10 February 2016

French Skincare

If there was a skincare that I would use all the time, it would be anything made by the French. They definitely know good skincare and they do it well. I always dream of my holiday to France one day where I can browse through all the French beauty stores and pharmacies, exploring all the skincare they have to offer. A few of the products in today's post I have used for years and a few I only recently started trialling for several weeks!

*Bioderma Sensibio Mask (Soothing Mask)

Bioderma has been a brand I've gravitated towards for many years now and it never seems to fail each time I use it. When I first applied this mask after I cleansed my face it felt so soothing on my skin. My skin has been quite dry lately, especially on the areas of my cheeks and this mask caters for a good hydration needed for my skin. I apply a thick layer all over my face (avoiding the eye area) and let it settle into the skin for about 10-15 minutes. After, I use a muslin cloth rinsed in warm water to take the mask off. I pat my skin dry and immediately notice how vibrant and glowing my skin looked. It was plump, supple and so soft. I highly recommend this mask if you are looking for a good boost of hydration for dry skin, it is catered to sensitive skin and most skin types too.

*Uriage Eau Thermale D'uriage (Thermal Water)

These types of thermal water sprays seem like another unnecessary product when it comes to skincare. Some may think it is just a gimmick, others find it a holy grail. For myself, I find it a holy grail, mainly because I find throughout the day (as well as night) I like to have a good sprits of hydration to wake my skin. Whether I am wearing makeup or not I find this thermal spray really gives my skin a boost of hydration and evens out my makeup, when I am wearing it. I've tried many thermal sprays and I find the Uriage thermal spray to be my favourite so far! It is enriched with minerals and protects the skin from free radicals. With the harsh sun or indoor air pollution you want to make sure you are keeping your skin refreshed. I love misting this all over my face and I keep it handy in my bag all the time.

Nuxe Rêve de Miel (Lip Balm)

I've been using this lip balm for many years now and can definitely say I haven't found anything else quite like it. I use it for many purposes, for day time I apply a little amount over my lips to prep them while I do my makeup. I only apply a small amount as it has a very heavy consistency. Therefore at night time I love to apply a generous amount all over my lips and use it as a lip scrub, as it has small particles that are exfoliating for the lips. The next morning my lips are left so smooth and soft and the lip balm stays on all night without budging. You can feel the residue on your lips the following morning. It also has a matte consistency and I find that is mainly why it stays locked into your lips. Even my boyfriend really enjoys using this lip balm and I bought a jar just for himself to use. He is quite picky and won't use any lip balms that are glossy, which is why this lip balm is his go-to as well! It really works wonders!

*Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (Multi-purpose Dry Oil)

I've tried the Nuxe dry oil that contains shimmers a few years ago and although I did enjoy it, I didn't use it as much as the shimmers got in the way of the uses I wanted to use it for. Since trying this dry oil with NO shimmer I have fallen even more in love with this dry oil. It instantly absorbs into your skin and hair (where ever you apply it to) leaving it nourished and silky smooth and is multi-purpose! I love the scent it gives, it doesn't linger for too long but if you smell where you've applied it, it smells amazing. I love using it for stretch marks, cuticles, ends of my hair and any dry areas of my face and body. It contains plant oils such as macadamia, hazelnut, borage, sweet almond, camellia, John's wort and Vitamin E.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O (Micelle Solution)

This is another product I have used for years and is a permanent product in my skincare regime. I've tried many micellar waters and although some do the job I haven't found they don't work quite as well as the original Bioderma. I've tried a few of their different offerings from their other range from the Sebium and Hydrabio. I enjoy all the ranges! The micellar water removes the first layer of makeup for me before I double cleanse afterwards. I like to use it especially to remove my eye makeup, by soaking a cotton pad of the micellar water over my eyes for a few seconds and it instantly removes majority of my eye makeup (as well as waterproof). The micellar water is also great as a morning cleanse or throughout the day to gently and quickly cleanse your skin. It removes any dirt and sebum residue left from the night before.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré (Facial Cream)

I bought this facial cream (and a few back ups) a few years ago from IMATS in Sydney. I've read a lot about this cream and loved the idea of it, especially for my makeup kit. It works well with most skin types and is a great for base for makeup. With all skin types needing hydration this facial cream instantly absorbs into your skin and leaves it supple and moisturised. It contains natural wheat proteins, hyaluronic acid, sweet almond, beeswax, antioxidants as well as vitamins A, E & F. I mainly use this moisturiser during the day before applying my makeup and highly recommend it if you're looking for a fail-proof facial cream to use daily.

Have you tried any of these French skincare products before? What are your thoughts towards French skincare?

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