04 May 2015

April Favourites

As requested by the lovely Maria to do an autumn/fall favourites I decided since I have another month of autumn left I will settle to do an April favourites — which pretty much is the same anyway. This month's favourites consist of everything from makeup, makeup brushes, haircare, hair and body tools, skincare, nails and fragrances. I want to firstly mention the beautiful marble glass tray my friend Tenneil gifted me as part of my birthday present. It is so perfect and I decided to store my bedside essentials on it as well as using it as a prop for photos (because it photographs so nicely).

Items I've been reaching for and have been loving this month.


Hourglass Ambient Blush Powders in Mood Exposure and Diffused Heat

-  Just one glance at these blushes and the marble mixed effect just lures you to want it. I've always swatched in stores last year contemplating on adding it to my collection. When I finally brought these babies home I just couldn't believe how gorgeous they are! I think my favourite of the two is Mood Exposure mainly because I just don't have anything quite like it. It is in my eyes perfection, a mixture of plum, brown, soft rose undertones with a hint of sheen just ties it all together so nicely. I think you know by now those are the shades I LOVE gravitating towards. Don't get my wrong I love Diffused Heat as well, maybe not as equally as I find it is unique however at the same time a typical blush shade. Pink with gold reflects? Nonetheless it is absolutely stunning! Especially since I find these types of shades just compliment any skin tones. Let's just say Hourglass is just amazing, I don't think there is a product in their range I don't love.

-  These eyeshadow sticks just make your eyes pop! You can apply just one shade and blend it all over your eyelids and it can look as though you've spend hours on your eye makeup. I think it gives such a pearlescent sheen to your eyes and feels so luxurious too. Both the shades Misty Rock and Ombre Mercure I have been reaching for on most occasions. They work nicely on their own and compliment one another used together. The formula of these is so smooth and pigmented I don't think there is anything quite like these!

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Pale Barley

-  I want to try more shades the in Burberry eyeshadows, now if only Perth had a Burberry counter! Pale Barely is most probably the most popular shade of the lot, mainly for its versatility on most eye colours. It is your standard shimmer taupe, brown with a hint of gold although sounding so typical it is anything but! I think it just works well, these types of go to shades especially when you aren't in the mood to blend too many shadows to create a look this one shows off amazingly on its own as well as combined with other shades. The quality of Burberry I'm sure you can tell is luxurious, the packaging, the formula of the product — pure bliss.

-  I am one to try out any brow product that catches my eyes! Since owning this I have used it almost everyday within the month of April. I think the one thing I quite enjoy about this brow pencil is that it is the only actual pencil form I have in my personal collection but that you need to sharpen with a sharpener. Therefore you are getting a lot more product compared to most crayon/wind-up hybrids. I love my Anastasia, Hourglass, Charlotte Tilbury (they are all wind up pencils). I find each brow product I have differentiate from one another in terms of shades and textures. With the MAC Velvet Brow Liner I find it has a nice waxy matte texture and it isn't too soft therefore it distributes product nicely and you can slowly build up the intensity of your brows. It has a soft and subtle look to it and the spooly on the end is perfect size to brush out evenly.

-  For a while I thought I wasn't ever going to be able to try the rest of Kevyn Aucoin's range because in Australia we only have access to his mascara, brow pencils and a few other products. Not many sites especially U.S related sites will ship Kevyn Aucoin products to Australia. I'm not sure how it is for other countries but for us Aussies it is not as easy to access. There isn't much to say about these two, only that they definitely live up to their hype! I don't want to be repetitive and say what so many others say about these. The highlight powder is just so smooth and finely milled leaving your cheekbones screaming of a natural glow as for the sculpting powder can there be any shade more perfect than this? It is a grey ash undertone therefore contouring with this is so much better! These are highly pigmented so you only need a small amount to apply! Which I guess the small packaging is ideal.

Makeup Brushes

-  Yes, this is the brush you keep seeing me mention in each of the tutorials I've written about! I, of course found out about it through Lily Pebbles (possibly my most favourite You-Tuber!). It is finely compacted but has the perfect amount of movement within the bristles to blend your base in seamlessly. I think I prefer this as well mainly because it has a round top not a flat one as I find it moves around the crevices of your face better.

