13 June 2016

Let's Catch Up! #3

These past few months have been going by smoothly. New job in beauty PR, new camera lens to play with, meeting awesome people and general life happenings. I've been at my new job for around 3 months now and I am loving every bit of it. From having my own office desk (which I have decorated with pretty and cute things) to working with some of the best people I have met and truly admire. In some ways I feel as though each step I take in life, whether it is within my career path or towards everyday life, has built up to where I am today. It is all a working progress and I have learned so much throughout each stage, I am so happy with where I am.

One of my biggest goals of all is to buy my own home with the Mr — Little things such as attending home viewings and looking into land has got me so excited and feels like we are slowly heading there. Of course it is my dream to get there as soon as we can, however it has to be done properly and it all takes time. For now I am dreaming for that moment I can start decorating my own home.

I've always been into cooking and baking, it has always been something I truly love doing and find so therapeutic. Lately, I have been buying a lot more homeware goods to cook with and to eventually take with me for my own kitchen in the future. This has motivated me so much to create recipes. If you follow me on Snapchat, you will see lots of my clips I upload of my cooking. I've been slowly building up my cookbook collection, I am quite picky when it comes to certain cookbooks, so the ones I own I've been really enjoying. Books such as Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart, Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward and The Kinfolk Table by Nathan Williams are a few of my favourites. I am always on the hunt for new cookbooks — so please send me your recommendations!

Other exciting news I have been so thrilled about is towards the end of year my beautiful friend Tenneil will be eventually moving back home to Perth! I can't wait to see her more often, I've missed spending time together and what better way than to have her back home again. We talk a lot through our long text messages as well as social media. Our conversations can last hours on end with endless replies — I think what makes our friendship so special is that we genuinely care for one another and we always keep in touch no matter the distance. Recently she sent me a package of my belated birthday gift with a letter explaining why it was a tad delayed — which, if anything made me realise even more what a great friend she is to me. I won't go into too much detail, but let's just say this girl has a heart of gold! (Or, in her case silver, because she likes silver more.) I can't wait for our traditional Chai latte dates.

I enjoy reading blogs that contain personal content, beauty is always nice to read about but I've found it not as common for many blogs nowadays to be on a personal level. I have a few blogs that I have really been enjoying or are a favourite of mine that I would like to share with you. I love to catch up on each of their blogs whenever I have a moment to myself for some reading. These blogs are unique and I adore their individual aesthetics, each lady behind these blogs are beautiful and have an eye for detail. A must read for your blogroll —  (Of course, in no particular order.)

Tenneil — from Like Neon Love
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Advaita — from Blush Canvas
Cindy — from Cindyhue
Samantha — from Simplest of Things
Jessica —from Little Henry Lee
Daisy — from Pretty Green Tea
Chloé — from Status Chlo
Susy — from Waterlemons

What type of posts would you like to see more of on Amour JNFR?

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