01 June 2017

Curated Homeware Haul

I think as I get closer to my late 20's I have been more interested in homewares and interior. It's always been something I have had interest towards however now that we are in the midst of building out first home together it has caught my eyes more as of late.

You can say that I can be quite picky when it comes to certain designs as I am with most things. I like my colour scheme to be either monochrome (black, white + grey) or accent colours, such as pink, gold and copper. You can definitely say the whole Scandinavian style is very highly influenced within my collection. I have a small and very curated homeware haul that I have been putting together since the beginning of the year.

It is such an exciting time for us, each stage of building is very special and I am currently documenting each moment mainly through Twitter (my account is private). I do have a few snippets I post via Insta-stories. It all feels very surreal when it comes to designing your first home, every single bit counts. I never knew that thinking about where the sunsets and rises would be something so  important on the layout of your home, but is sure is! It's all in the little things.

I am so thrilled and cannot wait until our house is finished so I can continue adding more interior ideas, furniture and homeware. It is so much fun slowly gathering little bits and pieces for our home, I keep it all stored in a big container box for that moment we can finally unpack everything once our home is finished and the handover of our keys. We still have a long way to go so for the mean time while our floor plans are submitted and we slowly begin the next stages of our pre-start meetings I am currently scrapbooking ideas for interior designs, etc.

Arrival Hall ⎯ HAY Kitchen Scissors 
Arrival Hall ⎯ Lightly Copper Rounded Spoon 
A Cup of Chic ⎯ Scandinavian Fluted Ceramic Vase  
Kikki.K ⎯ Svenska Hem Gold Tall Vase 
Kikki.K ⎯ Svenska Hem Copper Round Vase x2
Sussan ⎯ Gold + Pink Ceramic Plate

There a few stores I like to visit for unique homeware finds such as Arrival Hall, A Cup of ChicKikki.K and much more. Though, you would be surprised where you can occasionally find some hidden treasures at the stores you least expect.

During a visit to Sussan, I found a few lovely homeware items for a great price (mainly in store rather than online) — their Gold + Pink Ceramic Plate I stumbled by the other day is the perfect statement piece and I cannot wait to style this in our home. At the moment it is being used to hold all my bedside essentials.

I've also picked up a few different types of vases to house some greenery within. I like choosing different shapes and sizes of vases, I find it brings a lot of character and style to a home and fits perfectly within my style.

That feeling of anticipation is literal torture, I get so excited each time we have our meetings with our builder each week. But as all good things go, it comes slowly and the results are definitely worth it. I am so thrilled with our floor plans, it's taken a while to get it exactly the way we wanted but, that's what makes it extra special.

I have a few more items that I have hauled lately however they're more bedroom and workspace interior, let me know if you would like to see a post of those items.