25 May 2016

The 7 Day Lipstick Challenge - Day 5

I've tried NYX products for quite a few years now and for a drugstore brand it is one that I really enjoy using — plus they're a cruelty free brand! The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams isn't exactly a lipstick however for day 5, I wanted to incorporate it within my lipstick challenge as I have not worn it in so long. Think of it as a liquid lipstick! It is a beautiful mousse texture and feels great on the lips without any dryness when worn throughout the day. The matte lip creams have a beautiful strong pigment and smooth velvety formula. Out of all the shades I've tried, Stockholm (RRP $12.95 AUD) is definitely a favourite and the perfect nude shade for my lips. I have my eyes on the shades London and Abu Dhabi next!

I remember when I first picked up these matte lip creams they were a definite hit for quite some time but as time went by, I did eventually push them to the back of my drawers and soon forgotten about it. Recently these matte lip creams have been all the attention and lots of YouTubers are talking about them, which lead me to bring it back out again.

Applying one layer evenly on the lips is the perfect amount, with the occasional touch ups throughout the day. I've found applying more than one layer at once can make the formula seperate and form cracks on the lips. When I did apply more than one layer of the lip cream it would flake off a lot faster, as opposed to applying just one layer, it adhered to the lips well and seemed to last a decent amount of time (approximately a few hours).

If you're not a fan of scents, these lip creams do have a vanilla/cupcake scent which I don't mind and haven't found it to linger once on the lips. It comes with a doe foot applicator that distributes a good amount of product. Although the longevity isn't the longest, for the amount it retails for it is a really great product. To me, the matte lip creams are an easy and simple concept! It is what you want to use when you don't want to faff around with a typical lipstick.

One swatch of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm.

One layer of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm on my lips.

MY RATINGS (Out of 5) 
 Longevity - 2.5/5
 Pigmentation - 3.5/5 
 Texture - 3/5 
 Application - 2.5/5 
 Overall product - 2.9/5

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