06 April 2017

A Prelude To BECCA

Oddly enough BECCA has been a brand that isn't readily available here in Australia, although it is an Australian brand there isn't much access to it unless you live on the east coast or pop into a beauty salon that stocks it. For me it hasn't been a brand I could just go out and purchase directly at a local store or counter here in Perth and I am not interested in popping into a beauty salon (etc), just to get a product or two. Give or take, it is a brand I have grown to love and adore, I've only tried a small handful of their products so far and you can bet I am a definite fan — though I do wish I could have better access to it so I can see it in person for a better experience. I actually do remember BECCA use to be stocked in David Jones at our city store and then some how a jerk decided to remove the whole range — oh well. 

Thank goodness for the beauty of the world wide web, from a few trusty reviews (for research purposes) to being able to purchase it online. There are quite a few beauty sites out there that stock BECCA but I have found that Active Skin stocks them for a good price compared to others, plus they're Australian owned online beauty retailer that is well trusted and provide amazing services. I think that is the better option for me at this time, though it would be great to test products in person, nothing beats good value. The team at Active Skin are extremely helpful so if you have any questions they can assist you.

Pricing example: The Backlight Priming Filter retails for $65 AUD but on Active Skin you can purchase it for $50 AUD, compare the prices herehere and here. That's a pretty darn good pricing point if I don't say so myself.
    T ⎯ B   Swatches 

*BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal — BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal (illuminator)   L ⎯ R 
I've owned the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal (the illuminating liquid version) for quite a while now and comparing it to my newest edition the pressed powder I can't decide which of the two I prefer more over. It's like choosing your favourite child. I love them both equally and they serve a purpose for individual use or pairing together for the ultimate glow. They're both equally stunning.

*BECCA Backlight Priming Filter (swatched and blended)  L ⎯ R 
This has been a product I've been umming and ahhing over for quite some time since its initial launch a few years back. From all the reviews and seeing it applied on through tutorials I've been quite smitten and it's been on my wish list for the longest time. I actually tried a sample of it during my visit in Melbourne last year at a Sephora store. It is as beautiful as I last remembered it and I am so glad to have it within my collection.

Some days I like to wear it alone without any makeup to give myself that lit from within look (that typical phrase) no kidding though, it seriously makes you look more healthier and youthful than you actually are (unless you are, I am not the latter). It smooths out the entire texture of your skin providing a beautiful glow-y and smooth base. It really is a real life filter for your face, yep, they've finally did it guys.

 BECCA Mineral Blush in Sweetpea
I'm not sure, I have the biggest feeling that this shade is discontinued — I've tried searching for it and it seems like it isn't part of their range anymore. WHY do they do this? This now means I have to salvage whatever I have with it because this blush shade is exactly what I've always wanted in a blush itself. It is the perfect terra cotta brown rose shade (are you surprised?). It provides a crazy amount of pigment so a little goes a long way, tap lightly! Wearing it without a bronzer is perfect because it gives you the best of both worlds (blush/bronze). I bought this at Melbourne airport on my way back home to Perth.
//    The main focus is of course the base, I want to show you exactly what these BECCA base products can do for the skin using very minimal technique for your overall look. I love creating a base that still shows my true complexion.


BASE  ⎯  
*BECCA Backlight Priming Filter  
*BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal 
Glossier Skin Tint in Medium 
Glossier Stretch Concealer in Medium 
BECCA Mineral Blush in Sweetpea (used as blush and eyeshadow) 

EYES  ⎯  
Glossier Boy Brow in Black 
Surratt Beauty Eyelash Curler  
Chanel Le Volume Mascara 

LIPS  ⎯  
Glossier Generation G Lipstick in Leo 
Glossier Lip Gloss 

 What BECCA products have you tried or would recommend?

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