21 August 2017

Bi-Weekly Notes — #3

Do you ever get that feeling of wanting to just book a small trip somewhere far away pronto? I am currently feeling that at the moment ⎯ having a few thoughts on doing a little getaway soon. I've spent a lot of my days off exploring and doing different things. A few things I use to do years ago that I had forgotten I found so much pleasure in doing, things such as visiting the markets on a Sunday morning has been on the occasion every so months and flower picking. I would love to do a little road trip down to beautiful Albany again ⎯ it's been years. I love the country side and miss the horses, paddocks and beautiful hills. I'm at that point of needing a good digital/city life detox.

I've been really into watercolour painting and have bought quite a few sets to do a little bit of work on ⎯ my favourite is painting anything nature themed. Visiting art supply stores has been on the regular these last few weeks, goodbye money, hello colour palettes. The only thing I need to do now is find a good storage system for it all.

I also added a new sidebar header to my blog called "Categories" (thanks to the original designer herself Alexis for creating another sub-header for my blog). This is a way for you to be able to navigate around my posts with ease. I've categorise each of my posts with certain labels so you can find what type of post you're looking for. ie. Bi-Weekly Notes and previous Let's Catch Up has its own label so if you would like to catch up on any past posts you can simply click on the label.

 NEW IN ⎯  

Inspiration  –  Jordan Clark is such a wonderful creator. Her content is by far one of my favourites and I find her YouTube videos so therapeutic and aesthetically pleasing. Her art and journalling videos are so creative and I gain a lot of inspiration to do more with my art and stationery supplies. 
Updates  –
  • On Thursday the 10/8, we attended our final pre-start meeting with our home builder to get all our submissions of each colour selection for our home interior and exterior finalised. FINITO! 
  • My Dylan Kain tote bag was recently damaged, the seams of the handles were coming apart and I had only own it since March this year (it was a birthday gift from my beautiful sister). Thankfully, they have a good warranty replacement system and I sent it off to get it replaced. It arrived a few weeks ago and I am so happy to be reunited with it again. It is my day/work bag and fits my MacBook and journals perfectly.
  • I made a custom order of my Amour JNFR logo in the form of a miniature stamp and it arrived just this last week. It is so cute and the perfect size for my pencil case. I am planning to use this for quite a few projects I'm working on. It makes for the perfect signature stamp. See it in action here.  
  • On Saturday the 19/8, the Mr and I dropped by our block of land to take some photographs on the tripod together to document each stage of our home building journey. It was such a lovely moment and with plenty of hilarious and failed moments. 
  • The Mr and I spent our Saturday night at my sister's place with our niece for dinner (a marvellous Italian feast we had). My sister and I did some flower/leaf pressing/drying and she gave me this beautiful Polka dot plant ⎯ how stunning are the pink and green leaves? Her house/garden is filled with so many beautiful plants, she also gave me a bouquet of Lavender which I am planning on drying out as well. I love pressing flowers and leaves in old books ⎯ the results are always so beautiful. I am creating a collage to frame as art work within our new home.   

PR mail  –  
  • MiGoals Get Shit Done Notebook Launch (Mid August) 
  • Lady Burgundy Matte Lip Creams (Mid August)


Doing  –  furniture and appliance window shopping for our home. Scrapbooking every cut-out I find in magazines for ideas.
Reading  –  back issues of Fete Magazine. It's so lovely to be able to borrow these back issues from the library and gain more inspiration for our home.
Working  –  on putting together letters to pen pals. I love writing letters and putting together snail mail packages. 
Wanting  –  to catch up on my never ending to-do list. I have so much to do, but I am so happy to be organising my time efficiently. I'm determined to get the important things done and leave some leisure time for myself too.


Instagram / Blogger  –  Tina Sosna has this magical touch when it comes to everything she creates. I adore her style and how peaceful she comes across as. She makes YouTube videos, blogs, has an Instagram as well as a beautiful little handmade shop which I've been buying a few of her handmade goods from. I highly recommend her work. 
Music  –  Bon Iver is a major throw back for me, I've always loved his music. If I was to choose a favourite singer it would most definitely be Bon Iver. I can listen to his tunes forever.
Beauty product  –  Go-To Pinky-Nudey Lips is divine, it is perfect for those winter chapped lips and gives an overall sheer tint of pink to your lips and smells delicious. I always have it in the pocket of my coat.

The other week I did some bookbinding and handmade my very first notebook with card stock paper (and a pencil case/pouch, not pictured). I hand sewed each signature and covered it with this floral fabric. It's a little on the rough side, of course being my first time actually making a book ⎯ but I'm loving how it turned out.

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