28 November 2016

Melbourne 2016

Melbourne has always had a soft spot in my heart, from living there back in 2010 to having the occasional holiday there every few years. I had an amazing time with the Mr, it was definitely a much needed getaway trip for the both of us and I am currently wishing we were there again. For those small getaway trips the Mr and I like to travel around Australia. While we are saving for our home, at the same time we want to travel around the world, we have been planning Europe for quite some time now. But, of course one day that will happen, for now we are focused on saving for our new home and then more holidays to come after that.

We stayed at a beautiful apartment in Richmond, where the interior was so aesthetically pleasing. Matte black tap-ware and rectangular tiles — yes please! It was the perfect location for all the things we had planned to do. We visited many eateries we had on our list to go to. A few stand out places — Mr Miyagi, Flower Drum and Market Lane Coffee. We spent some time with my relatives too, who always cook up an amazing feast each time we visit.

This year we only travelled to Melbourne for 4 days (12th - 16th November) as we had work to come back to as well as a ballet to attend the following day we arrived back home. My mother kindly gifted the Mr and I tickets to watch the rehearsal of The Nutcracker at His Majesty's Theatre, on the night of our 12th year anniversary (17th November). It was an advance viewing of their play as the following day was their released date for the show — so that was really exciting.

It was absolutely breath taking, there's always something so mesmerising about ballets. It makes me feel so happy each time I watch one, even though I have only seen two (Beauty & the Beast and The Nucracker) I have seen other theatre shows in the past, but, ballet is definitely my favourite. A perfect way to spend our anniversary as it was also my boyfriend's first time seeing a ballet, which he enjoyed very much. Seeing The Nutcracker made me feel so excited about Christmas, it definitely gives you that Christmas-y feeling. It is always my favourite time of the year.

I decided to post up a beauty haul. It isn't much, I was relatively surprised how little amount of beauty items I had picked up during our trip. I was quite picky with what I was going to purchase because I told myself I would only pick up items I couldn't get a hold of where I am from or were on my wish list. I've been loving these items so much, I'm sure you will see them featured in many future posts.

Most of my shopping went to clothing, accessories and shoes, which I decided not to post about as I find those items aren't photogenic to capture. Most of the other shopping we did was gifts for family and friends. 

Onto the beauty haul! I stopped by places like Sephora (of course I was able to catch it in time before missing out every time I travel east), Mecca, Muji, 3INA and M Plaza (a Korean beauty store that Chloé recommended to me). Here's what I picked up for myself! (I picked up lots of other items for family and friends from these places too)

Sephora — 
Ouai Dry Shampoo & Textursing Hair Spray 
Kat Von D Lock It Concealer in Medium 22 & Liquid Lipstick in Bow N Arrow 
2x Caudalie Beauty Elixir 30ml bottles
Becca Mineral Blush in Sweet Pea
Mecca — 
Too Faced Beautifully Blushed and Bronzed Collection (deluxe mini sizes) 
Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, Love Flushed Blush in Love Hangover & Teddy Bear Flatbuki Brush. It also came with the Sun Bunny Bronzer and Blush in Justify My Love but I gifted it to my cousin.
Muji — 
Face Lotion Sheet Masks 20 pack 
Folding Mirror
3INA — 
The Longwear Liquid Lipstick in #503
M Plaza — 
Innisfree Ribbon Hair Band

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