16 October 2015

Talking About Primers

When it comes to primers I think it is a crucial element before any base. Even when it comes to painting walls in your house — want longevity and a smooth finish? Add primer on first! Same goes with your face makeup. I'm sure by now many are well educated about primers but some times it's nice to learn more about what the benefits of it is as well as a few go to favourites that someone else may recommend. For myself, I have tried many different primers throughout the years and by now I can safely say I have found many that work wonders. I decided to show you a few of my current/old favourites and give you an insight on my thoughts on each category ranging from face, eyes, lashes and yep, lips! 

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer 10ml/$26; 30ml/$76 - I've been using this primer for a few years now and can definitely say it is one of my go-to primers. The consistency is so smooth and the velvet/silk like texture just smooths so nicely onto your skin giving it this nice hydrated luminosity and filling in any fine lines and pores without that silicon feeling. I find it so unique and not like any other primer out there, it is very light weight and adheres your foundation so nicely. I love the way my skin feels after applying this primer! This primer is very expensive so it is a luxe investment to add to your makeup collection - If you're looking for a primer that isn't heavy, isn't silicone base but still smooths over fine lines and pores and makes your base apply immaculately all while having longevity then this is the primer for you. You can purchase Hourglass products at Mecca.

BECCA Lip Priming Perfector 8.9ml/$35 - This one has been sitting in my drawers for a few months unopened. I just never got around to trying it out until one day I was tidying and rearranging my makeup storage and decided to take it out to start using. My first trial was when I was getting ready to meet a friend for a catch up and I decided to wear a matte lipstick from MAC. At the time my lips were extremely dry and flaky, what a better moment to wear a matte lipstick right? I thought I would give this Becca lip primer its moment of glory since it claims to smooth and fill in any fine lines with hyaluronic filling spheres and helps your lipstick to not feather with long lasting results. 

On first application I noticed it has a peach/nude shade which somewhat acted like a neutraliser creating a blank canvas on the lips (perfect if you wear a shade that you want its true colour to show). As mentioned my lips were so chapped, I did apply a lip balm moments earlier but it was still chapped. Despite this the lip primer applied on like a mousse consistency smoothing over my lips and somehow making it hydrated too. After application it dried semi matte and when I apply lipstick it was so easy to apply on top and made my lipstick look flawless. In terms of longevity I find it has the typical staying power of a lip liner. After a few hours of wear you will need to reapply your lipstick — which is standard. If anything, I would say this lip primer is your go to saviour for any occasion that you want extremely supple smooth looking lips. You can purchase Becca products online at Adore Beauty.

Smashbox Layer Lash Primer 4.5g/$24 - I think one of my favourite parts of makeup is the added benefits some products contain for multipurpose use and extra results. For instance when it comes to your lashes who wouldn't want a product that helps your lashes grow and become nourish all at the same time fulfilling its purpose? With added Panthenol and soy protein it conditions and nourishes your lashes. I've spoken about this lash primer a few times now but this is a gem for sure from all the other lash primers I've tried. I find it applies with subtle fibres adding length and volume at the same time. Some fibre lash primers can start to look clumpy and add on too many fibres giving it that spider leg look (not attractive). 

However this lash primer applies evenly and is more of a cream like consistency making it coat each lash with ease. I find waiting a few seconds to let it settle on the lashes before applying your preferred mascara makes all the difference. It gives it more of a barrier making it glide on more smoothly and not combining all together. After several uses I have noticed a difference in my lashes compared to not using it before. My lashes are more thicker and have grown the slightest — nothing dramatic but enough that you can see there is definitely a difference. You can purchase Smashbox products at Mecca.

NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base 8g/$35 - This is such a cult favourite of so many and I'm not surprised why. From all the eyeshadow primers I've tried this is a definite stand out it isn't too watery, thin or too thick. It holds and prevents creasing like no other and helps with oil control! Not only is it great for keeping longevity of the eye makeup but I also found it helps with concealer, stopping it from moving too. 

