26 October 2016

Brows For Days — Benefit Cosmetics

One of many exciting launches from Benefit Cosmetics is their brow range. Introducing their new and relaunched range for all things brow envy. I’ve been a regular user of their Gimme Brow Gel for quite a few years now and have repurchased it over and over again. It has always been one of my most reached for brow products (though, now that I have tried Glossier’s Boy Brow that is fast becoming my number one favourite, Benefit’s Gimme Brow still remains a favourite).

Aside from base and complexion products, brows are my favourite when it comes to makeup products. I love all things BROWS and of course when I was kindly invited to Benefits Magic Brow’s Tour event a few months ago, I knew this was something I couldn’t miss. The event was held at Benefit's counter in Perth Myer City, where we met with a few Perth bloggers, Benefit’s PR Co-ordinator, Ela and Benefit’s National Brow Artist, Hannah. It was such a lovely day learning all about the new launches as well as having Hannah demonstrate her pro tips and tricks of the trade.
The Benefit Brow products I received: 
High Brow Glow 
Precisely, My BrowPencil – shade 5 
Goof Proof Brow Pencil – shade 5 
Brow Zings – shade 5 
Gimme Brow – shade 5 
Ka-Brow – shade 5
Within these few months I have been testing out all of the brow products and I am most definitely a fan. My favourites are of course, Gimme Brow (in a new shade 5  I was using their old shade range which was called Medium/Deep), Goof Proof Brow Pencil and Ka-Brow. I find the shade colouring within Benefit’s brow collection amazing, there is definitely a shade to match everyone. It ranges from cool to warm tones and light to dark. For myself I am shade 5, though I can also use shade 6 too. 
Goof Proof Brow Pencil and Ka-Brow are exactly what I am looking for in both brow pencil and brow pomade form. I’ve tried so many and although I have many favourites such as Hourglass Arch Brow Pencil, Anastasia Brow Wiz (which is very similar to Benefit's Precisely, My Brow Pencil), etc. I must say that I much prefer the formula of Benefit’s Goof Proof and Ka-Brow, it is both long-wearing, smudge-proof and natural looking. The shape of the Goof Proof is a diamond tear drop which makes application to the brows a lot easier. The texture isn’t too soft or too hard and applies the right amount as you draw on each stroke, building up the intensity. 

Ka-Brow has a unique formula; I find it to be not too pigmented, though still a rich colour, which is great. I own the Anastasia Brow Pomade and really didn’t like it. It is hard to work with and you can easily go over board with it, not to mention the formula dries up really fast. Ka-Brow has a creamy formula that creates a subtle texture to the brows, allowing to build up pigmentation to your desire. It is everything a brow pomade should be, for a while I was quite put off by brow pomades until I tried Benefit’s Ka-Brow.
The texture to Gimme Brow is something else, it contains fibres that adhere perfectly onto your brow hairs as well as tinting and taming the skin/hairs. As you can see I still own the older packaging (on the left). The new packaging of silver and a sleek exterior makes for such a fun look. I also adore the pink font! Though, the packaging isn’t to everyone’s taste, I really enjoy the relaunch and it makes it so easy to find your Benefit products within your collection with this type of packaging – it stands out. I get somewhat of a futuristic 80’s vibe from this packaging, something you would see from Back to the Future. LOVE!!!
The only product I don’t find myself reaching for is the High Brow Glow, mainly because it isn’t a product I use all too often in general. If I was to highlight my brow bone, I usually use a shadow or a highlight for this. Though this can make for a great eyeshadow base, or inner corner highlight to your eyes.

Have you tried any of Benefit’s brow collection? What are your favourites?

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12 October 2016

Glossier 101

NEW IN  Glossier goodness, I've been dreaming of trying their products for the longest time! My friend Tenneil, her sister (Kym) and I did an order together to combine on shipping using a U.S forwarding service. I was so excited and of course I had a big wish list to tick off. But, realistically I couldn't get everything I wanted straight away, either because of you know, money and also a few things were out of stock. The products I picked up creates a perfect full face application — skin tint, concealer, brow gel and bronze illuminator.

