13 April 2016

FOTD: NARS (Cream products)


NARS Sheer Glow - Fiji
NARS Illuminator - Copacabana
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - Custard
NARS Matte Multiple - Altai
NARS Cream Blush - Cactus Flower (Not sure if its still available)
NARS Single Eyeshadow - Bali
NARS Brow Gel - Oural (Clear)
NARS Larger Than Life Long-wear Eyeliner - Rue Bonaparte & Rue Saint-Honore
NARS Audacious Mascara - Black Moon
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Walkyrie

Today I wanted to go "powder-free" and wear as much cream/liquid products I own, featuring NARS makeup. A few of the products used today are a some of my all time favourites, however there are a few I used today that I actually don't use as much as I find they aren't my favourite. Since this is a brand focus post I wanted to use all NARS products I own — even if it is a product I don't enjoy. I created a simple look today and I won't go into how I created this as it is quite straight forward — so instead I want to talk through my thoughts on a few of the products I used today.

If anyone asked me what my favourite makeup brand was, NARS would definitely be one of my answers. I love and own so many of their products and find it is of high quality. Sheer Glow is one of my holy grail foundations, it has a buildable medium to full coverage while feeling very light weight on the skin. I think many people get confused on the concept of this foundation — it isn't sheer and where is the glow? I think the purpose of this foundation isn't from your application, but more so the final end result once it has settled into your skin, making it look so flawless. It gives the result of a sheer glow — meaning it looks like skin and gives that glow from within look. Which is actually what I really love about this foundation. I love that I don't need to wear too much of it and it blends into my skin seamlessly.

I first found out about the Copacabana Illuminator on my first photo shoot job with my friend Loren. She had this within her kit and when I used it to apply on the models I couldn't believe how stunning it looked on the skin. The thing that won me over, was the moment I had only applied this all over the models face and the photographers had thought she was already "done" and started taking photos of her. I think, if she was looking flawless and the glow within her skin was enough to fool anyone that her makeup look was "complete" is enough for me to buy thousands of these. The way it melts into your skin and as soon as any light hits the high points of your face — it is just the most stunning thing ever. Can you see the beautiful glow it gives on my face? (photo below). It is lovely applied under or over your makeup — mixed with your foundation or applied to the high points of the face.

When the Matte Multiple's launched, I knew I had to check them out. Although a lot smaller in size compared to their regular Multiple blushes/highlights, it is still just as stunning. I chose to pick up the shade Altai as it was more semi-cool toned from the bronzer shade range and would work perfect for a contour shade or a light bronze around the perimeters of the face. It blends in seamlessly and at first application the pigmentation may look intimidating but, can be sheered out and buildable.

I never gave much thought into trying out the NARS Cream Blushes, mainly because most cream blushes I've owned from other brands either broke me out or doesn't have amazing longevity and pretty much is non existent on my cheeks. I stumbled by Cactus Flower one day while in store and the shade looked so bold and beautiful. Once I swatched it on my hands I knew I had to have it within my collection. The shade name is the perfect description for the shade of this blush – Cactus Flower. It is exactly that, very bold, prominent and striking. It, also blends out beautifully and you can build up the intensity of the shade nicely. Although, I haven't gravitated to this cream blush as much as I should, it is definitely a favourite within my collection and something I need to keep reminding myself to use more often.

Onto a slight negative note, is the Audacious Mascara, where do I begin? There aren't many products I don't enjoy from NARS, like I said, it is by far one of my favourite brands. However, this mascara was a major let down for me and didn't do anything for my lashes. If you look at the photo below, you can see how horrible is makes my lashes look. I received a deluxe sample size in my Mecca Beauty Loop box, and although before that I actually purchased the full size to see for myself how it worked. I found the wand way too large, and extremely spiky that it hurt to apply it. It felt like I was using a cactus on my eyes (ouch). The spikes, or if you'd like to call them bristles are placed too far apart that it doesn't grab onto any of you lashes and gives a very uneven application.

Not to mention the formula of the mascara itself, I found it flaked so much throughout the day and I would end up with particles of dried mascara clumps around my eyes and face (not a pretty look). Thank goodness I was able to return this mascara as I gave it a week to trial, I knew after that whole week I needed my money back asap. I didn't want to wear it ever again. And, here I am again, wearing it in this post! Only because I don't own any other mascara's from NARS, this is the only one I have and plus I obviously have my deluxe sample, still. I know there are a few people who either love or hate this mascara, I think it just depends on the persons preference and like we always say, everyone has different experiences.

Now back onto the positive side of things, the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Walkyrie. There's no doubt these are my favourite lip products – EVER! I have quite a few shades within my collection, and I want to own them all, basically! Walkyrie is one of my newest editions, and it is just stunning. I don't think I've ever found a lip product like these lip pencils. The name says it all, it gives a velvet matte texture to the lips and the pigmentation is just amazing, not to mention the longevity and application. These lip pencils are my most worn lip products, I always carry a shade in my bag! Walkyrie is described as a burnt coral red, to me that is definitely correct!

What are some of your favourite NARS products?

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