11 April 2016

New In: Inglot Face Palette

I wasn't initially intending to do this post just yet, as I have a few blog posts lined up. However since making this purchase from Inglot the other day I just had to do a review on it. Excuse my finger swatches in the first photo! I had so much fun finding the perfect shades to create my own palette. I decided to choose 3 blush shades and 1 contour shade. I kept changing my mind each time, I wanted to get a banana shade and a white matte shade, then I thought to myself I probably wouldn't use it as much. I guess the main thing that is missing from this face palette is a highlight shade. I was hoping Inglot did highlight shades for their "Freedom System Palette" but they don't. Which I was actually quite surprised about! I chose this light pale pink shade (#37) which would make do for a semi-highlight shade. It's very subtle and has a few shimmer particles within it. It looks really beautiful blended out.

To buy the palette casing on its own cost $20 AUD and for the pan blushes, they retail for $18 AUD each and the sculpting powders retail for $25 AUD each. In total I spent $99 AUD to complete this palette. I'm not sure if that is a good deal or not. I do remember the prices being a lot cheaper back when they had opened up another stand years ago in Perth. After a while the counters shut down and only recently they had opened up again (maybe around end of 2015?). In my opinion, if the blushes are $18 I don't see why the sculpting powder should jump up in pricing to $25. It just makes me not want to get more than one shade to be honest. Which is mainly why I opted for more blush shades in the end.

I think if they offered some highlighting powders within this I would definitely pick some up and it would make this palette even more perfect. Besides all that, I actually really enjoy this face palette! I think it is so beautiful and the packaging is just so lovely and everything is great quaintly. I've owned a few products from Inglot before, but, like I mentioned before it was years ago so a lot has changed since then. Needless to say, the quality and products are just as amazing as I last remembered.

I do hope they open up more counters! I am keen to try more of their eyeshadows, especially since they offer so much variety of beautiful shades! I was thinking of picking some up that day, however I ended up just building a face palette instead. Now to the shades and why I chose each one! You will sense a theme happening with each shade I picked up, they resemble shades of a few other brands I know and love.

Inglot Freedom System Palette (Face)

Swatched (L-R) — AMC Blush #127, FS Blush #37, AMC Blush #53 and Sculpting Powder HD #504

AMC Blush #127 - I am all about those brown tones in any kind of makeup, really! I love the rose/brown tones to this blush — it definitely has some of the NARS Douceur vibes coming from it. Which is what drew me to it, so it would be great if I ever need a dupe for it! I need to swatch them side by side to see if they are similar though! I do feel it comes off a lot more deeper in shade. I love that this blush has zero shimmer and is completely matte.

FS Blush #37 - As mentioned above I wanted a shade that would be the closest they had within their blush range to a highlight for me. Of course, it isn't entirely a highlight, but close enough. It is extremely subtle and because it is a pale shade with shimmer, once blended out it creates a beautiful highlight. In some ways it kind of reminds me of MAC Well Dressed only more pale and with shimmer.

AMC Blush #53 - This is a beautiful terracotta (can you tell this is another favourite shade of mine?) with apricot tones mixed with subtle shimmer. I love how I can wear this shade on its own and it makes for a bronzer/blush on your face. This is quite similar to another favourite blush shade, what I find to be NARS Madly meets Lustre.

Sculpting Powder HD #504 - The thing I really like about this contour shade is the ash and cool tones within it. I find it has a slight purple undertone to it as well. So, in some ways if you were to wear it lightly on your cheeks it makes for a stunning blush. But, for contouring/sculpting purposes it hollows your cheek bones to the core. I love how well it blends out and the matte texture is so smooth on the skin.

Have you tried building your own palette from Inglot's Freedom System?

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