07 April 2015

My Go-To Lip Shades

A special welcome to my new oh so beautiful Marble Clock that was gifted to me by the dearest.

With the Autumnal season upon us (although it merely doesn't even feel like autumn — summer decided to stay a wee bit longer)! I like to bring out my darker shades of lipstick! Although I am not one to follow season trends I can't help but feel like the autumn is just fitting for this type of look. For this post however I am not focusing on this, more so the lipsticks I reach for the most on any day whether Monday to Friday or summer to winter these are my go-to shades.

I would say the types of shades that I tend to gravitate to the most would be those brown undertone nudes. I just love a good brown undertone but one that either has a rose or peach tone within it but I definitely love a good vampy shade or a classic red. Most days when I don't want to touch up frequently on my lips I like to use just a lip pencil on its own. I find it is my favourite way to keep the longevity on my lips, of course on days where my lips are nice and hydrated (not chapped).

If you have any questions about any of the products listed below please comment and let me know if you want an in-depth review.

Matte Lipsticks/Crayons:
NARS Pure Matte Lipstick - Vesuvio & Volga
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Cruella
Bite Beauty Lip Pencil - Scarlet

Lip Pencils:
* KIKO Precision Lip Pencil - #309
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat - Pillow Talk
MAC Lip Pencil - Cherry
MAC Lip Pencil - Whirl
MAC Lip Pencil - Boldly Bare

YSL Rouge Volupe Shine - #02
Burberry Lip Velvet - #301 Pink Apricot
Burberry Lip Velvet - #302 Peony Rose
Tom Ford Lip Colour - #07 Pink Dusk

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine - #89 Satisfaction
MAC Satin Lipstick - Faux
MAC Matte Lipstick - Velvet Teddy
NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick - Pigalle

Country Road Marble Clock
-A Cup of Chic Bloomingville Ceramic Votive - Copper

- Items pictured above


  1. Ugh, that marble clock is so damn chic! Lovely lip picks as well, I'm definitely gravitating towards the peachy-brown neutrals and vampy lips. I love the look of the Burberry lipsticks!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I love Country Road, clothes, shoes, homewares .... ALL of it. You have some beautiful picks, I have a Burberry lippie on order (Rose Pink) cant wait to try! Velvet teddy is the only one of your picks that I own, and its lovely. Rouge Coco shines are probably one of my all time fave formulas. So easy to swipe and go, no mirror required!!

  3. That clock is stunning wow!
    I've been so lazy with lipsticks lately but lipliners I love!
    I need to own CT's Pillow Talk already!! I have Whirl and I do love it, I'm also loving this other lip liner from Etude House that I picked up from Asia recently, I actually find the formula of that one very forgiving and low maintenance. And I actually really like layering MAC's Shy Girl over it.
    I ordered Velvet Teddy a few days ago though, can't wait to receive it!

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo

  4. so many gorgeous lipsticks, and i completely adore your shelf and everything on it! the NARS lip pencil in cruella is such a beautiful deep red shade. although i almost exclusively use red lipstick there is such a huge variety between orange reds, regular reds, blue-based, dark reds, etc. and i think dark reds are my favourite type of all, followed by blue based and then orange reds. if i ever did a post like this it would literally just be a post of reds, haha.

    i've got two bite beauty lipsticks but i do really want to try their lip pencils, except i think they repeat some of their shades across the different lipstick formats? so i'm not sure if there are and reds in the lip pencil line up that i actually want to buy. and that YSL shade looks gorgeous but i don't find myself wearing shine/sheer formulas that much because i just tend to use full pigment lipsticks so i don't know if i'd get much use out of it. but it does look lovely!

    also i can't help but notice that you don't have any NARS audacious lipsticks in here? not sure if you're not that into the formula or if you've not tried them yet but they are possible my favourite formula of all time! i can't say i've completely made up my mind but if someone asked me right now i'd say the two formulas that have impressed me the most in the last 6 months i would definitely say that one and the urban decay lipsticks (the full pigment ones we can't get in aus yet.)

    jessica - littlehenrylee.com

  5. Aww hun, I just absolutely adore the set up on your shelf! Diptyque, Byredo, Jo Malone, marble - my dream! I really cannot wait until I'm back in Perth, so I can come over again and rummage through your goodies!

    Amazing choices here! One day soon I want to invest in a Burberry lipstick, but I'm not sure what shade or what formula yet. I'm thinking I may have to go with Lip Velvet, since you have two and obviously love them since they're your go-to lip products! I went swatching MAC lip products today and I cannot wait until the Whirl Lip Pencil is in my life, it's absolutely gorgeous and so perfect for this time of year. I swatched it next to Soar and they're definitely different and we both need it, haha. I found Boldly Bare a bit too peachy, but it's still stunning - I just probably shouldn't get all three nudes as I've got Subculture too! As you probably already know, I've got Faux on my wishlist and I might get that next. I bought Twig a few days ago - you should check that colour out, I think you'd really like it. It's very similar to Mehr.

    I'm so happy I was able to get Cruella when shopping with you as I just adore this red and I can't believe how smooth and creamy the application is. NARS really hit it with this one. When my sister was here, she got Dragon Girl and it suits her so much. She wanted the red Taylor Swift wears, haha.


  6. Thank you so much darl! You're so sweet!!! I really want to go have coffee with you and Tenneil and just talk about our interests so much. I bet you we could talk all day hehe! You know what? I can totally understand why you would use red lipstick all the time it bloody suits you like crazy! Ahh your beautiful porcelain skin with that red in any form looks amazing. I always awe when I see you rock that red lippy! So YES you most do a post of all your reds including swatches please hehe :)

    Their lip pencils are so lovely! I really love their lipsticks too - I only have miniature sizes but damn they are good! I'm not sure about the shade repeats across all their lipsticks. I use to use so many sheer/skin lipsticks when I use to do a quick look. But now I am definitely using matte formulas so much more. Its so beautiful on the lips. I think those sheer lippys are just good for days where you're busy to touch up which is handy.

    Oh yes girl don't you worry I have about 4 or 5 (can't remember) audacious lipsticks in my collection. I didn't mention it because this post was more about lippys I use often and have had for a while where as the audacious lippys are quite new still. But OMG they are immaculate indeed. How amazing is the pigment and ahhh its so smooth.... LOVE! I will do a post of them just for you now that you mentioned it hehe. I want more but I think I'll be good and just focus on the ones I already have. Since getting those ones was so naughty of me already! As soon as it launched I bought it even before they put it on the shelves LOL. I know I'm mad!

    I've heard lots of lovely things about UD lipsticks - I want to try them but yes only the sheer ones are here in Aus!!! If only right???

    Ahhhh I want to go to sephora!!!! :( like the USA one... or Space NK... sighs! :( :(

  7. Thank you so much! I know right brown neutrals are my fave :D

  8. Velvet Teddy will look amazing on you girl!!!

  9. I actually think velvet teddy will look so nice on you hun! def try it some time! xx