18 January 2016

Let's Catch Up!

I haven't really done a personal post in a while and thought I would do a little catch up post about things that have been on my mind. These last few days I've been feeling a little congested and as soon as I started feeling this way I immediately started taking some cold and flu medicine. My little niece made me her speciality (she knows how to make it spot on)! Of honey, lemon and hot water for me to drink and that has been making me feel so much better. I can't stand being sick (obviously, no one does)! However, right now I really can't afford to since I have a lot going on this week.

I have a job interview tomorrow morning, which I am very much looking forward to. It's with a brand I wasn't sure about at first but thinking thoroughly it has always been a favourite of mine even though I haven't been using their products as much as I use to. It was my first high end brand that was gifted from my boyfriend when I was 14. The brand itself holds a lot of sentimental meaning to me, I guess because when I first ever owned a product from them I was over the moon and it was the best feeling ever. I won't at this stage mention what the brand is just yet as I don't want to speak too soon. I will update further once the job has been confirmed. I am still unsure if I really want to go back into beauty retail. I want to seek a new experience and have been contemplating in other work fields. I guess I will have to see how everything unfolds and update back later.

Life has been quite steady, I must say 2015 was a very chilled year for me. No dramas or drastic changes compared to 2014. I felt like 2015 was definitely a learning curve for me and now 2016 will be a great year for further self learning as well as exploring and continue being adventurous. I've been very content with situations and life itself, I guess I feel like at this stage in my life I am very happy with what I have and where I am in life.

There isn't much I would change and in some ways I am very proud of the many achievements I have compiled within these last few years. As the years come and go and I am getting older I suppose the main aim for my life is the settle down by getting married, having a family, house and continue embracing each moment of my life as it is. I really appreciate a lot of the things I have in my life, I have my days where I feel down or unsure about things but, overall I love the life I have, I am thankful for everything.

I think the little things in life all add up and make for what you feel towards your everyday life. For myself, I find observing the belongings and items I own — how do they make me feel? Do I need to de-clutter further or remove unwanted items, etc? Throughout the years I have rummaged through my belongings and given away any unused or unwanted items to loved ones or charity shops. The thought of knowing someone will appreciate and make better use of it is what clears my mind and takes that heavy feeling off my shoulders.

When I look around my room, no matter how many times, I always smile. I feel like my room is where it holds all my favourite belongings, it is my sanctuary. It is a place where I like to be, to do the things I love from makeup to blogging. I love the company of myself, although having company from friends and loved ones is always lovely I do occasionally enjoy spending time to myself. More so, so I can reflect on things and recharge. I think when you start to realise the belongings you own is exactly all you need and that you do not need to keep accumulating more items, there is a sense of relief. At this moment for the last 3-4 years I have lived a semi-minimalist life and I cannot express how good that feels.

If you are wanting to let go of things you don't need to make room for either new things or overall just observing what you need or don't need, making a list is the way to go. I've found creating a list of what you need in terms of each category can help you eliminate certain items. I know some people find it really hard to let go of certain items, however if you've found you haven't used it in several months, it is time to let go. A good way is to think that someone else may treasure it more if you gift it to them (if it is still usable).

Among other things that have been really therapeutic for me, is calligraphy writing as well as adult colouring books. Whilst playing relaxation music in the background and spending time doing more creative work makes my mind feel at peace. Doing yoga, stretching and walking when I can makes me feel like I am letting my body become free to a different type of moment. After each session I feel like my body as well as my mind is more flexible and I am able to feel more relaxed.

We all have our own paths and are at different stages of our lives. Don't compare yourself to anyone else besides the person you are looking at in the mirror. If you don't like something, change it! Live a more positive life, treat others as you would like to be treated (even if they don't return the favour). It isn't all about receiving back but more so doing the best of your ability. Life isn't a competition, live it as well as you can by making each moment count. I know this has sort of become a bit of a preaching post, but I feel very strongly about these things I've mentioned. Things that have been on my mind and are now documented into this post for future 'me' to look back on.

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