28 June 2016

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Mascara - Full Review


*Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara 7ml $48 AUD

- Strong black pigment
- Works well layered with other mascaras
- In between a wet/dry formula consistency
- Sleek gold packaging
- Creates long extended lashes
- Noticeable difference in eyelash growth and thickness, throughout the entire month of using it
- Applies evenly and doesn't clump or create spider-leg lashes (2-3 coats)
- Isn't waterproof, however doesn't seem to smudge around eye area/face (unless large amount of water is in contact)
- Contains active ingredients that condition and promote lash growth (Vitamins A, C & E. — Ceramide 1, 3 & 6)
- Doesn't flake throughout the day, quite long wearing
- Easy to apply applicator wand, using the tip of the wand helps get to each lash and root
- Applicator wand picks up the perfect amount of product
- Eyelashes don't feel hard or heavy, it adheres well to the lashes and feels natural and flexible

— 2 coats applied of the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara on my eyelashes. (Excuse my naked face, I am not wearing any makeup besides the mascara)


I've been testing this mascara for a good month now and can safely say I really enjoy using this. I've noticed an incredible amount of lash growth as well as thickness within my lashes since using the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Mascara. I love how it lengthens my lashes so well and wears nicely throughout the day. I do find it doesn't give as much volume as it does with lengthening and it doesn't quite hold a curl as well as I would like it to, though it doesn't make my lashes droop down either. In terms of it not being waterproof, I found throughout the day it doesn't flake or smudge, of course if you cry or have large amounts of water splashed onto your face it will run a little. Other than that it holds and wears very nicely throughout the day. 
My favourite part of this mascara is that it not only helps condition and promotes lash growth (which in my eyes is a definite bonus) but, it also wears so nicely, I really like how it creates long and natural looking lashes. I would prefer a bit more volume to it, but that being said the more coats you apply the more volume you will get — I prefer maximum of 2-3 coats. The great thing is, this mascara layers really well and doesn't clump or create spidery looking lashes. 
What I have been doing on long days where I know it is either going to rain or I have watery eyes, is after a few coats I will apply a waterproof mascara (such as the Fairy Drops mascara). It doesn't budge at all and really locks it in place, while helping to hold a curl perfectly. I found it also makes removing my mascara so easily with the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide paired with a waterproof mascara. Most of the time waterproof mascaras are really difficult to remove however, having a non-waterproof underneath helps with easy removal and it doesn't affect the performance of either mascara. 
I love testing out different mascaras, I'm always on the hunt for the perfect one as I am not blessed with beautiful long lashes. My favourite mascaras that work well for me, is the Chanel Le Volume, Fairy Drops and now the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide — those are definitely my top 3. 
I highly recommend this mascara and it has fast become one of my favourites to wear daily. I think having a mascara that benefits your lashes each time you wear it makes it much more enjoyable to wear. If a waterproof version is released, it would be brilliant, however I do wonder if it would perform the same?

What are you thoughts on the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide mascara after reading this review? Would you try it?

19 June 2016

The 7 Day Lipstick Challenge - Day 6

For the second last day of this challenge (day 6) it wouldn't be complete without a Chanel lipstick. I love Chanel as a brand, all together from beauty to fashion. Their lipsticks have always been one I gravitated towards and I really enjoy many of them. From the classic black and gold packaging to the beauty of the Chanel "CC" logo, it is a must have in every girls makeup collection.

The Rogue Coco & Rogue Coco Shine lipsticks are the main range I have within my collection and I love the simplicity to these. The Chanel Rogue Allure lipsticks haven't been one that have drawn my attention, mainly for a few reasons. I am not too fond of the packaging. The pop out click casing is amusing, however I find it doesn't appeal to me. Though, my favourite part of the packaging is the embossing of the Chanel logo (the Rogue Coco's have the same embossing). I like and prefer the traditional look to lipsticks. I've never enjoyed any bulky or pop/slide out casing for a lipstick (especially those Guerlain lipsticks with the mirror). I just find it gimmicky and unnecessary.