You should check out Tenneil's post on what she bought, it's pretty epic! You could say she went more on the skincare side of things, whereas I decided to pick up more of their makeup! We are planning on doing a second order soon (one day), we're just saving up for it until then. I have more makeup on my shopping list but definitely will be looking into the skincare as well. My next shopping list below.

Generation G in Leo OR Jam

Boy Brow in Brown

Haloscope in Quartz


Haloscope in Topaz — 
As soon as I saw these were released I knew I had to get my hands on them! Um.. hello? Anything illuminating and that's going make me dewy AF is definitely on my radar. I initially wanted to pick up the shade Quartz but of course that had to be out of stock and wasn't going to be back until a few weeks from when we made the order. Topaz wasn't a shade I was really interested in, so since this was in stock I did a little research online (mainly YouTube) watching tutorials of all these babes using the shade Topaz. 
It is such a beautiful shade and works really nice on my skin tone. It gives a subtle bronze glow that looks so radiant and dewy. I also like to sweep a bit of this onto my eyelids, such a pretty look! Only downfall with these is the amount of product you receive in the tube, seriously try winding up the product all the way and it is ridiculous! Wishing they put more product in, and speaking from someone who hardly ever finishes any of her makeup products, I have a feeling I will actually go through this tube very fast! Quartz, I am coming for you! (Though, I did just pick up the RMS Living Luminizer which is basically life, so I am contemplating if I need Quartz... please tell me if I do or not) 
Perfecting Skin Tint in Medium — 
I just love the whole concept of this skin tint, I mean... c'mon it has freaking DIAMOND POWDER in it, surely that's going to make you glow-y and sassy, right? It is quite sheer and I would say is definitely for those who are sporting a REALLY good skin day. If you're looking for coverage you are not looking at the right product, so keep moving along. 
What I enjoy about this is the way it works with your skin throughout the day. It evens out your complexion as the oils on your face blend in seamlessly with the skin tint, giving a natural glow and blurring effect as the day progresses. I find it doesn't last long on the skin if you don't powder in certain areas of your face (T-zone), however pairing it with a concealer (perhaps the Stretch Concealer?) will also make all the difference.

Stretch Concealer in #02 Medium — 
Ok, let's just put this out there now while we're here, I freaking LOVE this concealer. I love how hydrating and dewy it is and although my skin is now leaning more towards combination skin (thanks to my skincare doing its job, I no longer have dry skin) it surely works wonders. I find the product to be super emollient, buildable and as the name says it "stretches" evenly around any crevices of the face. 
It is in between a light to medium coverage in terms of an actual concealer. There's coverage but you won't get anything more heavier (ie. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage is one of my most heavy duty concealers and leans a lot drier in formula). I like to wear this alone or paired with foundation (or the Skin Tint), the shade 'medium' is a perfect match for my skin tone.

Boy Brow in Black — 
Throw all your brow products away, you don't need them if you own this baby. No, seriously that's how much I am diggin' this brow gel. Believe what they all say people, the Boy Brow is Glossier's IT product! There's something really different with this formula compared to every other brow gel I've tried, and I have tried a lot! I want to pick up the shade 'Brown' just to test it out and see if it will give me a softer look. 
I believe it is due to the formula and inspiration of the Boy Brow Glossier used from male grooming products such as beard/moustache pomade products, don't quote me on that. I remember hearing about it somewhere. It makes sense, because the consistency is a lot thicker but manageable. It gives your brows texture, tint, shape and basically grooms them into place. I am IN LOVE. Yes, with everything I've purchased pretty much. Glossier has a new fan gal, it's me! 
Balm Dot Com — 
This isn't new to me, I received this for my birthday from the one and only Tenneil. I have been using it non-stop ever since. I think the packaging just kills me and wins me over each time. Though a negative for me is that it contains Petroleum, which I just don't understand why companies add this nasty ingredient to their balms?? It totally defeats the purpose of the balm itself. 
But, I guess in someways I can forgive them as the other ingredients (Grandiflorum Seed Butter, Rice Bran Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, etc) KIND OF, makes up for it. This isn't my most favourite lip balm, but since I have the whole Glossier theme happening I've been keeping this close by a lot. I wouldn't rely on it for healing my chap lips, but it does relieve them.

Have you tried Glossier before, or are thinking of trying it? What are your favourite/wish listed items?