13 January 2016

Collective Haul

I've been slowly accumulating a few things so I thought I would do a collective haul, featuring items that I've really enjoyed and a few I didn't so much! I won't be featuring all the things I've hauled, I'm sure I've forgotten to add some items in but these are the ones I thought I would mention. With the new year comes another shopping ban, I have so many important things I need to save for and I think it is appropriate to set that ban again for myself. In the mean time I've been appreciating the new goodies I've collected throughout the end of last year until now.

Around mid December last year the Mr and I went kitchen supply shopping to get a few equipments we needed such as new cake tins, tea strainers, whisk, potato ricer , etc. Among these things I spotted this copper cook book stand which I've been also using as a letter holder. It is so pretty! I've always wanted one of these, it retails for $24.95 and the brand is called Academy Orwell. I also picked up this glass tea pot from Davis and Waddell for around $14.95 (from memory, I could be wrong). There's something about being able to see your tea brewing within the glass that seems satisfying and I've always wanted one of these pots, especially to keep for my future home.

Sticking to the same theme, I've always seen The Kinfolk series around the internet as well as many book stores but never really thought much into it. Although it's very pretty I wasn't interested in getting the books, until I saw Lisa bought The Kinfolk Table and after flicking though it in several book stores I knew I had to pick this up someday. It retails for around the $70 mark but varies within each store. However doing some online searching I found a sale on the Book Depository site for $38 and they do free worldwide shipping too, so naturally I had to get it. It has beautiful photography as well as very personal and inspirational recipes from all over the globe. It is such a nice book to add to our cooking book collection. When we have our own home the Mr and I are going to get a book shelve and stack all our collections together. The Mr is accumulating a few of his own cook books as well. He has a list happening each time we go to a book store together and when he likes a certain book he takes a photo of it for future purchasing. It makes me happy that he is also interested in this as much as I am.

I've been needing a new eye mask for sleeping and this time I wanted to find a good quality one. I use to have this lavender eye pillow a while ago, that I really enjoyed however my dogs got to it and it is now long gone. I decided to pick up this eye mask from iMask seeing the colour combination of soft blue and pink with flamingos on it sold me instantly. It retails for around $16 from what I remember. It has a nice cushion feel to it and sits really nicely on my eyes. I can't sleep properly if I don't wear an eye mask sometimes. Especially if there is still light on, which usually the Mr is always watching TV and leaves it on so I have trouble sleeping.

Now onto jewellery, I found this marble inspired ring holder at this boutique store here in Perth. It speaks for itself when you look at it, it is so beautiful. It retails for $15 and is handmade by this brand called Farlands. Along the marble theme were these marble resin copper earrings that I spotted, what better way than to have the two types you love combined together? On that same day I picked up this amethyst necklace which I believe is from the same brand (my memory is terrible and I can't quite confirm that). It retails for $25 and isn't real silver or anything it is just costume jewellery. I've been wanting to find a crystal necklace, and what drew me to this one was that the amethyst lays horizontal and is clasped with the necklace which I found so unique.

On our recent trip to Margaret River I wanted to pick up a few souvenirs to remember the trip by. I like to do this with each holiday I go on, it is nice to have something to hold a memory of the great time you've had. The first was this marble necklace that I actually picked up from a pop up store there called Common Ground, which is a store we have here in Perth. They had a sale going on and since I've owned a few items from the store I wanted to have a look around to see if there was anything I liked. It was nice seeing Common Ground pop up there, I wasn't expecting to see any stores that I knew of in Margaret River. I decided to pick up this (yes again) marble necklace which was on sale for $10!

For a while now I had broken my favourite Tiffany & Co necklace and had it sent off for repairs before our Margaret River trip (I just picked up when it arrived back in store on the weekend, yay!) I felt sort of naked without wearing a necklace, which I usually wear all the time. I can only wear real sterling silver/gold jewellery permanently, costume jewellery I can only wear for a few hours of the day — if I leave it on too long I get rashes and my skin reacts to it. I always have my Tiffany & Co necklace on pretty much every day since I received it as a gift from my old friend Lea back when I was 21, so you can see I've had it for a very long time now. When I went to this boutique store in Margaret River my purpose was to find another dainty real sterling silver necklace. I was after anything that was either another crystal or even those initial necklaces with the letter J, but they were all sold out. I stumbled by this beautiful dainty blue opal and sterling silver necklace by the brand Fabienne. It retails for $40 and I knew it was love at first sight. It is so shiny and the blue opal has somewhat a duo chrome look to it when the light hits it.

Now moving onto beauty items of course this wouldn't be a real collective haul if there wasn't any beauty products to mention.