I was given this Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in the shade #58 Audace (RRP $52 AUD) from my Mother. We were going through our makeup stash one night and started swapping a few of our lipsticks. I remember swapping my YSL lipstick for this Chanel lipstick. I realised I actually didn't own any bold red lipsticks from Chanel and this was the perfect shade to use. Though, that be said, I have actually never wore it since Mum gave it to me, so this was the perfect time to bring out this beauty.

It is such a beautiful bold red, I love the exotic tones to it. Although it is bold, it still has a slight brightness to it with an orange undertone, which I find makes it quite unique. These types of red lipsticks flatter my skin tone nicely. It wears nicely throughout the day and seems to sink into the lips and have a lock in type of formula. I love that it is hydrating but doesn't slip around your lips. Applying the lipstick with a lip brush will help with achieving a crisp and neat look, also blot between each application helps with longevity. I love pairing this lipstick with minimal makeup and a black winged eyeliner. Keeping it simple, but very classic at the same time.

One swatch of the Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in the shade #58 Audace. 

One layer of the Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in the shade #58 Audace on my lips.

MY RATINGS (Out of 5)
Longevity - 3.5/5
Pigmentation - 4/5
Texture - 3.5/5
Application - 3.5/5
Overall product - 3.6/5

13 June 2016

Let's Catch Up! #3

These past few months have been going by smoothly. New job in beauty PR, new camera lens to play with, meeting awesome people and general life happenings. I've been at my new job for around 3 months now and I am loving every bit of it. From having my own office desk (which I have decorated with pretty and cute things) to working with some of the best people I have met and truly admire. In some ways I feel as though each step I take in life, whether it is within my career path or towards everyday life, has built up to where I am today. It is all a working progress and I have learned so much throughout each stage, I am so happy with where I am.

One of my biggest goals of all is to buy my own home with the Mr — Little things such as attending home viewings and looking into land has got me so excited and feels like we are slowly heading there. Of course it is my dream to get there as soon as we can, however it has to be done properly and it all takes time. For now I am dreaming for that moment I can start decorating my own home.

I've always been into cooking and baking, it has always been something I truly love doing and find so therapeutic. Lately, I have been buying a lot more homeware goods to cook with and to eventually take with me for my own kitchen in the future. This has motivated me so much to create recipes. If you follow me on Snapchat, you will see lots of my clips I upload of my cooking. I've been slowly building up my cookbook collection, I am quite picky when it comes to certain cookbooks, so the ones I own I've been really enjoying. Books such as Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart, Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward and The Kinfolk Table by Nathan Williams are a few of my favourites. I am always on the hunt for new cookbooks — so please send me your recommendations!

Other exciting news I have been so thrilled about is towards the end of year my beautiful friend Tenneil will be eventually moving back home to Perth! I can't wait to see her more often, I've missed spending time together and what better way than to have her back home again. We talk a lot through our long text messages as well as social media. Our conversations can last hours on end with endless replies — I think what makes our friendship so special is that we genuinely care for one another and we always keep in touch no matter the distance. Recently she sent me a package of my belated birthday gift with a letter explaining why it was a tad delayed — which, if anything made me realise even more what a great friend she is to me. I won't go into too much detail, but let's just say this girl has a heart of gold! (Or, in her case silver, because she likes silver more.) I can't wait for our traditional Chai latte dates.

I enjoy reading blogs that contain personal content, beauty is always nice to read about but I've found it not as common for many blogs nowadays to be on a personal level. I have a few blogs that I have really been enjoying or are a favourite of mine that I would like to share with you. I love to catch up on each of their blogs whenever I have a moment to myself for some reading. These blogs are unique and I adore their individual aesthetics, each lady behind these blogs are beautiful and have an eye for detail. A must read for your blogroll —  (Of course, in no particular order.)

Tenneil — from Like Neon Love
Divya & Pavithra — from The Conscience Fund
Hanh — from Hanhabelle
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Cindy — from Cindyhue
Samantha — from Simplest of Things
Jessica —from Little Henry Lee
Daisy — from Pretty Green Tea
Chloé — from Status Chlo
Susy — from Waterlemons

What type of posts would you like to see more of on Amour JNFR?

