13 October 2015

Laura Mercier: Creme Smooth Lip Colour

I'm frequently changing when it comes to makeup, one minute I will be all about one thing then I will be all about that other thing. Basically, my taste changes accordingly. When it comes to lips it definitely changes a lot! From early high school days of loving lipgloss to not fancying it at all. When it comes to lipsticks as of my early 20's I've been all about lipstick, but my types of go-to formula's change. I remember doing a lipstick tag post a while back and reading through it again a lot of things I do not like as much anymore. For instance, YSL is not one of my favourite lipstick anymore — why? When I started thinking about it I actually loved it more for the packaging than the actual product itself. Sad? Yes! As I kept using YSL lipsticks I found they separate and do not sit nicely on the lips whatsoever. In fact they are just way too creamy it ends up moving around your lips. Another part I read on that post was that my favourite formula was a sheer-easy-go-to-slap-on-the-lips-without-a-mirror formula - You guessed it nope! That ship has sailed, I am in love with matte formula's more so the creamy glide on types. I love a good opaque, well pigmented and long lasting formula that feels great on the lips and LOOKS great! OK, so now let me introduce to you my new found love.…

Welcome the Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colour lipsticks in Milky Way and Spiced Rose. I'm surprised I haven't heard much about these lipsticks because they deserve a lot more attention. I actually randomly came across these lipsticks while I went on a big Laura Mercier spree since that was the very first time trying out the brand (and I don't know what took me so long)!. I decided I would just go and try out a lipstick while I was at it, adding more to the basket. I was extremely happy with every product I had purchased that day! Expect a lot of Laura Mercier related posts coming soon! Little did I know or soon learned that that one lipstick I decided to purchase would fast become my all time favourite lipstick. I did not look up any reviews nor have heard much rave about these lipsticks, I just decided why not just give it a go! And, to my surprise it was a winner (thank goodness)!.

There's something really interesting about the way these feel and go on the lips. It's a hard one to try and explain but I will try my best. Basically these glide on with full pigment and the consistency is like the name says cream and smoothing on the lips - The most comfortable lipstick you could ever wear in my opinion. The staying power of these lipsticks are almost as long as a matte formula (yes, I kid you not). I find once applying it and through talking, light eating/drinking and several hours throughout the day it still remains intact. Perhaps a small touch up here and there but for a formula that isn't matte that is pretty impressive. Also containing amazing ingredients such as Vitamin E and Hyaluronic filling spheres it makes it an extra treat knowing you're conditioning your lips each application. It doesn't feel sticky or drying at all it has a nice hydrating feel while not giving you that temptation to lick it off like most lip products as it doesn't contain a scent (well I don't find it does anyway). I also find if you find a shade that really suits you it really flatters your lips making them look so healthy and plumped looking. It is my favourite to pop in my handbag to use daily! I currently own two of these lipsticks and am hoping to invest in more. They retail for $35AUD so they won't burn a hole in your purse each time you decide to buy one. It's honestly so worth the money, I am seeking more shades to add to my wish list. I've got my eyes on Lychee Parfait next!

Have you tried these Laura Mercier lipsticks before? Or any of her other lipstick collections? Or do you have your own recommendations you suggest? I'd love to know!

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