Zoeva Luxe Petit Crease Brush #231

-  This brush works perfectly to use to create a defined crease look but is dense enough to blend out eyeshadow as well. If you wanted to you could even create an entire look with this brush! It has a tapered end but a nice thick soft and compacted bristles that make each task an easy all in one!

Zoeva Luxe Defined Crease Brush #224

-  I find this brush to be very defining compared to many of my eye brushes. It is definitely unique in its sense that it is a very thin blending fan like brush. It can blend out a defined crease and lower lash line effortlessly but also can slowly build up a defined eye look too.

-  You know the gist to this amazing brush! So small but yet very effective. From gel eyeliner to brow application this does it perfectly! It has a small sharp and precise angled tip and isn't too dense or too flimsy.

Nail Polish

-  I'm sure I've spoken about this nail varnish several times as well as posting it on my social media constantly! I just can't help but fall in love with it over and over again and this entire month I have been painting my nails with it non-stop! It lasts so long on your nails and is a dream to apply especially for those who dread the waiting game of it drying as well as a messy application, you won't experience it with this gem! Now this of course is a limited edition shade but I highly recommend any of their other shades within the range of their gel nail polishes! I have bought a few already and can safely say these are my new and holy grail nail polishes of all!


Byredo Bal D'afrique Parfum 50ml

-  I'm actually surprise that the amount of times I've spritz this perfume on and yet it still remains full! I just adore the scent to this, it is so unique and the type you can keep smelling for ever. Byredo is the type of brand that sits on your shelve and you can't help but be in awe with due to its beauty. I'm not good at explaining scents so I'm not even going to bother but you can read my review of it here.

Jo Malone Lily of the Valley Cologne LE 30ml

-  This is a limited edition cologne from the Rock The Ages collection. Out of the range I fell in love with this scent. Not only are all the packaging from this series just gorgeous (I really love the ruby velvet packaging of the rose scent however the scent didn't appeal to me) but this is definitely a scent I do enjoy! Refreshing and floral.

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne 100ml

-  I have been using the small sample sizes of the Wood Sage and Sea Salt cologne for a while now I have about 4 of them and couldn't stop using them! It was then I decided to treat myself to a 100ml size of it as I knew I would be using this a lot! Plus it works out better in value since I do own many of the 30ml sizes so it was time to invest in the larger size. My boyfriend really enjoys this scent on me, each time I spray it on he always asks me "what is that smell? It's so nice!". It's a definite winner in my books, as some say it smells like what the sea side with a breath of fresh air would smell like (I can imagine).


-  If I had only one hair product to use in my hair it would be this hair primer from Bumble and Bumble. I've spoken about this so many times but it just had to be featured in my favourites and it is all I've been using in all of April. The hair primer does everything from detangling, nourishing, protecting against heat as well as UV rays , etc., Need I say more?


Alpha-H Liquid Gold

-  I've been using this as a toner for all of April. After I wash my face I like to pour a small amount onto a cotton pad and swipe it all over my face. I only use this about 3 times a week as it contains glycolic acid so it is a chemical exfoliant. When you use this it has a slight tingle on your face and you can just feel all the ingredients working into your skin. It has transformed my skin so much especially the softness and my hyperpigmentation. My skin has been so smooth and clear since using this and I would definitely repurchase this again. It isn't cheap, so if you can save up and invest in this I highly recommend it especially if you're looking for something to help your skin in terms of hyperpigmentation, acne, dry patches as well as amazing ingredients such as glycolic acid and licorice root.

-  The Purely White range has been my favourite for over a year now and it has become a staple in my regime. When I picked up the Brightening Mist I just knew it was what I need to use within my skincare routine. It helps freshen your face as well as nourishing it with brightening and hydrating properties such as fruit, flower, plant and root extracts. I like to use this day and night, before and after makeup to help freshen and leave my skin glowing.


