08 March 2016

The 7 Day Lipstick Challenge - Day 1

The 7 day lipstick challenge is something I've been keen on trying out for quite some time. I'm not sure what the exact "rules" are, however this is my take on it. For any 7 days (doesn't have to be consecutive), I will be wearing a lipstick. From different brands to shades, I will write my thoughts on wearing them the entire day. The purpose of this challenge, for myself, is to keep the rotation of my lipsticks going and not just settling for the ones I gravitate to quite often. Whether it's a bold shade that I don't sport enough or a shade I haven't used in a while. In some ways, this is basically a shopping my stash — only focusing on lipstick.

For day 1, I decided to opt for the newest to my collection. Of course, I had to, it's so beautiful! But, don't worry this will be the only lipstick I'll be wearing that's 'new'. For my Myer One birthday voucher I was gifted $20 to spend, so I decided to purchase this Dior lipstick (RRP $52 AUD). What drew me to this was 1. The package, 2. The shade, and 3. The love at first swatch "moment". This is an extremely creamy and highly pigmented lipstick. It feels so soft on the lips and wears very comfortably. I fell head over heels for the shade #434 Brun Samarcande, which to me is the typical shade I always go for (nothing new here)!. A neutral rose, brown tone terracotta shade. It is super moisturising and has a decent amount of wear time for its consistency. The only down side to this, I find, is the scent. It is an awful "old lady scent". It's a scent I don't like, but can deal with however I don't understand why anyone would put that type of scent into any product.

 One swatch of the Rouge Dior lipstick in #434 Brun Samarcande.

 One layer of the Rouge Dior lipstick in #434 Brun Samarcande on my lips.

MY RATINGS (Out of 5)
Longevity - 3/5
Pigmentation - 4/5
Texture - 5/5
Application - 4/5
Overall product - 4/5

Have you tried any Dior lipsticks before?

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