24 March 2016

Let's Catch Up! #2

March is one of my favourite months. Mainly because it is my birthday month and the beginning of autumn. This whole month has been so much fun for me — from having such an amazing birthday to just general well being and happiness. I am forever grateful towards all the people in my life that made my day/s so special. I can't wait to show you the beautiful presents I was spoilt with for my birthday! In today's post I want to recap on my last "Let's Catch Up" post and update you on a few things.

I have many drafted posts lined up that are currently in the works. I'll give you a list of the titles (in no particular order) so you have an idea of what's to come on Amour JNFR. Please let me know if you have any posts you would like me to do. I'm always in need of new ideas.

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I mentioned in my previous catch up post that I had gone on a job interview and was potentially about to work for this company — however I decided it wasn't for me. I think I've come to the point in my life where I want a change of scenery and environment. I still want to be within the beauty industry but I want to work in an office environment. More "behind the scenes" type of work. I haven't exactly lost all my passion as a makeup artist — I think it has more to do with my motivation and needing something to drive me further within my career. I want to take the next step and explore new things. I'm constantly immune to change and I love the idea of always experiencing new adventures. At the moment I have a lot of exciting things planned for my career and things in the works. I won't (again) mention too much details at this moment, as we all know things can change and I always like to be certain before I confirm anything on here.

My blog work has been keeping me very busy whilst working with many PR companies as well as building up a stronger platform for my site. I also have a few video ideas in the making, which I am very excited about. I'm not sure if I want to make YouTube a permanent thing for myself, like blogging. However it is something on my mind. I need to keep building up confidence and see how it all pans out. When I created my first video it was so much fun and I was so intrigued by how much I really enjoyed filming and editing it. Thank you so much for everyone's input and love towards my video, your support means a lot to me.

Going back again, to my catch up post where I mentioned about minimalism and decluttering, etc. I have continued looking through all my belongings and sorting a pile of "unwanted" items to gift to my sister. I've been thinking for a long time now of doing a post about "products that didn't work for me, however work for my sister" kind of post — but I am not sure how to execute this just yet (especially the title — haha). Would you be interested in reading about that?

I cannot tell you enough how great it feels to accumulate all my belongings I no longer use, or have ever used (makeup/skincare/accessories) and gifting it to my sister. Of course, she is always over the moon when I come over her house baring a basket full of gifts. It makes me surprised each time seeing how much my sister uses and puts those products to better use. I honestly remember gifting her a foundation and by the end of the week she had already used half of the bottle. I don't know how she does it — I do know she wears a lot heavier coverage than I do. I never finish a product. It's very rare for me to have a pile of used up products. I like to rotate my makeup/skincare quite often so therefore it never ends up being finished. Which to me is a bad habit of mine — that's why I started writing a post on "shopping my stash".  These kinds of posts like the "project 10 pan" etc, are many ideas I have in mind to do with my collection. I'll keep you updated on how I go with that.

I wanted to also update that I had received a new MacBook Pro for my birthday from my beautiful Mr. It was such a surprise and I couldn't believe he had gifted this to me. It is definitely something I have always wanted for such a long time — I had owned my old MacBook (the white one) since I was 18 — which is what my boyfriend had gifted me for my 18th birthday. It's basically his tradition to get me an Apple product every now and then for my birthday. He had gifted me my iMac for my 21st and he told me it was long due to upgrade to a new MacBook Pro. It is so nice to have a new laptop to work on, especially for travelling. I usually use my iPad Air with the bluetooth keyboard I have for it — however the iPad being more of a mobile base tech, there was many things I wasn't able to do on there compared to an actual laptop. I love bringing my MacBook around with me, I can't believe how beautiful the new models are and how fast they are too. I love my iMac but having a laptop I can bring with me anywhere is so good!

Do you remember when I set myself a few goals for this year? So far, I've been doing most of them pretty well. There is the "wearing false lashes at least once a week" goal that I am failing with — which is what I presumed I would have. I think I wear them more so every 2-3 weeks, I need to keep reminding myself to do it. I get so lazy and find it time consuming especially since I've been going more natural with my makeup these last few months — however it is a goal I really want to work on more. Goals I have been doing quite consistently — I've been walking my dogs a lot, blogging regularly and started filming, I started attending pilates and yoga class again just yesterday and will be signing up for a yearly pass, (thanks to my friend Evelyn for motivating me to go again) I do a bit of yoga and exercising at home too — but it felt so good to go to a class again, we've been planning our Europe trip (and saving hard for it too!) as well as savings for our house. It is a great feeling knowing that the goals I have set for myself are doable and I have been living up to it. I know all the other years I eventually forget about my goals.

Another goal I need to work on is attending more workshops/events. However being an introvert and home body, that doesn't happen on the regular. I do have quite a few workshops I want to book with my boyfriend and friends — building a terrarium class, pottery class and events held by Lush, Kikki.K, T2, Mecca, etc. At this moment, studying isn't really what's on my agenda. I did write I wanted to study a short course (mainly another language) but it isn't the cheapest of things to do. Although, it is still something I have on my list to mesh in with my work life eventually.

How are you going with your New Years resolutions/goals you've set for yourself?

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