10 November 2015

Talking About Foundations: Laura Mercier

I am so excited to bring to you my trail and review of three Laura Mercier foundations in these different formula's; Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide, Tinted Moisturiser and *Silk Creme Moisturising Photo Edition. This will be quite a long post as I will be showing you swatches, pros and cons on each foundation, separately applied on one side of my face comparing it to my natural bare skin as well as my final verdict on what my favourite/chosen foundation is out of the three. I applied all the foundations with a dampened beauty blender as Laura Mercier always suggests to apply her foundations with a sponge.

I think this will be the very first time I have taken a photo of my bare face (makeup free on one side) to show you a comparison between each foundation. The left side of my face (from where you are viewing it) is applied with foundation and the right side I don't have any product on (each foundation applied with one layer). You can noticeably see I have a lot of uneven skin from hyperpigmentation, darkness around my eyes, nose and chin areas and a lot of pimple scarring. I also have quite a few freckles around my face as well, but those aren't a bother to me. I tend to get pimples between the centre of my eyebrows so I always have acne scarring from it, as you can see pictured below. For reference I am a MAC NC25-30. Please keep in mind photos taken from my camera may come off differently in person due to the lighting. Therefore shades may appear either darker or lighter than they do in person.

Please also excuse my eyebrows, I'm currently growing them out so I can get them threaded soon!

Swatches: (L-R) Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide, Tinted Moisturiser and *Silk Creme Moisturising Photo Edition.

Beauty Blender (Pro - Black)

(Left side Laura Mercier Smooth Finish in Macadamia - Right side no foundation)

-  Applies smoothly and has a velvet finish
- Light to medium coverage (very buildable)
- No powder needed as it dries to a semi matte
- Isn't drying on the skin
- Blurs pores and fine lines

- The bottle tends to leak out as the product is a runny consistency — makes packaging messy
- Swatches darker than it actually is once blended into the skin

(Left side Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser in Nude - Right side no foundation)

- Light weight and easy to apply
- Decent amount of coverage if you build it up
- Smooths over the skin nicely
- Easy to travel with packaging
- Very hydrating on the skin

- Becomes very oily throughout the day even if you powder
- Eventually wears off as the day goes on (especially on a hot day)

(Left side *Laura Mercier Moisturising Silk Creme in Medium Ivory - Right side no foundation)

- High coverage (very buildable)
- You don't need a concealer as you can build up extra coverage where needed
- Don't need to touch up throughout the day
- Applies evenly onto the skin (doesn't require too much blending)
- Sleek packaging, makes squeezing out the perfect amount of foundation each time
- Easy to travel with packaging

- Shade selection (I prefer the Medium Ivory shade in the oil free formula as it is a little more yellow toned, however the oil free is too drying for my skin type. I don't understand why Laura Mercier decided to use the same shade names but create a slight difference between the shades. It makes it very confusing for the consumer to find the perfect shade.)
- It can feel a little too heavy throughout the day for my skin type

This is what the smooth finish flawless fluide foundation looks like with the rest of my makeup done. (Please let me know if you would like to know what products I used for this simple look.)

Final Verdict: Out of all three foundations my most favourite of the lot is the Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide. I love how it applies and looks on my skin! I think what sets this foundation separate from the others, is how it blurs out my pores and fine lines making it look immaculate and flawless. Each foundation has its own purpose and quality for different uses, i.e. The tinted moisturiser is of course for days you just want a quick and natural look when you are not going anywhere special, the moisturising silk creme is perfect for days where you require more coverage such as night out where you want your base to look more put together, etc. For myself I have dry to normal skin and I like to gravitate to a light to medium coverage foundation, the smooth flawless works perfect for me. I would wear this on any type of occasion from all the above mentioned — day to night.

I love Laura Mercier, she is the queen of bases and I can clearly see why she is famous for that! I don't dislike any of these foundations, in fact I love all three! But, if I were to choose a favourite (as mentioned above), I would go for the smooth finish. You can clearly see how well each product covers any imperfections on my face, comparing it to the before and after side. I really enjoy using the moisturising silk creme too, especially on days where my face needed much more coverage. The tinted moisturiser is one I would take with me to have in my bag if I wanted to quickly put a base on before heading out for errands, etc. I highly recommend all three products! You are definitely getting your monies worth and of course depending on your foundation needs you can figure out which one would work best for your skin type too.

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