21 February 2017

TOP PICKS — Face, Body & Hair

These last few months I have been in awe with three particular products, nothing to do with makeup just skin, body and haircare. I have been using all three for quite a few months straight and let's just say two of them are on their last legs and I may need to go purchase a backup asap!

FACE ⎯  *Pūr~lisse Prevent Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk 
I've been using this almost daily since last year in November when the team at Pūr~lisse gifted me a few beautiful products from their range to trial. So far I have been LOVING every product, but this cleansing milk is the definite stand out for me. The consistency is so light weight and thin, with a milk-like texture it feels extremely moisturising and leaves my face feeling really plumped and hydrated. I like to use this manually or paired with my Clarisonic. What I enjoy most about this cleansing milk is how gentle it is so it is suitable for any skin type. It removes makeup well, though I like to use a cleansing balm first and then follow up with the cleansing milk to double cleanse. 
Containing amazing ingredients such as Blue Lotus, known to be a powerful antioxidant due to its anti-inflammatory benefits creating a natural glow to the skin. What makes the cleansing milk feel so gentle and soothing on the skin is the added Soy Milk and Whole Oat which contains amino acids to retain the skins elasticity and gently calms the skin. And lastly White Tea extracts contains active compounds to strengthen the skin's immune system by delaying the ageing process through its high antioxidant concentration and ability to protect the skin from oxidation. So you can definitely see why this is a 4-in-1 cleanser. It is the all rounder and my skin is loving it. I am actually sad that I only have a few more uses left before it runs out. 

 BODY ⎯  *Antipodes Namasté Hand and Body Wash
I go through different body washes like no ones business, but I have never come across one that I am dead in love with. I've tried many from Lush mainly, though I find their scent to be a little overpowering it is still something I enjoy, but haven't loved. When I was sent a few Antipodes products to try out I didn't think much of this body wash. I thought it was really appealing and the packaging was so beautiful, not to mention the scent was divine and refreshing. Therefore I was initially going to save this for our house when we move in. But, I thought to myself, why bother waiting? I actually ran out of a few body washes and was deciding what to use the other month and decided to give this one a go.
The reason I am about more than half way through this bottle is because my boyfriend had also discovered it and started using it. He told me that it makes him smell so much better throughout the day (TMI much?) which I thought was cute that he noticed something like that since he is so oblivious when it comes to using beauty and skincare himself.  
This body wash has a real liquid-y consistency, almost water-like, which I found interesting because a lot of the time body washes are really thick. It lathers up nicely on the skin and cleanses your body really well. Though it doesn't have a lot of bubbles when lathering I think this shows how good the ingredients are that there is no added harsh chemicals which other body washes contain to make the product lather and foam up, which can be really drying on the skin. After each use my body feels so soft and hydrated. 
This body wash contains many herbal extracts such as Chamomile, Parsley Seed Oil, Camellia Leaf Extra, Green Tea, Kiwi Seed Oil, Wheat Protein, Olive Fruit Oil, Coconut Oil and essential oil fragrances of Sweet Lime and Black Pepper. To me the scent would make such a gorgeous perfume. It has this woody, earthy and fresh depth to it making it kind of masculine. Which is probably why the Mr is totally diggin' this. I love it! 

 HAIR ⎯  Ouai Dry Shampoo
I picked up this beauty end of last year during out little trip to Melbourne. It was the very first time I finally got to visit a Sephora store, since each time I visit the Eastern states I seem to JUST miss the opening on each store (aherm, Sydney and then Melbourne, sigh). I knew as soon as I saw the Ouai range I had to try something from it. I picked up both the Texturizing Spray and the Dry Shampoo and though I am loving both the dry shampoo is by far my favourite of the lot. 
Again, I've trialled basically all the dry shampoo's there is out there, well majority anyway and I have not found one that doesn't end up leaving my hair feeling more dirty or gross. Enter the Ouai Dry Shampoo, this is a god-sent product. I love that for once it actually makes my hair feel clean and refreshed (I wash my hair every second day so it doesn't get too dirty or oily — only during gym days, though my main problem is flatness due to my no-so thick hair). 
I've found many dry shampoo's leave a build up of product within your roots which creates this icky feeling where your hair feels even more dirty than it actually is. This gives my hair a good amount of volume and doesn't leave any white residue as it absorbs and gets distributed within the roots really well. The scent is another thing that can really throw me off with other dry shampoo's, Ouai's range smells divine so this is a definitely bonus. I need to pick up a travel size so I can put this baby in my bag for on-the-go.