A tip I like to do is when it comes to covering up any blemishes or scarring I like to apply a small amount of this eyeshadow primer on top blending it out slightly and letting it settle for a few seconds. Then when it comes to concealing the spot you can feel all the difference in how it makes the area more tacky and the concealer is budge proof once you apply it over the area. Blemishes and scarring is not an easy area to conceal especially when the concealer keeps moving around since the skin texture is uneven. The eyeshadow primer helps create a smoothing barrier on top so the concealer can apply a lot better and with a fuller less "caky" coverage. You can purchase Nars products at Mecca.

(L-R) Hourglass Veil primer, BECCA lip primer, Smashbox lash primer, NARS eyeshadow primer.

13 October 2015

Laura Mercier: Creme Smooth Lip Colour

I'm frequently changing when it comes to makeup, one minute I will be all about one thing then I will be all about that other thing. Basically, my taste changes accordingly. When it comes to lips it definitely changes a lot! From early high school days of loving lipgloss to not fancying it at all. When it comes to lipsticks as of my early 20's I've been all about lipstick, but my types of go-to formula's change. I remember doing a lipstick tag post a while back and reading through it again a lot of things I do not like as much anymore. For instance, YSL is not one of my favourite lipstick anymore — why? When I started thinking about it I actually loved it more for the packaging than the actual product itself. Sad? Yes! As I kept using YSL lipsticks I found they separate and do not sit nicely on the lips whatsoever. In fact they are just way too creamy it ends up moving around your lips. Another part I read on that post was that my favourite formula was a sheer-easy-go-to-slap-on-the-lips-without-a-mirror formula - You guessed it nope! That ship has sailed, I am in love with matte formula's more so the creamy glide on types. I love a good opaque, well pigmented and long lasting formula that feels great on the lips and LOOKS great! OK, so now let me introduce to you my new found love.…

Welcome the Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colour lipsticks in Milky Way and Spiced Rose. I'm surprised I haven't heard much about these lipsticks because they deserve a lot more attention. I actually randomly came across these lipsticks while I went on a big Laura Mercier spree since that was the very first time trying out the brand (and I don't know what took me so long)!. I decided I would just go and try out a lipstick while I was at it, adding more to the basket. I was extremely happy with every product I had purchased that day! Expect a lot of Laura Mercier related posts coming soon! Little did I know or soon learned that that one lipstick I decided to purchase would fast become my all time favourite lipstick. I did not look up any reviews nor have heard much rave about these lipsticks, I just decided why not just give it a go! And, to my surprise it was a winner (thank goodness)!.

There's something really interesting about the way these feel and go on the lips. It's a hard one to try and explain but I will try my best. Basically these glide on with full pigment and the consistency is like the name says cream and smoothing on the lips - The most comfortable lipstick you could ever wear in my opinion. The staying power of these lipsticks are almost as long as a matte formula (yes, I kid you not). I find once applying it and through talking, light eating/drinking and several hours throughout the day it still remains intact. Perhaps a small touch up here and there but for a formula that isn't matte that is pretty impressive. Also containing amazing ingredients such as Vitamin E and Hyaluronic filling spheres it makes it an extra treat knowing you're conditioning your lips each application. It doesn't feel sticky or drying at all it has a nice hydrating feel while not giving you that temptation to lick it off like most lip products as it doesn't contain a scent (well I don't find it does anyway). I also find if you find a shade that really suits you it really flatters your lips making them look so healthy and plumped looking. It is my favourite to pop in my handbag to use daily! I currently own two of these lipsticks and am hoping to invest in more. They retail for $35AUD so they won't burn a hole in your purse each time you decide to buy one. It's honestly so worth the money, I am seeking more shades to add to my wish list. I've got my eyes on Lychee Parfait next!

Have you tried these Laura Mercier lipsticks before? Or any of her other lipstick collections? Or do you have your own recommendations you suggest? I'd love to know!