18 January 2017

Glossier 101 — Pt 2

During the holiday season I made another Glossier order! It was part of my Christmas present from the Mr. It's one of my biggest orders so far, I had to order them separately because I was waiting for the Haloscope in Quartz to come back into stock. I am so excited to add more to my Glossier collection, there is so much I would love to try (I could honestly own their whole range if I could). I've been really enjoying incorporating a very minimal look to my everyday makeup with Glossier. I've especially been using the Skin Tint, Stretch Concealer, Haloscope and Boy Brow almost daily!

I managed to tick off a lot on my wish list (you can read part 1 of my Glossier 101 post here) the only items I didn't pick up from my wish list is the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Generation G in Jam and the rest of the Super serums. Though, I am eager to try them when I get the next chance to make another order.

I have my own U.S address that I use from my post office (Auspost) and they have a service called ShopMate where you can have items from the U.S shipped to the address and all you need to pay is the shipping fee to Australia with no extra fees. It's a really good service and I have so far really enjoyed using it. The shipping is quite average in pricing $25+ AUD, depending on the weight. They had a promotion going on during the holiday season where I received 15% off my total price of shipping which was really nice. I highly recommend it if you're from Australia and want to shop within the U.S. This is my first time using this type of service for myself, so I don't really have anything to compare it to.
This is my next shopping list:
Generation G in Jam & Cake
Balm Dot Com in Coconut & Rose

Also, I am quite tempted to get one of their Glossier sweatshirt, it looks so chic, cosy and soft. I'll see when Autumn time comes around. 
My second Glossier haul in a nutshell.

Moisturizing Moon Mask — I am so excited to finally try this mask out! I decided to only pick up the Moon Mask and leave the Galaxy Mask for now because I didn't need a detoxifying mask as I own so many at the moment. The Moon Mask is everything is says and the key ingredients is everything I would want in a face mask. Oxygenating Agents, Natural Emollients (Shea butter, sweet almond, soybean oils), Licorice Root (my favourite), Lemon Extracts, Hyaluronic Acid (another favourite), Honey and Aloe. This masks has a really thick cream like consistency, it absorbs well into the skin and once removed it leaves your skin feeling plumped, silky smooth and soft.

Super Bounce Serum — I must admit, I am super (pun intended) thrilled I tried this serum out. When I read up about it and looked into the ingredients listing (Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin B5) I knew I needed this within my skincare regime. Initially I was going to get the full Super Pack set however I changed my mind and decided to only venture out into trying the Super Bounce serum. I wasn't interested in trying the Super Glow as I have so many serums that contain Vitamin C so I didn't need another one, though the Super Pure is definitely something I want to try next as I am always looking for something to help with congestion and blemishes.

To say I love the Super Bounce serum is an understatement, I F*CKING adore this sh*t that I am almost already out of it. Please send help or a backup. I honestly don't know whether I should stop using it for the sake of sparing the product longer or just keep treating my skin with it – the bottle is just too small, Glossier need to get onto creating a larger size (my skin is drinking it up like crazy and it has helped the dry patches on my face SO much).

Generation G Lipstick in Leo —I knew this shade was for me the moment I saw it was a brown undertone and was named after the man himself (Leonardo Dicaprio). It applies so beautifully on the lips, very pillow-like and hydrating yet has a matte finish to it. It doesn't have a crazy amount of pigment but can be built up really well on the lips. I love their new revamp of their packaging. It looks a lot more better with the opaque white and a more chubbier exterior. Although, I have heard about the packaging being prone to breakage which is a shame. I do need more shades asap.

Boy Brow in Brown — I don't need to say much about the Boy Brow, if you've read my previous reviews on this you know I love it, and it has basically taken over every other brow product I own. I decided to test out the brown shade (I have the black shade as well, and that works very well) for a more subtle soft look to my brows, it was a good choice.

Haloscope in Quartz —This is the product that made me wait forever. When it finally came back in stock I was quick to pick it up. It was worth every bit of the wait. I must say, it is my favourite of the three I own, though Moonstone comes close to second. It just makes you look like a glowing goddess, your skin looks so lit from within and the champagne slightly opalescence to it just shines to the heavens above. I could slather my face in this and it will still look hot.

//   Black Tie Set  (Limited Edition Holiday Set) 
Nail Polish in Glossier Pink — How adorable is the bottle? It was about time they made a Glossier pink nail polish. The formula works really well, everything I would want in a polish, opaque, good brush applicator, applies evenly and shiny. What more could you say?
Haloscope in Moonstone — If you missed out on picking up this limited edition Haloscope, let me just make it worst for you and say you definitely missed out. It is what unicorns are probably made out of. It has a holographic, duo-chrome effect to it and some how makes you look like you are made out of a mixture of pearls and diamonds when it hits your cheekbones. I'll leave it at that.  
Eyeliner in No.1 — I must admit, this isn't my favourite eyeliner. I found when wearing it throughout the day the longevity sucks and it smudges everywhere. It doesn't last on the eyes yet alone the waterline, so this is definitely a miss for me. 
Lip Gloss — Surprisingly, I don't mind this lip gloss, I am definitely not a lip gloss gal, though the 15 year old in me begs to differ (she was so into glosses back then, that b*tch) but I think this is nice. It isn't something I would rush out and get or even wear daily but they did nail it pretty well on creating their first lip gloss. I mean it was about time they did hence their brand name is Glossier, so you would think they would have a lip gloss within their collection right? 
The gloss applies so nice on the lips, it feels hydrating but has a thick heavy-like consistency where it adheres to your lips without feeling sticky and won't budge unlike other glosses. The scent is subtle and it performs as it should, making your lips look juicy and glossy, and the applicator wand sits on the crevices on your lips like a dream.

