11 May 2015

Autumnal Haul

If you follow me on Twitter you will noticed I've been talking about being on a shopping ban and limiting myself so I can save! As an extreme shopaholic I've tried doing this several times and have failed however I am so determined to get this right - I can do this! I love shopping (obviously) and it's not like I'm totally banning myself from any purchases but I am slowing down now as I've been on quite a shopping kick lately. I'm going to treat myself to a purchase only once a month, that way I can continue saving for future plans. I of course did this haul at separate times from end of March and April, these are a few things I've accumulated — fashion, interior for my room and of course beauty. One thing I definitely need to start doing as one of my goals is "shopping my stash" as most bloggers like to call it.

I think it is important to stop and smell the flowers. Every so often I forget I have all these beautiful belongings and I keep trying to tick off an endless list of unnecessary things when I should appreciate what I have already. I am definitely guilty of this and I think as someone who just loves shopping you just keep feeding your desire to keep wanting more beautiful things. It is hard when there are always new and beautiful launches being released all the time! I don't think I will ever be able to just "stop" shopping but in the mean time I can at least focus on saving money. How do you manage this yourself? Do you have any tips for me to work on in order to fulfil my shopaholic ban? I'd love to know!


A Cup of Chic Be Poles The Paper Bag/Le Sac En Papier

Baby Cactus (From an old cactus plant I've owned since 2009. I picked off a small part of it to replant and also reused an old candle jar.)


Dior Mono Kingdom of Colours Eyeshadow in Fairy Grey LE

Dior Gel Nail Polishes in Nuit 970 and Rouge 999

Chanel Rouge Coco in Adrienne 402

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Light Warm

MAC Eyes on MAC Times Nine Palettes in Purple Times and Burgundy Times

MAC Lip Pencil in Soar

Sigma Eyeshadow Brushes in E35, E45 and E25 (GWP)

GHD Style Final Fix Hairspray (travel size)

Sachajuan Ocean Mist Spray


Country Road Train Rhythmic Zip-up in Ash Grey

Country Road Active Socks in Nude Grey

Country Road Felted Spot Knit in Grey Marble

Country Road Fringed Scarf in Black 

Country Road Twisted Beanie in Marbled Grey

Topshop Moto Black Rinse Jamie Jeans

Topshop Bingo Chelsea Boots in Black 

Billie + Rose Long Cardigan in Grey 

Country Road Bar Necklace in Silver

Sass & Bide Make A Wish Stars Necklace in Gold

Common Ground Ball Necklace in Rose Gold 

(My current favourite dainty necklaces)

If you would like a review on any of my recent purchases please let me know in the comments. My beautiful friend Tenneil requested a makeup look using my new MAC Times Nine palettes so look out for that tutorial very soon!

* Square Marble Tray (H&M) gifted from Tenneil


  1. You do haulin' well!! Country road is one of my all time favourites. I swear half my wardrobe is CR. I'd love to see more of the Mac palettes. I've been eyeing these off, but I seriously don't think I can justify another palette xx

  2. I was so confused when I read Autumn haul and then remembered it's actually autumn in Australia! I'm so looking forward summer haha Love the grey knit by the way ;)


  3. Wow you did good girl, so many beautiful items. I love the dainty necklaces and Mac eye shadow pallets! I agree with appreciating what you already have, I like to make sure my wardrobe and vanity are both tidy so I can see all the nice things I have and don't forget to use it :)

    I don't have massive shopping sprees, I treat myself to a few clothing items here and there but I try and stay away from the stops and not go online shopping! I also unsibscribe from those retail emails! If I really want to save money, I much sure I put money into my savings straight away when I get paid.....then i'm not left with much, haha. I'm sure you can do it too :)

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  4. ooh i was in myer yesterday and spotted those mac palettes for the first time and i'm really into the amber one! and i think they're really good value because even though the pans are so small i am literally never going to finish an eyeshadow completely (or if i did it would take me years) so the fact that you get to try out so many shades for i think $65 or so is really good! i've been trying really hard to save lately as well and you're so right about that feeling of ticking things off your wishlist - what's the point of accumulating things if we're not really enjoying them? i've been doing a bit of shopping my stash lately and really trying to work my way through my different lip products since i have about a billion reds, and i really want to work out which formulas i like and which ones i can give away to friends because there are a lot i don't really reach for and it's either because i've forgotten how nice they were or because i'm not that into them for some reason. and the idea is that the more i do that the more i'll be able to make informed choices about what i buy so i don't keep buying products in formulas that don't really work for me and i end up with a curated collection of things i really love, which i'm sure is what we all want. :)

    jessica - littlehenrylee.com

  5. Oh wow you know for a moment I totally forgot I needed to reply to so many comments on my blog so I am finally doing it now! So sorry it took me so long!

    Yes those palettes are so unique and convenient especially for travel but just in general as you mentioned they are a great way to try out shades instead of the full size especially if you hardly finish eyeshadow so quickly! even for me I hardly finish an eyeshadow if I do its quite rare since I rotate my things a lot so they are all used evenly. I really do like these and definitely recommend them! The size of the pan isn't too small - about half the size of the regular pan and seeing as one eyeshadow is about $30 its so worth the $65 ;)

    Exactly girl, its so hard to try to save but at the end of the day you need to realistic and I guess it hits you do you really need to keep ticking your wish list off constantly. It's there to be ticked off slowly haha. I am so guilty of wanting things I don't need! I've been shopping my stash and started using things I totally forgotten about! Like a few of my Benefit products and Chanel cream eyeshadows - oh wow how they just remind me of when I once loved them before I forgot about even having them. EEK!