 Have you tried any of these three products? What are your top picks when it comes to face, body and hair?

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02 February 2017

Always At My Aid

I decided I wanted to put together a post about all the things that are either keeping me organised, motivated, happy and working well for me. You could call it a favourites post, but let's call it things that are "Always at My Aid". A bit of a random post, but you know I like putting together these types of post. Brace yourself, this is going to be a long one, grab your cuppa before continuing, or just scroll through to look at the pretty photos.

These last few days I've been in a rut on what to post, I've written out many lists of ideas only to have them pushed down the list because I wasn't completely satisfied with the idea. I have a lot I want to post about, "What's on My Work Desk" and "My Everyday Mini Muji Drawer" etc. But for some reason I haven't had the motivation to take the photos for it or start it, it is still on my list and I want to post about it. I guess I'm just unsure if I am being repetitive or if it is interesting enough. Though, I always post on my blog purely for my own interest and of course the interest of my readers, but I want to put out content I am happy with overall —without the pressure.

I was sitting on my bed and looking around my room, how it brings me much joy seeing all of my beautiful belongings together. I thought to myself what is currently making me feel "good". And then I started putting together all the items that made me feel "good" onto my bed, only for them all to be different ends of the scale. Perhaps, I could just do a "Current Favourites" but with a twist? Or maybe I should just go with the flow and whatever comes to mind when I take the photos and upload them into my draft suite I'll go from there, and that is what I did.

I always like to show my humour through my writing whether it be on my blog, social media, etc. I like to just be myself through my words. I think with the internet, people only show little snippets of their lives, you only see what they choose to let you see. Most of the time is it only the good and pretty moments of their day. I can't deny I am one of those people, I take pretty photos and post them. Sometimes I write a meaningful caption to go along with it, sometimes it's just straight and bland. I've always said that Twitter is the main platform I feel like I can actually vent, talk real sh*t and just kind of be myself through each Tweet I post. But then, I also think that many people hide behind the wall of the internet and make it like their life is so perfect when clearly, you know it's not. There's nothing wrong with that. I think perhaps they do such a thing to show the world that they would rather show their brighter side or maybe their darker side, it's their way of escapism.

I'm actually not sure where I am going with this, I just felt like writing my thoughts and feelings and now I am just rambling onto a completely different topic like I usually do in person (if you know me). Maybe I am saying all this because I don't want this post to be about, "oh I love this product because it is just so great, blah blah" and maybe I just want to show you and talk to you as if you were my friend and I am telling you how it makes me really feel. Well, I'll try that and we will see how it pans out.

I just posted this image on my Instagram: read my caption here. It is so random, I don't even know what brought me to write such a quirky caption. I just felt like being sarcastic and at the same time talking about this beautiful candle I've never burnt since purchasing it back in 2013? Maybe, I've been reading too many books *aherm* (that's where The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck comes in later in this post). But, I think I have changed my perspective on many things and now that I have been on the internet for many moons, I want to be myself more so than nothing. I want to tell you "I f*cking love this mother f*cking piece of an item and you should spend that damn savings and just get it because ya money ain't going to the grave with ya, only the feels you bring will" kind-of-thing.

Oh, and yes, Diptyque Figuier candle is just stunning, it is my favourite and I will update you when I decide to burn its beauty.

I've always said this, year after year, I need to read properly again. I need to pick up a darn book and read it. Last time I read a full novel was back in 2014, I had read the entire book of Fifty Shades of Grey — don't judge me, I liked it, okay? Though, I did stop there and never read the rest of the trilogy.
I needed something that I would actually WANT to read and not give up after 3 pages in. These last few months each time I visited a bookstore I have always picked up Marie Kondo's— Spark Joy. Even the Mr noticed I would always read through it every time we went to the bookstore, he said to me, why don't you just buy it? I told him, I want to make sure I love it and it will actually be useful and worth it before I do. Usually for all things, if I keep looking at the same item over and over again, it pretty much gives me the green light to just bloody buy the damn thing. I can't stop thinking about it. I'll get it. That's my way of thinking.
What I liked most about it was comparing it to the first book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying" was it contained illustrations on each of her tips, especially the whole folding each clothing item etc. Now, I am a visual person so that calls out to me and has a tick next to it. I also searched up reviews and many people said you don't need to read the first edition, just jump straight to Spark Joy and it offers the same advice and much more. So, it is a win win. 
I am quite an organised person, but not quite to my mother's standards, which is why I need this book. I need to figure out how to minimalise the sh*t in my life and I need to know a better way to fold my f*cking socks and bras, okay? This book is a god sent, and although she rambles on about some random crap here and there it really does help me have a better open mind towards more than tidying up.
Which brings me to Sarah Knight's —The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck. I've always seen this book around, it is a take on Marie Kondo's series, and Sarah Knight gained inspiration through Marie's book only to focus more on life's happenings and self development through tidying up the crap you put yourself through. Basically, to stop giving two f*cks about things that don't make you happy and ways to get out of going to a social event you don't even give a sh*t about with people you loathe. Limiting the amount of f*cks you give out each day and just focusing on your self love and happiness. You'd think it would be pretty straight forward and why would one even need such books to tell them these things, but you need to just read it if you want to view things in another perspective with a touch a humour and bloody good advice. 

