26 September 2015

Always Something To Look Forward To

It's about time I was more personal on here again and give a little update. I have so many exciting things planned for 'Beauty by JNFR' many of which you may have already had a clue about — tutorials I've been filming and editing. I must admit being new to the filming world I haven't a clue what I am doing and can definitely see how much work and effort is put into just one video. Oh, the editing part is a nightmare especially when you don't know what you're doing but nevertheless I am slowly getting there. Let's just put it out there that it won't be the best and I will need more practise to get each video right. I really enjoy being able to demonstrate things through filming instead of just words and photos, but I will always have a place for blogging. I won't be doing anything extravagant like YouTube or anything just a few things here and there for the blog.

With the year almost coming closer towards the end of 2015 I can't help but be for once happy that the year is coming to an end as I find around this time of the year I get so excited for new adventures and basically this is when the fun times come rolling in — with holidays & getaways booked and Christmas to look forward to I can't wait for what the new year brings. Usually I would be freaking out that these months have just flown by but all in all I am extremely happy and content about it. 

I do like to live a semi-private life and most of the time do not like to let social media into details too much but I do like to show a part of myself like my interest, current events and thoughts , etc. I must admit also, I am running out of ideas on what to post about which is why I haven't been posting as much as I would like to. I am also really particular and have so many drafts sitting aside (over 20 - argh)! Mainly because I am not completely happy with it (photos mainly). I need some inspiration, I have so many ideas I tend to get overwhelmed and don't end up choosing what I should work on. Things like creating my videos, organising a makeup collection/storage post etc just ends up taking so much longer than I intend to as I keep changing things up and am never 100% happy with the results. I do thank those who have been consistently asking for theses posts and I feel awful that I've taken so long to get it finalised — but I promise it is in the works and perhaps I should just post it even if I am not confident about it.

Lately, I have been really into the whole healthy eating since getting an Optimum 9400 blender. I've always been into healthy eating but obviously not as much as I am nowadays. I have been baking and creating amazing meals, smoothies and desserts that have been making me feel amazing inside and out. My skin and nails have never looked more healthy — it's glowing! It was definitely an investment but of course I share this nifty device with my Mr who kindly bought it for me. I've been also making my own almond milk too which I have basically stopped drinking all kinds of cow milk. These last few months I've only been drinking constantly almond or soy milk. I've also cut out coffee most days as I have a smoothie each morning however the occasional coffee/tea with soy milk as a "reward" happens every now and then. I think now when I do end up drinking coffee I get more shaky and basically jump between the walls as I am not use to the caffeine anymore however tea I can handle much better. 

My cook books and watching Bloggers/YouTubers such as Jessica Beautician making recipes in each vlog has really inspired me. Besides makeup and beauty being most of my life and love, I do enjoy cooking and baking also which I find so therapeutic. I've also been rearranging my room over and over again, I get bored easily with my setup and like to change things around however it always stays quite fresh and minimal looking (and messy from time to time). My little cactus plant has been growing so lovely — it's so green and I can see the roots growing around the glass jar which is both satisfying and weird at the same time. I water it once a week or when I can remember — basically it is a really easy plant to look after and I am so thrilled it is still alive — eek! I think one of my favourite parts or sections of my room is definitely my perfume stand. It makes me so happy each time I look at its beauty. All of my favourites accumulated together. 

With some busy mornings I like to get my makeup done quick and as put together as possible. I've found what works well for me is using this large boxy faux leather makeup bag (gwp from Luxola) holds perfectly all my essentials. I love that you can keep adding to it and it still has lots of room due to the make of it. I usually sit at my vanity and start taking what I need out from each drawer, but found I ended up making such a mess and came home to a vanity filled with all my used makeup which I continued to add to the pile when I got put off from tidying it up. However, having what I need planned the night before put into this large makeup bag makes all the difference. I can access and grab things out with ease. I've found I have also saved a lot more time doing my morning makeup routine and have time to do other things too without rushing as much which is a nice stress relief. 

Okay, so I've noticed so far this post is a little random but I kind of like it that way. Something different from my regular reviews and favourites , etc. You can think of this as an update on what I've been into/up to and what has been working well for me also! In the mean time some reviews, tutorials (as promised in earlier posts) and current favourites will be coming up soon!

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