    I think lip products is one thing I am so bad with as well as foundations. I just keep accumulating more and more and as new launches come out and I try a sample of it I get to tempted. I think its me trying samples that isn't helping! Need to stop with them darn samples hehe.

    That is such a good idea, finding out what works for you is most important that way you aren't wasting your time and money on unused items. Some times its just good to have a set mind on what type of products you gravitate towards and really do benefit you. That's why I don't really fall for hypes as everyone's skin/taste is different. I like to find my own things and at times most of them are the ones that are raved about but I like to find them on my own and see what really works for me :)

  6. Hehe thanks baby! I finally remembered I need to reply to my blog comments! I'm actually about to reply to your text too (I know already need to do that because I just have to before I forget what I need to say to you!) but I'm just waiting for my iMessage to update on my iMac so I can do that after :)

    Yes CR is so lovely and have always been on point, I've always find their products to be such great quality and always the type of fashion I love in my wardrobe. Don't worry girl I'm sure that marble clock will come back in stock since they are coming out with so many marble products - I saw in store all their trays of marble etc but I was like nah I don't need it haha. You know there is a circle marble plate thats just so similar to the clock and you can just DYI if you wanted to - like try to find a clock hands etc. I also have another idea for you but I'll text you it!

    Oh noooo when I saw your tweet about spilling the drink on your scarf I was like NOOOOO!! But at least its dry cleaned now. Did it cost a lot to do? They are sooo warm!!! I got the black shade because I already have quite a few grey scarves and no black ones. I find it just goes so nicely during winter with a coat and boots.

    Yes I have so many Topshop jeans now from leigh, joni and jamie pairs they are such a staple I'm so glad I finally can get them more regularly here in Perth! YES! I can't wait to go shopping in Melb though - which by the way prepare yourself for a surprise in the text reply VERY SOON!!

    Yeah you probably don't need the UD concealer but for myself I am just a concealer hoarder - I really do love it! Especially all over the face it has so much application on the wand and it sits nicer under the eyes than the nars. But I still love both. Yes Soar is gorgeous, when I look at all my MAC liners and the coloured bottoms to the pencil lined up together they literally all look like the same shades of rose/brown and reds hahaha but I swear they are different (so I always tell Amon and his like Yeah yeah I'm sure...haha). I haven't tried the B&B surf spray properly besides in store a few times - I felt it was a bit heavy on my hair. I really really really love the Sachajuan one it is sooooo light and actually makes my hair wavy with a nice texture and at the same time feels so airy and volumized. I sometimes find other products make my hair oily throughout the day but this one definitely doesn't! :)

  7. Thanks so much girl! Dainty necklaces are so lovely and never go out of trend. Have you had a look at those MAC palettes in person? They're smaller than the regular size pans but they're so lovely for travel. Yes definitely, I feel like almost everyday I need to tidy my belongings but seeing them all displayed nicely makes me feel at ease and appreciate what I have.

    That's good you don't have massive shopping sprees. I went through a stage once where I hardly shopped and only treated myself once in a while which is what I need to go back to doing. YES I recently unsubscribed to SO many emails from retail it helps so much but wow they are a pain to get rid of - I swear I unsubscribe but still get a few of them - so sneaky of them! I have a savings account also and have been putting money in it each pay - it feels so rewarding knowing that will go towards important future plans. Thanks so much for your advice it helps soooo much xx

  8. Hehe I noticed everyone gets confused with that! I'm use to seeing "Spring Hauls" all over youtube and blog when it's Autumn/Fall over here. Thanks hun, that grey knit was a mission to track down but I'm so glad its in my wardrobe now. I love Summer! But at the moment am embracing Winter soon. I love Winter wear - coats and boots! Yay!

  9. Hehe thanks lovely! Oh yeahhh CR is amazing. Me too, most of my wardrobe consist of CR - they just have the perfect styles. Yes I will do a tutorial on the MAC palettes very soon! Just trying to get my camera settings right before I finally film my first vid! ahh!! Yeah if you have a lot of MAC shadows you most probably wouldn't need these - I don't really own too many but do have a palette with some shadows in there. I thought this would be great to try out some shades I don't have as well as travel since they're smaller in size. I love them! xx

  10. I think I have a grand total of 2 Mac shadows. Lols.

  11. I actually popped to the Mac counter today to have a look at the pallets, I love how mini they are! I'm planning to pick up the amber pallet (works out so much better than buying individual shades!) I also have my eye on the Plaid Matte lippie :)

    I'm still subscribed to the ASOS emails cos they do send promo codes now and then, haha! xx

  12. Wow, you picked up some lovely things! I love the grey polka dot jumper but I already have two Country Road polka dot jumpers from previous seasons so I guess I better give this one a miss!

    Laura | Breton & Blush

  13. Oooo you really have picked up some lovely things! The Urban Decay Naked Concealer is a staple in my makeup bag, I can't be without it these days. Also I am currently on Country Roads website after reading this post - the clothes look amazing!! I'm hoping to find some goodies!

    Jasmine | jasminehardingmakeup.blogspot.co.uk