Both books are just amazing, I am half way through them both (yes, reading them at the same time) and I am working my way around to a more organised life physically and mentally. I highly recommend them both, if you are looking for a new good read for yourself. Something from both ends of the scale and a lot of self help. Also, if you're planning on purchasing it buy it at *Book Depository, so much cheaper compared to regular bookstore prices. *my affiliate link 

Stationery is something I've loved since the very first time I picked up a pencil and drew. I don't think I would ever stop spending 4 hours down each aisle of the stationery aisle admiring each item. I'm going to keep this short and just list the stationery items that have been keeping me oragnised and that I love, love, love

MiGoals 2017 Diary — Helping me get my sh*t together and reminding me of important dates and appointments. I've written in it everyday thus far, and I feel quite accomplished knowing my $30 was well spent. I love the layout, size and overall features of this diary. Totally diggin' the peach too.
Muji Pens in 0.5 Pink and 0.38 Black — These have been my favourite pens to write with for many years now. If you haven't tried them yet, what are you doing?! 
Muji Sticky Memo Notes — It is small, it is of great quality tiny paper and it is perfect for little notes within my diary.
Muji Stapleless Stapler — Here is a demo I prepared earlier on how this amazing staple-free stapler works. I posted it on Twitter here. Genius! Saving the environment one less staple at a time. Sorry, but you can only view this image if we're friends... on Twitter. Private account, ye know?
Beauty wise, I recently picked up Charlotte Tilbury's newest edition of her exclusive Matte Revolution lipstick — Pillow Talk. I was in heaven when I found out she was releasing the ever so infamous Lip Cheat liner but in lipstick form. You can bet your bottom dollar I was going to get this beauty. To me, it leans a tiny weeny bit more brown/peachy tone compared to the liner itself, though still very similar with the overall perfect pinky-brown, I do find there is the slightest difference between the two, which I love! This has gone straight into my bag and I can already tell it will be my everyday lipstick. Though, it does get me wondering that if it is limited edition, I will probably need a back up? Why, why you do this to me?? 
I developed a habit since high school of biting or picking at my nails and though through my early 20's I've learned to stop that nasty habit it is something I owe thanks to my good ol' friend — nail polish. Yes, nail polish has helped me stay clear from picking at my nails, I never bite them anymore but I will pick at them if they start breaking. So keeping my nails at bay with a good manicure is crucial for my nails well being. The only nail polishes that have been my favourite are from Dior and Tom Ford. I've literally abandoned all other brands and given most of them away to my sister or thrown them out. It's like having a shellac or whatever they're called nowadays. I've been in awe with the Dior nail polish in #413 Grége
For those pesky pimples I get especially during that time of the month, I've been gravitating towards the *Etude House AC Clean Up Pink Powder Spot from Beautyworks Cosmetica and *Alpha-H Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel from Facial Co followed by Glossier's Moisturizing Moon Mask
The AC Clean Up is very reminiscent of the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I like to use this on each pimple and what it does is dry out the pimple and combat any bacteria with Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil. Because it has a pink powder I like to use this during the night and let it settle in whilst I am sleeping. During the day I use the Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel to continue banishing the pimple. This is great for using during the gym as it is clear and works as a barrier once dried, preventing your pimple for further infection from sweat/dirt. 
As these products are very drying on my skin I like to follow up with the Moon Mask to rehydrate my skin. The Hyaluronic Acid, Honey and Aloe really boost the skins moisture levels and the added Licorice Root promotes healing and brighten any dark spots left behind from each pimple. It's definitely a win win situation here.  

Please let me know if you have any post recommendations for me, I need more ideas and would love to know what you would like to see me post about.