05 November 2015

Welcome To Amour JNFR

You're probably wondering why my blog name has changed, unless you follow me on Twitter, I made the announcement on there the other day! I am so excited for this new change and am so thrilled to finally have my own domain. I have been thinking about creating a new name for myself for quite a while now but couldn't decided on a name I was happy with. I wrote down many lists of different names and the one that stood out to me the most was 'Amour JNFR'. I wanted to keep my signature 'JNFR' name within the title so adding another word to it was a bit of a task. The reason I wanted to change the name of my blog was because I didn't want to categorise my blog purely to just beauty since I do post a mixture of beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

When I was chatting to my friend Lisa late one night she helped me confirm which name was the winner. I was relatively surprised she had chosen the name I initially had my eyes on, so it was definitely meant to be. The story behind the name 'Amour JNFR' is basically what it is – Love Jennifer. My partner's name is Amon which just seemed to be so fitting since there is a resemblance, also because I'm part French – haha! I always love to know why people choose certain names for their blog and the reason behind it. I don't really have an epic story to tell you all but its basically self explanatory. I'm really excited for what's to come for my blog and I want to continue being dedicated to what I love doing!

I honestly couldn't have done it without the help of my friends Tenneil and Lisa. They have helped me so much with getting everything together. Tenneil the tech genius she is helped me with setting up my domain and redirecting my old blog link (http://beautybyjnfr.blogspot.com) to my new one so it will be easy for my readers and would redirect automatically. I'm not as computer savvy as I used to be back in the days, so thank you Ten! I'm so grateful my talented artistic friend Lisa created my previous banners for my blog! There is always something so nice and special about having a personal hand written logo and it makes it a lot more sentimental. 

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