-  This one is a product I've been wanting to post about for the longest time but I wanted to use it for a long period of time before I gave any thoughts or opinions on it. Having it featured in my April favourites is a given that I love this nifty device. I noticed just recently a few bloggers have been talking a lot about epilating and found it ironic that I was just about to post about it! Please don't think I am joining any hype and adding to the rave about a gimmick product. I genuinely adore this device, I don't think I will ever go back to shaving, waxing etc again. Not only are the two methods too harsh on your delicate skin but they aren't as effective I find. Epilating removes all your hairs in a quick motion and I find I don't have hairs growing for weeks as it basically plucks the roots of each hair out! So you can see the longevity is there as well as taking care of your skin without stripping it.

I've had this device for quite a while now (I'm not even sure how long but I definitely have had it for over a year now!). I think if you invest in a good brand it will have better features and performance. I know other brands do the job but you can definitely tell the difference in terms of how quick the hairs on my body grow back after using the device. Of course it isn't all too pleasurable to use, it feels strange, nothing you can't handle but it does hurt at first! Eventually you get so use to it! I found areas around my body especially my underarms have improved in terms of darkness on the skin as well as the softness. Ever since converting to epilating I've noticed my skin isn't irritated from waxing or shaving like it use to as epilating just focuses on the hair removal rather than stripping layers of your skin. I find this model I use is amazing, it can be used wet or dry and has amazing features! I won't go into all the gadgets since the website linked will show you all the amazing features it has! Let me know if you've tried it!

GHD Wonderland Hair Straightener LE

-  I've always been one to hesitate on trying out the GHD straighteners as the price just puts me off! Needless to say you definitely get what you pay for and as someone who lives by this theory I should have known better! I have it now so I forgive myself! I use to use Remington which does the job but you can definitely see the difference in the way it treats your hair and again the longevity. Not only is the GHD an eye catcher I just find it straightens and curls my hair effortlessly! This model I have is a limited edition shade (duo chrome) however they have so many similar straighteners that they come out with each year! I'll never go back to any other brand, unless of course something even better is released. Having said that GHD is as perfect as it gets!

Sorry I've been away for a while! These last few weeks have been very busy, from my travels to Shark Bay to my freelancing job as well as interviews. I'm back now, so look out for another tutorial coming up very soon!


  1. Oh this are all great picks!!! I'll have to try the coupon site you mentioned, always good to get a bargain. You've inspired me to pull out my Kevin aucoin sculpting and highlighting powders out, they really are so so beautiful x

  2. The Burberry eyeshadow is gorgeous and just look at the colour of the straightener, so pretty.. like a mermaid haha ;)
    xxx Claire

  3. You're so welcome for the marble tray, hun! You have no idea how happy I was when I saw them back in stock and I was able to get them for you! I kept kicking myself that I didn't buy them sooner, but they made it back in time when I was ready to send you your birthday present. Yay!

    Soooo many amazing products here, girl! I just want everything you own, lol. I want the Kevyn Aucoin contour and highlighter so much and I'm so glad to hear they're just as amazing as everyone says. I don't need them right away, so I'll probably wait as there are other purchases that take priority first! I'm contemplating adding a full size Jo Malone cologne to my fragrance too after seeing your gorgeous bottle. Dammit, woman, stop enabling me! Hahaha. I'm not sure what scent though. I'm thinking Wood Sage & Sea Salt too as it's perfect for everyday wear and isn't too sweet or floral - it's just right!

    I really want to try the Zoeva brushes. Everyone says such amazing things about them and the rose gold set is just stunning. Would look so nice on my dressing table, sitting in a Diptyque jar and complementing the other little copper/rose gold accents in my room!

    I can't wait until I can afford to buy an epilator. My mum says they hurt like hell, but honestly, I'm willing to put up with the pain because I just hate shaving constantly! I've read a few good reviews on the Braun Silk-Epil range now. I like to think I enabled you to buy the Wonderland GHD straightener, haha. How gorgeous is it? I'm glad I decided to get a new one because after five years of owning my first one, it was getting a little old, but nevertheless, it works perfectly and I left it back home for my mum and sister to use. They're so worth the investment and never again will I use another brand of hair straighteners that leave my hair looking fluffy again as soon as I step outside!


