19 July 2016

The 7 Day Lipstick Challenge - Day 7

First of all, sincere apologies for my absence, as typical as it sounds, I've been extremely busy with work and life in general that I had to have a small break from blogging. I am back and have a line up of exciting posts in the works!

Now, the final instalment of The 7 Day Lipstick Challenge, ends with of course day 7. I started this challenge in early March, with the purpose of using a lipstick I had not gravitated towards in a while. I wanted to keep each day spread out to create a consistent flow within my blog posts. I didn't want to do it all within one week as I thought as a reader it would make it more exciting to have it pop up every now and then.

I am so thrilled that I had completed the challenge and having it spread out within 4 months made it a lot more fun. I really enjoyed doing these types of posts and may do a continuous theme with it now — perhaps with different makeup products each time! I am yet to think of a name/title, so if you have any ideas please send them my way!

Now onto the lipstick itself! If you're a regular reader of my blog, you will know I absolutely adore these Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colors. I've written a full review about these Lip Colors if you would like a more in depth review — here.

I was inspired to pick up the shade Milky Way (RRP $37 AUD) by Tamira Jarrel (a much loved style influencer of mine). The grey undertones to this lip shade is what won me over, I'm all about those grey tones. Not to mention it entwined with brown hues making it the perfect nude with an edge! The formula to these lipsticks are very opaque and have a long lasting cream finish.

Out of all the shades I now own (Spiced Rose, Lychee Parfait, Cappuccino) Milky Way was my least reached for, I'm not sure why I stopped wearing this shade, perhaps it moved to the back of the collection and I had forgotten how beautiful it was. But, in all honesty, I think it was because my favourite shade from the lot is Spiced Rose so when it comes to wearing these lipsticks, I always gravitate to that shade more often.

I first discovered these Laura Mercier Lip Colors when I was shopping and decided to do a fairly large haul on the whole brand, seeing as I had never tried any of their products before. When I tried the Lip Colors and swatched the shade Spiced Rose I immediately fell in love, this was my very first lipstick I bought from the line.

What excites me the most is, at the time these were no where to be found around the Youtube/blogosphere (no one was talking about these). I love it when that happens, when you find product that you fall in love with and it isn't hyped up and basically not many people know about it. Soon after I did noticed it started to get some attention, coincidence?

The formula to the Lip Colors makes it enjoyable to wear, with a lip-hugging texture these stay on almost as long as a matte formula only with the benefit of hydration thanks to the added Vitamin E and Hyaluronic filling spheres. I highly recommend these lipsticks, especially if you're looking for one that brings you the whole package from quality to performance as well as value.

One swatch of the Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Color in the shade Milky Way.

One layer of the Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Color in the shade Milky Way on my lips.

MY RATINGS (Out of 5)
Longevity - 3.5/5
Pigmentation - 4.5/5
Texture - 5/5
Application - 5/5
Overall product - 4.5/5

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