04 May 2016

What I Got For My Birthday

This has been such an overdue post I've been meaning to work on! I had such an amazing birthday this year, each year is always a quiet one, but this year felt extra special for many reasons. Mainly because I felt and received so much love from all my friends and family and having them all spoil and spend my special day with me meant so much to me. I haven't had a party or celebrated much of my birthdays since my 21st. I just grew out of having parties, and basically becoming a grandma/homebody if you'd like to call it that  I'm just happy doing something small with the people that are close to me.

I'm not going to lie, turning 26 came to a shock to me, I still feel like I am 19. I'm not afraid of growing older, I'm more so very aware of how fast these years are flying by and it is quite scary. I was so spoilt by everyone this year, I honestly don't have the words on how grateful I was for all the beautiful gifts I had received. Although my birthday was about 2 months ago (11th of March) it definitely went by so fast. I like to think my birthday lasts for the whole month of March so I make the most of that whole month — surely, I am not the only one who does this during their birthday month, right?

From my beautiful boyfriend (Amon), he had gifted me many of my wish list items I've been wanting for so long. Every few years when it comes to my birthday (I've mentioned this before in previous posts) he likes to surprise me with a new Apple product. During our early teens he use to buy me an iPod (those days of the shuffle, nano, etc). For my 18th he gifted me a white MacBook, for my 21st he gifted me an iMac and my 26th a new MacBook Pro to add to my Apple family. I was thinking of doing a tech type of post, if you would like to see all the gadgets and equipment technology I use, let me know!

I have been in need of a new laptop for quite some time now (since 2008), for a while I was using my iPad air as a substitute laptop. I had bought a bluetooth keyboard that connect with it from Logitech and it worked well for bringing with me on my travels when I needed to get work done. However, it did come to a point where I was very limited in terms of what I could and access as it wasn't an actual computer. I still enjoy using my iPad, but for blogging on-the-go it is very limited as I had to keep doing most of my work on the iMac and make sure I had my USB or hardrive backed up before leaving anywhere. I am so in love with this MacBook Pro, from the thin body, the size of the 15-inch to the beautiful retina display. It is super fast and I've been using it non-stop ever since he had gifted it to me. He told me that he wanted to get me a new gadget for my new job and where I could work on it from anywhere and bring my work with me. I am forever grateful, he always spoils me with so many beautiful things.

As if that wasn't enough, he had extra gifts for me, which he had actually gifted me before he had surprised me with the MacBook Pro. It was such a beautiful night, I remember he had come home from work and I hadn't seen him much that whole week because he had so many long shifts. He came home and quickly went into the front room and started putting together my gift — he told me I wasn't allowed to go near there until he was finished, so I went and did my own thing. When he was finished he went and hid all my presents around our room while I was in the shower and when I came back out he told me to go look for each present.

The first one I found was the Diptyque Candle in the scent Feu De Bois Gris in the large size, after a while of looking I couldn't find anything else. He had hid them so well so he passed the next presents to me which was the Byredo Perfume in Gypsy Water and the NARS Velvet Lip Pencil in Bettina. Of course, he had access to my Wunderlist and knew exactly what I had on my wish list. I can't believe he surprised me with all these beautiful items, it was way too much and I was only turning 26 as well, he is seriously insane, and I love him so much. We went on a date night for my birthday and spent the night catching up and doing what we love most. He had also surprised me with the cutest Tea Pot cake which I posted on Instagram here.

My amazing sister (Linda) surprised me when I went over to her place to visit the day before my birthday. She gifted me this Tiffany & Co Horseshoe Pendant Necklace she had picked up for me. (She also has access to my wish list and of course chose to get me this.) She told me it was very fitting for me as I am the year of horse in my Chinese star sign. I think this necklace is absolutely stunning and I knew I wanted this as soon as I had spotted it online beginning of this year. Tiffany & Co is one of my favourite jewellery brands, I love the aesthetic of it and how minimal and dainty their jewellery is. I will treasure this necklace forever.