What are your thoughts on the Glossier brand? Do you like their aesthetic and branding?

02 January 2017

Hello 2017!

Happy 2017. I've put together a post of 2016 (Hello 2016!) last year and it feels great to reflect back to see the goals I have achieved, not achieved or have been altered. It's interesting looking back and seeing how things develop and how you can change so much in an entire year. Things that you once cared or loved no longer matter and things you thought you didn't like you now have an interest towards. Things you never knew you were capable of you somehow accomplished with ease.

As every year goes, I have learnt a lot throughout the year and how precious time is — I only want to give my time out to those who deserve it. I learnt that you can do so much for people, and they will definitely take advantage of your kindness. I've always told myself that many mistaken kindness for weakness but the only thing you can do is leave that kind of negativity as soon as you can sense it and keep moving onto new and better things. It's all a learning curve and that even though things may go by amazing and then suddenly you reach a bad day, you can always find something good out of it.

There were many standout goals that I set for myself during 2016 that I believe I executed well. From working within PR for a few companies and attending many exciting events throughout the year to continuing my blogging and building up with new changes and going outside my comfort zone (especially with filming, I did a lot of filming and editing throughout the year for another channel and I really enjoyed it).

I attended yoga and pilates classes each week, though when work became really busy I did put it off a few times however I then started attending the gym and got a membership which I have been going to 4 times a week without fail. I studied a course for an updated certificate within Business — this was something I didn't mention about at all (no one knows besides my loved ones) and I am really happy I completed it.

The Mr & I have saved a lot towards our house and our savings has grown so much, we are getting so close to our target which also brings me to the planning of our Europe trip which has of course been postpone until our dream house is ready — we've taken mini trips throughout the year to make up for our travel bug. It won't be long until we can finally pack our bags for Europe! And lastly, wearing false eyelashes at least once a month — I think we all know that was a definite fail, especially since I am a grandma and never go out anywhere that requires wearing false eyelashes. Though, I did wear them occasionally throughout the year, maybe 3 times out of 12? That was just a fun goal anyway, so really no loss there.

My 2017 goals:
1. Take more personal photos of loved ones and special moments of my everyday life. Step away from taking pretty photos from time to time and be more experimental with my photography.
2. Continue with my gym routine and reach my desired goal.
3. Take Poppy and Rosie (my dogs) to the dog beach.
4. Book in for facials throughout the year.
5. Do my creative work in public such as cafes or freelance Fridays in West Perth and work with more creative minds.
6. Organise my space. Do another big clear out and donate unwanted belongings.  
7. Connecting more with people on social media and blog.
8. Try something new and do things that I am too afraid to usually do.
9. Look after the skin on my body more with exfoliating, epilating, moisturising and SPF. I am always on top with my skin care, but can get a little lazy with my body care.
10. Continue to SAVE, $AVE, SAVE and spend less.

My 2017 focus:

My focus last year was to not be so generous and giving, putting myself before others more and keeping my life more private. I like to think I've accomplished this well, I have my moments where I become quite giving and very generous but as soon as I realise that those I am giving and being generous to start to show their true colours I take a step back and leave. Instead, I have been giving a lot of my time and being generous else where, things such as loved ones or even helping out within the community. I've put myself before others by focusing on my own happiness and needs before catering to others. I've distance myself from those who don't respect or value my time.

In terms of my privacy, I've always been quite private, I only let others see or know what I want them to know. You only see the pretty photos I post on Instagram or my blog, however there are the occasional vents I let out on Twitter, but I've always done that — it is my go-to place to be a little more real in terms of social networks, that's why it's set to private. I don't post anything on Facebook, it's only on there for animal videos and memes of course.

I think for 2017 my main focus is to give myself more self love and take better care of my mind and body. Explore and be even more adventurous, I want to see and experience things outside my comfort zone.

Some examples —
I exchanged my old damaged Lululemon yoga mat for this new style. 
My older one was plum, this year I chose grey! Also, how nifty is my D.I.Y drawstring holder?

I took this photo this morning while the Mr was sleeping, basically in my creeper zone. 
But, the morning sun was so beautiful and I just adore his sleeve tattoo on his arm. 
This is what I mean by taking more random photos of loved ones. 
This is a start right? It's beautiful in my eyes.

What are your 2017 goals? What do you aspire to accomplish?