13 November 2015

Philosophy Review

*Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Revitalizing Creamy Foam (cleanser)
*Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar (eye cream)
*Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar (moisturiser)



- Even though this is a foaming cleanser it is still very moisturising (unlike most)
- Contains Vitamin E, fruit, seed, root and plant extracts, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid,  coffee Arabica bean extracts
- Gives the skin a nice clean surface and clears out pores resulting in radiance, supple complexion and soft skin

Eye cream

- Thick consistency
- Very hydrating for under eyes
- Contains hyaluronic acid, evodia rutaecarpa fruit extract
- Helps with dark circles and puffiness as it contains algae extracts


- Light weight cream
- Absorbs into skin fast
- Contains AHA and PH perfect for exfoliating skin
- Antioxidants helps fight free radical damage
- Has a slight fragrance so could cause irritations to sensitive skins

Both the eye cream and moisturiser should be packaged in a tube not in a jar as all the active ingredients will slowly deteriorate and will eventually defeat the purpose of the product working.  


I really enjoyed using these Philosophy products and liked how my skin felt after each application — supple, smooth and soft. I have used the original Hope in a Jar years ago (early 20's) and it was once a favourite however it was a very basic moisturiser (the Renewed range is the reformulated version and is a lot better). I find with Philosophy it is very much all simple and basic when it comes to skin care. Although it does contain great ingredients, I find it has very little effect as the packaging of the product can take away the purpose of each ingredient, since air and bacteria can easily get into opened jars. Another thing is, although it does contain my favourite ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, vitamin E and amazing extracts from algae, fruit, roots, etc — not all of those ingredients contain enough percentage in the product to make it worth its while (although the glycolic acid does play a large part in the formula therefore it makes for perfect anti-aging properties for exfoliating).

I love the minimal approach Philosophy has for their packaging, it keeps things easy to read and is easy on the eyes. I think Philosophy as a brand is a great entry level to a high end skin care regime, if you are just beginning to explore the world of skin care as it is affordable compared to other high end brands. It contains reasonable amounts of ingredients to help your skin and the basics before you move onto other brands that contain more stronger cosmeceutical ingredients, depending your skin concerns. Overall, I really do enjoy these products and look forward to continue using them until they're finished. Would I purchase them for myself? Probably not at this stage, however I will pick them up in the near future if I am in need of switching up my skin care to a more simpler regime. (And, when Philosophy decides to repackage their Hope in a Jar - even if it takes away the meaning to the name, at least the ingredients won't go to waste!).

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