01 November 2015

Today's Makeup Look #3

It has been quite some time since I did my last "Today's Makeup Look" post. I've been concentrating on editing my video that it didn't occur to me a tutorial blog post was also long due. Let's get started!

Products/tools used:

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad - Cognac Sable
NARS Blush - Madly
NARS Brow Gel - Oural (Clear)
MAC Lip Pencil - Boldly Bare
*Sigma Extended Wear Eyeliner - Electrify (Cool set)

Create this look:

The hero of this makeup look is most definitely the Tom Ford palette paired with navy blue eyeliner. There's something unique about having copper shades paired with navy blue eyeliner that just makes it stand out so beautifully. I always like to make sure my skin is nicely prepped and settled into the skin before applying my base. A good cleanse, tone, moisturiser, eye cream and of course sunscreen (day time). Starting with Chanel Le Blanc to prime and illuminate the face. Foundation of choice today is Chanel Perfection Lumiere as it settles with a semi-matte finish so I don't need to powder. My favourite go-to concealer for covering up any scars and blemishes is the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. This is a full proof concealer that won't budge, it may be a tad heavy for using around under eye area unless you use very little amount and warm it up really well with your fingers. For under the eyes and brightening any darkness around my face I used the Urban Decay Naked skin concealer. It has such a light weight consistency with amazing coverage. The thing I have found with this concealer is that is does oxidise and will darken as it settles into the skin so make sure you go up a shade lighter than your usual shade.

For the brows, lately I've been going back to the basics and have been enjoying using eyeshadow powder - I absolutely love natural looking brows, the more natural the better. There's nothing more that makes me cringe than eyebrows that look like they have definitely been applied heavily. The whole "brows on fleek" people keep going on about does not mean filling your brows to the point they are bold sharp squared blocks on your face (example). A favourite style of mine is brushing the brow hairs upwards especially at the front of the brows, it's such a beautiful way to embrace your natural brows (of course if you have the hairs to do that). I love straight brows, with a subtle arch - The more you see natural hairs the better, try not to over fill and cover it all up. For all of this I like to use my NARS single eyeshadow in the shade Bali to fill in my brows (this shade works well for dark brunettes as it has a slight dark cool ash tone to it). To set the brows my all time favourite brow gel as of late has always been the NARS brow gel in the clear shade Oural. I haven't come across another brow gel I enjoy as much, the brush shape is a perfect size for your brows as well.

Moving onto the eyes! Prime the eyelid area with NARS Pro Prime, using the Tom Ford Cognac Sable palette take the champagne shade on the top left row (the palette doesn't have shade names) and apply that all over your eyelids stopping at the crease. Taking the brown bronze shade on the bottom left row apply in a "V" shape on the outer corners of the eyes and blending slightly through the crease stopping mid way as well as your bottom lash line. Apply the same shade in the inner corner "V" of your eyes creating a halo look. Blend to soften any harsh lines all over the crease making sure you don't blend the centre shade on your eyelids. To deepen the eye look apply the dark plum purple shade on the bottom right row and place it in the outer "V" and keeping it really subtle within that outer corner (don't blend to the centre, keep it in a small section). With whatever is left over on your brush from that plum purple shade apply it in the inner corner "V" giving it only a slight definition (you don't won't it as strong as the outer corners). Remember to apply the same techniques on the bottom lash line with each shade you use. Using a clean blending brush blend out your crease again. 

Now, for the beauty of this eye look the gorgeous copper shimmer shade on the top right row using your finger to apply it onto the centre of your lids softly blending the sides where it joins the inner and outer corners and build up the intensity. Using your fingers will apply the true shade of this eyeshadow as a brush won't pick up the pigments as well. I didn't want to make the eyeliner too intense as the eye look overall is quite a stand out, I decided to do a thin slightly winged eyeliner so it balances out the eye look. The Stila Smudge crayon in Midnight Blue is a really thick crayon so you want to use a precise angled eyeliner brush and apply it with. After that is applied use the Sigma Extended Wear eyeliner in Electrify to go over the previous eyeliner to give it more of a shimmer and make it pop. Tight line the upper waterline with NARS Larger Than Life eyeliner in Via Veneto to give an illusion of fuller eyelashes. Curl your eyelashes and apply the Chanel Le Volume mascara. You can apply some false lashes to give a more dramatic look, but I only like to apply it on special occasions - I just like to stick with a good mascara for other days. 

Going back to the face using the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette use the shade Radiant Light to bronze the face where you would naturally tan. This shade is very subtle so it will also give you a beautiful supple glow and warm up the face. Highlight the high points of your face with the shade Incandescent Light, I love this shade as it is so finely milled it applies effortlessly onto your face giving it such a natural glow. I've been wanting the NARS blush in Madly for so long after my friend Tenneil recommended it to me, my other friend Lisa owns it and kindly lent it to me to try it out! Let's just say I am persuaded and will have to pick up my own very soon! It is such a gorgeous terracotta peachy brown tone shade (best I can explain). It is so easy to apply without going overboard. I applied this blush from my hair line diagonally stopping half way onto the apples of my cheeks. 

Lining the lips with the MAC lip pencil in Boldly Bare it matches so nicely with the lipstick from Laura Mercier in Milky Way. It tones down the grey tones slightly and adds a bit more of a peach to the lips. Lastly spritz all over the face the Mary Kay Makeup Finishing spray to settle all the products into the skin and locking it all in. I've been really enjoying this makeup spray, I was surprised that is was made by the famous brand Skindinavia so I knew it had to be good. After a several trials I can definitely say I really enjoy using it. If your base isn't settling into your skin well a spritz of this beauty will smooth everything out! I have also found it has helped the longevity of my makeup throughout the day/night. I was kindly sent this from Mary Kay along with a box full of makeup and skincare goodies that I am still trialling out! I've never tried Mary Kay products but so far out of the products I have tried this is my favourite. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post! These types of posts have definitely become a favourite of mine to put together. I have so many drafts tutorials lined up that I've been working on. Let me know if you do try out this look and if you substituted any of the products for something similar. If you have any request please don't hesitate to comment below, let me know and I will try my best to get working on it!

P.S. I'm currently in the process of changing my blog name and social media handles to "Amour JNFR" (Love Jennifer). I'm excited for this new update and I hope you like it too!

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