On the night of my birthday my sister had also surprised me with these White Leather Converse Sneakers. It wasn't on my wish list, but she knew it was something I've had my eyes on for a while. I love how these shoes go with almost everything, they are so comfy and sleek looking. For once I have a pair of Converse that my sister won't knick off me, every pair I've owned from Chucks to the originals she has stolen from me after I wore it a few times. She told me it was time she had gifted me back a pair that she "won't" take — she is so cute. I have almost worn these Converse everyday and they are my definite go-to shoe at the moment. I love the white leather so much!

From my gorgeous little niece (Sutiida) she had written and made me a birthday card (in the first picture) and also gifted me some sea shells she picked up while on her excursion with her school at Cottesloe Beach. She placed them in an old Pandora ring box I gave her a while ago and I honestly was left speechless. She is the most sweet and thoughtful little girl, I love her attention to detail and how much she thought of me when she put these beautiful pieces together. It's amazing how children think and what a wide imagination they have, I miss having that imagination. As an adult we forget to cherish the little things in life, although we tend to remind ourselves the main people who can show us this is children.

Mum and Dad had gifted me a Myer Gift Card, and a nice little note on a Chinese Li Xi envelope. I definitely put it to good use and picked up a few makeup items. I still have a bit of money left on my gift card, which I am still deciding what else I should get. Maybe some restock items, even though that's never as exciting as ticking off the wish list. I was actually really happy Mum and Dad did this as most of the years they just gave me actual money or sometimes nothing besides saying "Happy Birthday" to me (which I am still very grateful of). But, I think it is the fact they went out to get me an actual gift card from Myer and wrote a note that made it feel so special with that extra touch to it. Of course, it was Mum who went out and bought it and Dad just added his name to it. Let's be real here, I have Asian parents and they put little to nothing effort when it comes to these things, so this is as good as it gets, haha. Mum and Dad also surprised me with another lovely birthday cake on the day of our family BBQ to celebrate my birthday — (so, yes I did have two birthday cakes this year, yay).

One of my closest friends (Lisa) had surprised me with two beautiful presents of which I know she put a lot of thought into (like all the presents she surprises me with). We went out for brunch that morning and she had taken me to May Street Larder cafe where we spent the morning catching up and chatting our little heads off as we always do. She gave me my presents and I was so surprised and so in love! She gifted me a Diptyque Solid Perfume in the scent Don Son —which I had smelt before and it is absolutely stunning. I gifted Lisa a Diptyque Solid Perfume in Philosykos as part of her Christmas present in 2015, as I knew she really liked that scent when she smelt my Philosykos perfume. I've never owned the solid perfumes before, and after I gifted it to her I knew I wanted one as well! I didn't even know the scent Don Son was in solid form, so when she surprised me with it I was over the moon.

She also gifted me this stunning Chanel Compact Mirror, she didn't know it was something I was actually hunting for, while I was in Melbourne last year. I didn't end up getting it for myself, so when she had bought it for me I was so happy. I swear, our brains are in sync and sometimes we think very a-like! There have been way too many times where we've had coincidental moments together, i.e., wearing similar outfits on our dates and exact same thoughts! I love that I can put these two items in my bag and take it everywhere with me. The compact mirror has come very handy for me when I am out, it has a magnified side and a normal mirror side.

Last but not least my lovely friend Evelyn joined me to go to Pilates class and when she took me home she gifted me my birthday present. She is the sweetest girl, she gifted me a T2 Clear Glass Tea Cup and Saucer and a Lush Cup O' Coffee Face/Body Mask. She told me she knew I had a clear tea pot and that this teacup and saucer would go perfectly with it. I love the minimal look to it and how everything is just glass, definitely knows my style! I love Lush — I think anyone who knows me knows I adore that store. I actually had been wanting to try the Cup O' Coffee mask since I saw it launch, I've used it several times now and can definitely say I love it and it has made my skin feel so refreshed and detoxed each time I use it.

Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and all the lovely and kind things everyone in my life had done for me to make my day. As each birthday year goes by I always feel so privileged to have such amazing people in my life. I love that everyone close to me makes effort to spend time with me and share their love on my birthday — just to make my day that extra bit special.

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