. But I do love it - only when I use a little bit of it (duh!) hahahaha silly of me. I think us daughters enable our mums so much - I've gotten my mum onto so many of the brands and products I use as welll hehe so cute!

    I can't wait to see how pillow talk looks on you its such a beautiful shade that just suits everyone perfectly and not to mention the formula is soooo good too!!

  14. No way girl, I swear that is exactly what I would do as well! I always have cheeky work break purchases and honestly I'm just a plain shopaholic its terrible but I love it. Isn't it just gorgeous?!?!? I just can't help but feel like it is such a chic and perfect shade honestly makes your hands look so pretty hehe. Yes go for the bronze and highlight palette its definitely worth the money and I think you'll like the highlight a lot more in this one it is just gorgeous - and answering your question, no I didn't like the liberty highlight in the nars palette either which is pretty much why I didn't mention it haha its just not wow or anything and I think there are better ones - aka the CT one ;) but yes howwwwwww gooood are pale lilac pink undertone blushes on our skin tone?!?!?!?! Not many people know to use a shade like that because they think its for white pale complexions or something but honestly it is just to die for - if I see a shade like that I just swoon over it each time. It is just perfect - so now I have to add Katie on my wish list! Ahhhh you are such an enabler you :p I forgot what other products I need to add to my wish list after reading your post - have to go back and check again hehe!

  15. Thanks for the recommendations, they sound great! I'm going to swatch them when I see them. I'm planning to do my own makeup for my wedding in the summer so just getting some ideas together :) as you know your makeup, I had to ask your opinion :) xx

  16. this was such a great post! i love that you put a lot of thought into your reviews, it doesn't really explain much when someone is like "this is really great and i love it and you should buy it okay bye." you've actually explained why you like the product, how it works for you, what you don't like about other products or a story behind how you came to own it and all of that is important background info to know when someone is recommending a product to you.

    the mecca sunscreen is definitely my favourite sunscreen and i use it every day. i first tried it when i stayed with tenneil back in december and immediately bought the mini version from mecca which is still going strong. it's such a nice sunscreen and it doesn't interfere with your makeup at all which is really important for me because i have oily skin as it is, and i don't need more layers of product between my makeup and my skin to complicate things. but this sunscreen is perfect and it's so worth paying a little extra for a product that works the way you want it to rather than not using sunscreen because you assume it doesn't work for you on your face.

    the deep sleep pillow spray is maybe the most unnecessary thing ever but it's just SO NICE. at christmas they had little sets of minis so i picked up one of those with a mini pillow spray and stress less rollerball and the smell is so incredible i finally caved and picked up the full size the other week and i'm just waiting for it to arrive. it's such a nice product and even if it's not essential and i'll still get to sleep without it, it's such a beautiful luxury to have and sometimes you just have to #treatyoself.

    i'm glad to hear you like that REN toner so much. it's been on my wishlist for ages but since i got back from overseas last year i decided i'm going to work through my stash of skincare as best i can before buying more stuff (key word is TRY but i'm doing alright so far). i'm just paranoid about things becoming out of date and not being as effective if i've got 5 things open at once and i'm swapping between them. so at the moment i'm finishing up a bottle of the mario badescu glycolic acid toner (this is my third bottle but i want to know what else is out there) and then i've got a half-size pot of the first aid beauty facial radiance pads which are AWESOME, and i picked up a bottle of pixi glow tonic in london which is unopened but my plan is after i use up all of that, or at least when i'm onto the last one, i'll pick up the REN one to try out next. clearly i need some self control so i'm trying very hard to implement some, haha.

    jessica - littlehenrylee.com