04 January 2016

Updated What's In My Bag

I think with everything I basically own I switch it back and forth and around many times. At this moment I am currently using my Céline Micro Luggage (as you would have figured, of course because it's my new baby). I like to carry with me items that I know I will NEED when I am out and about. I like to put together little bags within my bag containing things I've found I needed when I didn't have it while I was out (so you can say I've learnt my lesson on what needs to be brought with me). This will be quite a detailed post and I will be discussing boring things that I carry with me and quite personal items too (let's be real). 

When it comes to looking inside someone's bag it can be quite a personal thing and lets just admit it, it is interesting and we are all curious what everyone carries with them. I don't think there is anything particularly interesting about the contents of my bag, however since it's been requested for me to do an updated post - I decided to! I hope maybe this can help you on new ideas on what you can bring in your bag as well, since I do carry very specific items for many purposes. Is there any particular items you bring with you that you know others may not carry as well?

If you would like to see further into what I carry in my makeup bag, please let me know and I will put together a post about it.


Makeup bag (Ted Baker) - I like to carry some basic makeup with me for either touch ups or even just so I have it and I decide I want to add some makeup on my face if I didn't wear any that day. Usually when I'm out the door and in a hurry I can apply it when I'm in the car.

Coin purse (Céline Medium Half Zip Wallet & Coin purse) - For a while now I've been carrying with me only a small coin purse (from the coin purse of my Céline wallet) to carry my cards and cash. Especially since it makes easier travel and when I swap my bags around. I guess with less cards (I don't bring any of my loyalty cards, I add them to an app called Stocard to save having to carry them with me) there isn't really any need to carry a large wallet.

Key holder (Prada) - I don't like having my keys rummaging around my bag (especially since it will ruin or scratch the inside of it) so for a while now I stored my keys within a key holder. It makes it neat, compact and easier to find within my bag. Since most of my items are neutral shades I decided to get a nice berry shade so it stands out more.

Glasses (Ray Ban) - I need these especially when I drive, so most days when I'm not driving I won't carry these with me.

Sunglasses (Ray Ban Foldable Rounded Metal Polarised)

Diptyque roller ball perfume (Eau Rose)

Jo Malone lip conditioner (Vitamin E)

NARS lipstick (Dolce Vita)

MAC lip pencil (Whirl)

(Lip products always change depending on what I'm wearing that day.)

Diptyque pouch:

Asthma puffer - I have mild asthma, but it's always good for me to bring this along in case of any emergencies.

Facial spray - I find throughout the day my skin can feel so dehydrated and dry, so I like to carry a facial spray to freshen up. (Alpha-H Moisture Boosting Facial Mist stored in a Muji spray bottle)

Aesop hand sanitiser - This one is a given, with all the things we touch when we go out it's always good to have this handy especially before you eat.

Eye drops (Optrex) - Now that I wear glasses my eyes are so dry and at times I do need some eye drops that cater to dry eyes. I've always had dry eyes and some times my eyes get irritated so it's always nice to know I have this in case the hay fever kicks in.

Lavanila deodorant - Gotta keep 'em 'pits fresh (haha), this is a good travel size.

Tissues (Kleenex) - I'm always in need of a tissue, I have to carry a packet with me all the time.

Muji small container:

Band-aids, cotton tips, cuticle cutter.

Muji plastic pouch:

Feminine wipes (Summer's Eve) - This one is a "hrmm" product to some people, but c'mon we are all females here (most of my readers, anyway). You just never know when you need one of these, especially in gross public toilets, which believe it or not sometimes run out of toilet paper. I'd rather be clean then left hanging, you know what I'm sayin'?

Hair ties (Kitsch) - Every girl that has long enough hair will know the annoyance of not having a hair tie available when you need it out of your face. I like to carry with me fabric "snag-free" hair ties from Kitsch.

Nail clippers (Manicare)

Sanitary disposal bags (Incognito) - It is always good to have these disposable bags especially when you're out and there are no bins around to dispose of any rubbish you want to get rid of. I should also mention I keep a tampon in this pouch for back up, and this is where the disposal bags come in handy for later use!

I think you can tell by now, after having a snoop at what I carry in my bag that I am quite organised with what I bring with me. I guess I'm the type of person that likes to think a head and make sure I have majority of things covered. Yes, I am that person that always has a band-aid, tissue and pain killers handy for those who end up needing it.

I will be leaving to go on a four day road trip to Margaret River this morning with the Mr. I am so excited, let me know if you would like me to write a post about my trip! If you would also like to see what I carry in my travel makeup bag on small travels such as road trips, I did a post about it here.

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