05 June 2016

The Best Of Haircare - Oribe

I, first heard of Oribe through the ever so typical place you call the internet. It is a cult brand within YouTube and the blogosphere. Of course, it is a brand I've been extremely curious to try, from the luxe packaging to the detailing of how each product works and how fast it has become a favourite to many. You all know by now that I love a good brand that has impeccable ingredients within their products and Oribe is exactly that!

The *Dry Texturizing Spray was the number one product I had to try from Oribe, I picked up the 300ml size last year from a hair salon in Melbourne. I'm pretty sure this is their best seller, and there is no surprise that it is. When I was kindly sent these Oribe products to trial (Dry Texturizing Spray 75ml, Maximista Thickening Spray and Supershine Moisturizing Cream), I was so excited and couldn't wait to start using them.

I've found in the past other texturising sprays have either weighed my hair down or made it feel crispy or oily — which isn't great for my fine thin hair. And lets face it, texturising sprays are so expensive to be faffing around with finding the best one! I am not much of a hair fanatic like some others out there. I have a range of cult favourites within my collection, however I have found not many products work well on my hair so I am quite picky when it comes to certain haircare products. For my hair type I like to use as little product as I can.

The dry texturising spray is perfect for giving my hair texture, volume as well as a light lift within my roots all while keeping it soft and manageable. It also absorbs a bit of oil and dirt within the scalp, but I wouldn't consider it a "dry shampoo". Comparing this to other brands I've used, Oribe is definitely high up there to the rest. I wouldn't want to use anything else after using this spray. The small purse size *75ml is the perfect travel companion and I like to keep this in my handbag for touch ups and emergencies!

  • Dry Texturizing Spray ingredients — Kiwi and Passion Flower, Ginger Root, Mango, Sunflower Seed, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extracts and much more!

The great thing about haircare is that most brands have categories of what type of hair you have to cater towards each range, so it isn't too hard to find one that you can try out. For myself the *Maximista Thickening Spray is another product I was very pleased with. I cannot stress enough how much I shun away from thickening sprays, although they are catered to thin hair I have found so many of these types of products to do the complete opposite to my hair, leaving it flat and that horrible feeling of having a tone of product stuck in your hair, isn't so glamorous.

Enter the Oribe Maximista! I am in love with this product! It doesn't feel like anything when you spray it onto your hair, I like to use it right after I have washed and towel dried my hair. I spritz a few pumps around my hair and roots and blow dry, which activates the product well and absorbs into the hair perfectly. It makes my hair feel a lot thicker, smooth with a tone of volume.

  • Maximista Thickening Spray ingredients — Copolymers, Keratin Amino Acids, Multilayered UV Protection and much more!

Lastly, the product that ties it all together is the *Supershine Moisturizing Cream. For my thin hair, comes dry ends and I need all the moisturising cream to keep it hydrated and soft. This hasn't been much of a hassle for me to find, there seems to be a lot more of these types of products around that I have found to work nicely on my hair. I don't enjoy many oils, creams work a lot better for my hair. Most hair oils can be a hit and miss for me, I am just not fond of the feeling it leaves to the ends of my hair and there is no way I would put the any close to my roots. Creams seem to absorb a lot better and leave a nice shine and soft feeling to the ends of my hair and I can put it close to my roots and it doesn't weigh it down.

  • Supershine Moisturizing Cream ingredients — Soy Protein, Wheat Amino Acids, Mooring Seed Extracts (Vitamins A & C), Keratin, Kaempferia Galanga Root Extracts, Vegetable Derived Protein and Glycerin

From the beautiful packaging to the amazing quality of each product, there is one more stand out I absolutely adore is the scent from each product. They smell A-MAZ-ING! The Oribe Signature Complex — Watermelon, Lychee and Eldeweiss Flower Extract. It has come to my conclusion that from each product I have tried from Oribe, there hasn't been one that I don't enjoy. Oribe has quickly taken over any other product I've tried from other brands. I am now on the hunt for my next product to try from their range, so please give me your recommendations!

Have you tried Oribe before? What are your favourite products?