06 December 2016

Asian Beauty — with Beautyworks Cosmetica

I've tried Asian beauty products here and there throughout the years but it hasn't always been a staple within my collection mainly because I don't have much access to it compared to western beauty nor do I know what products to try. From what I have tried in the past I've really enjoyed using Asian beauty, I find it really caters well to me not just because I am Asian, but because the ingredients and formula are well made. It's been known for Asian cosmetics and skincare brands to be of one of the highest quality, the Japanese and Koreans sure know their beauty. They're always in advanced with technology and coming out with the latest and greatest. You can see many western brands replicating what the Asian market releases, things such as the "cushion foundations and BB creams", etc.

Beautyworks Cosmetica is the new go-to for the latest, innovative and trendiest brands within the Asian beauty market. Their aesthetic is definitely up my alley, from their website, social media, the layout of their company as well as the finer details of their packaging (look at that peach box, it is to die for). They stock numerous brands, a few I've tried before and love and a few I've been wanting to try, from 3CE, Banila Co, Etude House, CLIO, Pony Effect, Tony Moly and so much more. You just know you're getting great quality with these high end brands on board.

I find Beautyworks Cosmetica to be a lot different from any other Asian beauty company out there, they seem to be more alert to what the latest trends are, unlike other Asian beauty companies who seem a bit out of date. It makes it more exciting and enjoyable to discover what they have to offer with their fun and cheerful nature to their customer service. I highly recommend them if you are looking into trying out new brands.

Two stand out products I have been testing out is the *CLIO Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Foundation Cushion in the shade #4 Ginger and *VDL Lumilayer Primer. I've been testing out both products for almost a month now and my first impressions were definitely positive and that they are going to become a favourite.

L—R  Swatched and Blended

*CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Cushion in #4 Ginger —

This is such a unique concept, I've been wanting to try cushion foundations since it launched everywhere. It really is a clever idea to put a liquid foundation within a cushion, it makes for easy travelling, handbag friendly for touch ups and helps distribute the perfect amount of product. It feels really light weight on the skin but provides full coverage all while being very buildable. I find I don't need to wear a concealer when I use this foundation. It gives an overall satin matte finish so you don't need to powder. It can feel a little drying on my skin if I don't pair it with an illuminating primer (this is where the VDL Lumilayer Primer comes in).

I've tried using brushes or my fingers however I've found using a sponge works a lot better and gives a more flawless, even and less streaky effect. The foundation sponge puff it comes with is actually really great! It has a velvety smooth feel to it which picks up the foundation perfectly and applies it nicely onto the skin, with patting and buffing motions.

Throughout the day it continues to wear nicely on the skin, as the oils on the face builds up it creates a nice glow within your complexion. The shade match is perfect for my NC25 skin, it has a good amount of yellow undertones. Paula from Beautyworks Cosmetica matched me perfectly to this shade!

I love the packaging, it is very chic and durable. It fits perfectly in my bag and I like to bring it with me when I need any further touch ups throughout the day. It comes with a seal tight lid to keep it from drying, a mirror, foundation puff and also a spare refill (the set I received does, however I am unsure if their other individual foundations do).

 L—R  Swatched

*VDL Lumilayer Primer —

I'm all for illuminating products, especially within primers. It makes all the difference and I just adore the brightening effect it gives to the skin all while giving your complexion a beautiful healthy glow. This primer is no exception, I love pairing it with the CLIO cushion foundation, and if I am completely honest I much prefer wearing the CLIO foundation with this primer. I find when I wear the CLIO foundation on its own it can become a little drying on my skin, the VDL primer helps adhere the foundation perfectly.

The packaging comes in this beautiful pearlescent glass bottle with a pump dispenser. As you can see in the swatches on my hand it has an iridescent pearl finish to it. It feels hydrating and absorbs well into the skin creating a barrier for any foundation to apply to. I can definitely see this becoming a permanent product within my collection.

Wearing both CLIO cushion foundation and VDL primer — with brow gel, mascara and lipstick.

A few other products I am yet to try are the *REME+G Home Peeling 3-Step Aqua, *Etude House Hair Treatment Mask, *Nature Republic Jelly Cleansing Charcoal Puff (I've tried these before from Missha) and a sample of *Etude House Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil (which I did use a few times while I was away in Melbourne to cleanse and take off my makeup — it worked really well).

I am looking forward to a nice pamper day to use these products. As I explore more into Asian beauty brands and have enjoyed every product I've tried so far, there are so many more I have my eyes on to discover. I like to switch around my cosmetic and skincare every so often as it is important for your skin to not get too use to a certain product, therefore the occasional changeover will benefit your skin as you continue to rotate all your beauty products. Plus it makes it a lot more exciting to use up your favourite products or discover new ones.

Do you have any Asian beauty products that are your favourite?

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