08 November 2016

The Not-So Talked About

From makeup to skincare, everyone always talks about the products they live and breathe, but we never really talk about the everyday essentials we use. It pops up every now and then, however tends to not be the most talked about items. I have been using and loving these items these last few months, a medley of products from technology to a drink bottle.

Tuffsteel Screw Top Insulated Flask/Bottle in Black — For the longest time I have been searching for the perfect water bottle to use daily and also bring along with me where ever I go. I have gone through several different types of bottles from plastic, glass to filtered bottles and not one worked for me. I always try to find one that is BPA free as I can't stand bottle that end up smelling funky. 
This bottle is great as it can be used for hot or cold beverages. Containing an insulated thermos style, it keeps water super cold and tea hot for hours. But, I mainly use it for water. The good thing is, I am extremely clumsy and basically drop everything I hold, so this bottle is made from stainless steel and won't go breaking on me, unlike my previous water bottles.

*B.Binchotan Black Charcoal Tooth Brush — I've been using an electric toothbrush for years, so when it came to going back to using a regular toothbrush I was somewhat excited, mainly because this one is infused with charcoal. As a regular tea and coffee drinker, I am always looking for something that will help prevent stains and deodorise with antibacterial properties that charcoal contains. 
I like bringing this along with me when I sleep over my sister's house or on a getaway as it is travel friendly, convenient and easy, I don't need to worry about bringing along extra things like a charger or any sort. The bristles are in between soft and medium and I find it cleans my teeth very well, plus I am in love with the all black exterior and anything charcoal.
*Lush Cosmetics Dirty Toothy Tabs — I've been trying out different types of tooth paste/tablets for a while now. I like to find any that isn't from your regular supermarket as they contain nasty chemicals, etc. I've enjoyed so many such as Essential Apothecary's Bright Toothpaste it is really great and I find it cleans and whitens my teeth well, though the taste of it takes a bit of getting use to and it isn't regularly available either. 
The Lush Toothy Tabs I have tried in the past, the flavour I tried had Wasabi in it and I found that hard to get use to as well. Luckily, Lush have a variety of flavours to choose from. One I particularly enjoy is the Dirty range. It has a really fresh minty and bubbly feel to it. I've been using this daily and love the packaging, it reminds me of something from the olden days where they use to store tablets within. The tablet size is great for keeping things tidy and easy to travel with. You just chew on it and start brushing away with a wet toothbrush. I gave a bottle of these toothy tabs to my sister and she now swears by it too! 
It contains Kaolin powder, Neroli and Spearmint oil as well as safe synthetic ingredients such as baking soda, which is known to help remove stains and whiten your teeth. I have other flavours to try out as well in *Oral Pleasure and *Bling, which I am excited about.

Japanese Brow/Face Razor/Shaver — I've always been one to do my own eyebrows, I've only had them done twice when I tried out eyebrow threading and eyebrow waxing during my beauty course days. I like to tame my own brows as I always worry about it not getting done the way I like them to look. 
Using a brow/face razor is really handy, as I use them to clean and tidy up areas around my brows as well as the pesky hairs around the lips aka moustache. I picked up a pack of these razors from a Japanese store here called Miyu.

Surratt Beauty Relevée Eyelash Curler — Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler has been a staple of mine for years, as I am sure with many others out there too. It was until I picked up the Surratt Eyelash Curler I knew I had found a new and favourite. From the sleek matte black to the weightiness of the curler, it is just so stunning. I find the rims of the curler are a lot wider so it gets every single lash from the outer to the inner corners which I found my Shu Uemura curler didn't do. 
It is such a luxe lash curler and comes with a felt material drawstring bag to store it in as well as a spare rubber band. You can definitely tell there is quality and performance at first glance and touch.

NARS Pencil Sharpener — I know a sharpener is just a sharpener, but for me this one is my favourite. It's something simple, but it definitely works a lot better than any other I've tried. The casing has a lid which when removed you can empty the shavings so it is mess free. There are two sharpening sizes for large and regular sized pencils and I always get a perfect sharpening each use. Great thing about this is you can put it in your bag and it won't spill and make a mess everywhere, so when you want to use your lip pencils you can bring a sharpener along knowing it won't be a hassle to use.

Seagate Slim Portable Hard Drive 2TB — At this point, I am realising how random this post is becoming, but that's the point right? A portable hard drive?! Yes, I am talking about it. There isn't much to say besides I love it! My friend Tenneil recommended this brand to me, as we both have been using WD (Western Digital) for years and found it really unreliable and bad quality — basically, if you drop it it's GONE! I love how slim and compact Seagate is, it works extremely fast and I use it to store all my important documents, movies, photos, etc on it. I've also decorated it with Glossier stickers, neat huh?
*Irresistible Me Jade Hair Straightening Brush — Hair straighteners have been a hair tool I've used since my early teens. I've been loyal to GHD for years and still adore mine, however I have been curious to try out a straightening brush ever since I've seen it featured everywhere. So when Irresistible Me contacted me asking if they could send me a hair tool to try out, I couldn't pass the opportunity.
I love the idea of this, the concept is smart! A brush that heats up and straightens your hair all while brushing it. With a ceramic tourmaline heating surface, as you slowly brush through your hair it won't damage or overheat your hair follicles as it isn't pressing on it unlike your regular flat iron. 
I find it quick and easy to use and lasts all day. My hair doesn't feel fried or dried out, instead it is left soft and smooth. This is great for those mornings where you are always in a rush and don't have time to faff around as it heats up fast and has temperature adjustment. Let me know if you would you like to see my haircare routine!

What are your favourite not-so talked about products?

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