Starting with lip products for my Christmas present the Mr bought me this Tom Ford Lips and Boys lipstick in Egon. This, I didn't buy myself but I just had to mention it because it is beautiful. I've been wanting this shade and was so surprised it was still in stock as the Lips and Boys range flew out the doors when it launched, as expected. Egon is a unique shade, I would have to be honest and say it most likely wouldn't be a shade I usually gravitate towards. However there was something about it that I really liked and it was time to step out of my comfort zone and try something different. What makes Egon different (which I'll try to explain to the best of my ability) is that it is a semi-frost shimmer-sheen combined with a cream finish. It isn't your typical frosted lipstick which if I do say so is the last formula I would ever get in a lipstick. I guess the way Mr Ford created this was so different and I was surprised I even gravitated towards it. The shade itself in my opinion is a muted mauve with grey undertones. I absolutely love it and am so glad to have it in my collection. Should I also quickly mention that among a few of the Christmas presents the Mr gifted me was the Rose Jam shower gel? He knew I've been wanting it since sniffing it non stop during out Melbourne trip in November last year (sounds so weird saying "last year"). I still haven't used it yet as it is limited edition and I am saving it for a special day.

Next is another lipstick I've been wanting since discovering Burberry makeup on my Sydney holiday back in 2014. This Burberry Lip Mist in the shade #204 Chestnut is everything and what makes it even better is that I scored it on sale for $24 and it retails for $50. Of course I had to get it! It is a moisturising lip formula and has a nice build up in colour. Once applied to the lips it has that "hugging" feeling that I love with some lipsticks such as the Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colour do. The formula glides onto your lips and with that hugging feeling stays put even though it isn't a matte formula. The shade is immaculate, the chestnut brown mahogany and burgundy shade looks really strong in the bullet but once applied it smooths the perfect amount of colour over the lips and in my opinion would look so amazing on anyone! I love burberry lipsticks, especially the beautiful embossing print on all the lipsticks.

Not that I needed another lip balm with the millions I have lurking around my drawers. I decided to pick up the Generics Matcha Green Tea Lip Balm, it's a nice lip balm but if I'm honest I wouldn't repurchase it again. Since I love everything matcha I thought why not give this one a try, lets just say I didn't need to get it but it's nice to have.

Mascara wise, I purchased the Tarte Gifted mascara when the new Sephora Australia website launched. I wanted to see what I could pick up and because most of the items I was hoping would be on the website wasn't, I spot this mascara and it was one I wanted to try for a while. Do I love it? I like it but I don't love it. It doesn't give me enough volume that I desire, if anything it just lengthens and separates the lashes well.

A recent mascara I purchased just a few days ago from this Japanese store called Miyu is the Heroine Make Long and Curl mascara. I opened it as soon as I got back into my car as I wasn't wearing mascara that day and started applying it, to my amazement it was love on first application. I love how the wand curves and the formula is 'tear proof' and has tiny fibres that combine with your lashes. I've tried many Asian mascaras that have those fibres and really didn't enjoy them as I found they just sit on your lashes and soon after flake all off afterwards. This Heroine Make mascara is everything, I only picked it up because Vivianna keeps raving on about it! I'm glad I picked it up, sometimes some items are a hit and miss but when you find one that works well for you it's always a plus. Of course, this doesn't beat the Chanel Le Volume mascara for me but for a low cost mascara I am quite pleased with this find. It retails for $23 (but from what I've seen in other Asian stores especially ones in Melbourne, the price varies and can go up to $40).

Ever since owning my Hakuhodo brushes I've been wanting to add more to my collection! They are my absolute favourite and the quality speaks for itself. On Lisa's recent holiday to Japan (so jealous)! I asked her to pick me up a few items, a few being these Hakuhodo brushes! I chose the Fan Brush in J7011, Eyebrow Brush in J5549 and the Blending Eyeshadow Brush in J5523. There was a few other brushes that weren't in stock but I am so happy she managed to get these ones for me! They all retail between $15-$20.

Moving onto skin and body with all the raves and many talking about the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel it was definitely on my list to try out! Each time I did search for it to purchase, it was always sold out. On my recent Melbourne trip I was over at Tenneil's house for our sleep over, I tried out the one she had and oh my I was definitely sold! I was so glad it was back in stock on Beauty Bay and after waiting several weeks for it to arrive, it finally did a week ago. Of course naturally I used it the night I received it and it really is as luxurious as the last time I used it. I picked this one up for $49! I also ordered some Pai muslin cloths which to my surprise were missing from the package. I was so annoyed and contacted Beauty Bay and of course they still haven't replied to me, I hope they do soon.

I've been on a hunt for a more natural and simple deodorant. Since Estée kept saying Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant was her favourite I wanted to get one to try! Being a little sceptical I thought it would be safer to get the smaller travel size one to trial first. I've been using it since November last year and I've really enjoyed it. It is perfect for everyday use but of course not for using when playing sports. I like the cooling feeling it leaves under your armpits and it doesn't feel sticky or uncomfortable.

Another quick note I should mention is the marble slab I have pictured that my sister gave to me. She has a friend who does marble for kitchens and bathrooms and had some samples he didn't need any more and gave it to my sister. Since she knows I love marble she came over and gave me this, which I am so grateful for! I also told her one day I will need her friend to do my whole kitchen and bathroom because I definitely want it all marble when I have my own home!

What have been a few of your favourite items you've hauled recently?

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