  4. i've actually been thinking about an epilator since i've been hearing a little about them lately but i don't think i'm ready to invest just yet and they're not cheap, but it'd be great to have something for maintenance that you can use whenever you need it and skip shaving altogether. i'll have to think about it a bit more though i think.

    the hourglass blushes are some of my absolute favourite, not only are they beautiful to look at but they have gorgeous shades and they look so lovely on the skin. i really think it's worth investing in high end blushes since you use so little of them each time they will last you years so you'll definitely feel like you're getting your money's worth when you buy one. also i'd love to try that bobbi brown brush, i don't really need a new foundation brush but i do like collecting them more than any other type of brush as the more you have the less often you have to do your washing!

    and i really love the wood sage & sea salt scent. i've been working on finishing up a few perfumes that i've had for a long time before i buy any new ones though. i have SO much perfume i really can't justify buying any more until a few of them are gone but hopefully one day that jo malone scent will be mine! though first on my perfume wishlist is definitely diptyque's eau duelle.

    jessica - littlehenrylee.com

  5. Thanks lovely! You know your instagram pics make me swoon especially your skincare OMG girl you have the best taste and ahhhh so many things I want to try but omg your makeup as well!!!! I saw you purchased the CT cream eyeshadows I am dying to try those! Awww so good I reminded you to use the KA powders again - they really are beautiful! xx

  6. I want to try so many more Burberry shadows and more of their products - really wish there was a counter where I live. Oh thank you it does remind me of a mermaid that duo chrome just gets me each time! hehe xx

  7. Aw you're so sweet!! They're just my fav and I love looking at them each time (they're on my bedside table hehe).

    And I want everything YOU own!!! Yes girl we enable one another heaps - its just natural for us right? I love it! Don't worry when you finally get KA powders you will know it was well worth the wait! They're so pricey but man they are worth it even though they are small as well. You really don't need much of it at all. The packaging is so luxurious.

    I think Wood Sage would be PERFECT everyday for you babe!! You must do it!

    I actually thing Zoeva brushes as so worth it - I've been getting a few of them as well as Sigma and they're so much better than some of the higher brands I have and they aren't even expensive. So worth it and they minimal packaging I just love so much. I think I just love the standard silver and black handles. They do look so lovely in Diptyque jars although anything put into those jars look phenomenal hehe. The rose gold set is so perfect but its always sold out - I love how it has everything you would need and use in that set! I have a few of the brushes from that set and WOW they are SOOO good! You will love them!

    Yes epilators are not cheap! I mean they do sell some that are cheaper but they really aren't as good. It does hurt and feels weird but I know you will def get use to it especially as you keep using it it will feel normal to you and when the hairs get pulled out too. xx

  8. Epilators are so expensive but definitely worth it in my opinion! I think when you eventually save up for one it adds up to be cheaper than getting waxing done or continuous purchasing of a shaver too. Wait for a good sale at a store like Myer or something and you can get it for a great deal! I did with mine!

    Yes those HG blushes are beautiful I especially love Mood Exposure it is so unique. The bobbi brown brush is really nice to blend in foundation I love the smooth application it gives, it's quite pricey though so you probably want to save up some Myer vouchers to get them or even wait for that 10% off beauty offer they usually do - that's what I did and I got it for half the price pretty much hehe.

    Wood sage is such a gorgeous everyday scent! I love it and it's not an in your face strong kind of scent which is why I just love it even more. Some scents are quite strong and make me sneeze so much. I need to go through a few of my older perfumes and use them too but I'm just so hooked on JM. I did a clear out of my old perfumes that I kept in a box and either threw them out or gave them to my mum. Diptyque is gorgeous as well!!! They are definitely worth it - I love them!! I've smelt eau duelle - it is gorgeous xx

  9. Aww shucks xx the CT cream eyeshadows are ok, I'll post a review soon. I've learnt that it's best to use a eye primer ( something I almost never have to do) to stop these creasing. But gorgeous colours xx