28 March 2017

Let's Catch Up! #7

Oh, hi —
Long time no post! The month of March has been quite a hectic month for me, not only was it my birthday month but a lot of things were quite chaotic since my last post. Which is why I haven't updated since end of February. I won't go into too much detail as to what I've been up to as it has been all the typical "adulting sh*t", but let's not get into that.

First thing I wanted to talk about is this green jade rock that you can see on the top of my bedhead. It was gifted to me by my sister and ever since I have placed it above me when I sleep. I didn't know this at the time, but a few days I had placed this jade rock there I felt as though it had cleansed my dreams and calmed me a lot, providing positive energy towards me. I tested it out one day and placed it onto my work desk instead and a few days onwards I had terrible nightmares. I'm quite a spiritual person and believe in Feng Shui, aurora's, karma and all that good stuff.

As soon as I put it back on my bedhead my dreams were instantly less intense and stressful. I knew straight away there was something special about this jade rock, so I did some research on good ol' Google and what do ya know, it has healing properties and helps with anxiety and lightens emotions. It says to place it under your pillow, but I'm quite happy to just leave it above on my bedhead. You can read more on it here. I feel as though I can relate to everything mentioned in this article, it is quite spot on in terms of relating to my astrology sign (Pisces). I think it is such a coincidence that my sister gave this jade to me so randomly, but also at the perfect time I needed it the most.

I've been also getting into reading again! I've ordered quite a few new books through Book Depository as you know and one of my newest editions is this poetry book called The Chaos of Longing by K.Y. Robinson. Let's just say it doesn't get as raw and real as this poetry book, her writing is just beautiful and intense, you can feel each emotion through every paragraph. It is quite a traumatic book, I find some parts hard to take in but at the same time I thrive off these types of genres for books and movies. The more f*cked up it is, the better in my opinion. I highly recommend this beauty of a book if you're also into this type of thing, plus the cover is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! 

The next few books arriving in my mail box soon is Love Poems by Pablo Neruda and Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, few that many people loved and raved about. I am excited to read these, I've read a few pages from peoples social media pictures and their poetry is so inspiring and beautiful. I love reading poetry, I was inspired by my friend Alexis to get back into poetry reading — she recommended Lang Leav's poetry, which is definitely on my wish-list. I also have Eighteen Years by Madisen Kuhn on my wish list who I have recently stumbled upon and truly admire her aesthetics. When I purchased my first poetry book (The Chaos of Longing) I had soon realised how much easier it was to get into reading this way. Novels tend to make me stray, I get bored and distracted easily and I admit I am not always the best at getting into a book and continuing it to the very end. It is definitely something I need to work on. I find self-help books to be my new gravitation and a genre I am much into nowadays — though I still enjoy reading a good best seller or two.


A quick sneak peek beauty wise of what's to come on Amour JNFR. Currently in the works, an array of beauty products I have hauled a few months back, gifted through PR and an exciting mail swap I did with Cindy! (This isn't everything, much more goodies to photograph).
Brands included: Tatcha, Glossier, Milk Makeup, Pixi Beauty, Saturday Skin, Fresh Beauty, Herbivore, etc. 

I've done quite a few clear outs of my belongings especially my beauty collection, giving away products as well as setting myself a project pan of using up my products. I'm slowly getting closer to having a more fresh and curated collection that I am really happy with. As you can know I have quite a few new items to eventually go through, so I have put a ban on myself from buying any beauty products for a while, unless I truly NEED to — I've been quite good at this for a while now, I never rarely shop now. There's something really fulfilling about giving away bags/boxes of all your unwanted/unused products (or throwing out products I've held onto for too long) to someone who would make better use of it all. I want my collection to only contain items I would reach for daily, with a one in one out system. These days I don't wear as much makeup and go for a more minimal and fresh look.

P. S.   A homeware haul currently in the works!

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