17 August 2017

Care Package Swap With @chyism

Earlier this year my blogger friend Cindy and I did a care package swap with one another. I must admit, this is by far the BEST mail swap I have ever done, I would say the best in history too. We definitely went all out and it felt so lovely to be able to pick up so many goodies we both had on our wish lists for each other. It's taken both of us so long to get posting on our platforms about our swap, mainly because we've been bombarded with life itself and let's face it, this swap is absolutely epic therefore it needs that extra bit of time to properly put together ⎯ and I am so thrilled to be uploading it now as I have been working on it for so long. We also decided to use this time to properly test out most of the products we sent to each other so we could get a proper in take of it all. If you would like to see what I sent to Cindy, check out the beautiful post she put together about it here.

We decided to form a wish list consisting of 7 brands we really wanted to either try or explore more of that are quite difficult to get a hold of where we are from (Cindy is from California, USA and I am of course from Perth, Australia). This worked so well for the both of us, we emailed each other our top 7 brands and away we went gathering together items from each brand. We also decided there wasn't any limit, either one product from each brand or a few from each. Knowing both Cindy and I, we of course got more items from a few particular brands that we knew the other would like more of. 
I had so much fun putting together all the goodies for Cindy! My package arrived to her a lot earlier and I received hers shortly after. It took us about a month to get together all the items we had for each other, including extra snacks and gifts we picked up that was native to our countries (aka, I got her Tim Tams and she got me 3 Musketeers Bar, etc). I remember when her packaged arrived I was literally squealing at how beautiful everything was. I sat on my bed slowly unravelling each product from the giant box and was so over the moon with everything she sent me.
It's always such a great feeling when you meet someone that you get along with so well and have a lot in common with. That's the best part of this whole social media/blogging community ⎯ you meet so many amazing people. I adore everything about Cindy, she is such a beautiful gal, inside and out and hopefully one day if we ever travel to either end of the universe we can meet up for a nice coffee date. We chat almost daily on Instagram DM's, which is so lovely. If you haven't checked out Cindy's platforms and handles, you're definitely missing out ⎯ the gal's got talent y'all! 

This is going to be a LONG post, so grab yourself a cuppa! 


There was no doubt that Glossier had to be one of my first brand picks. In fact, Cindy asked me about it way before I even started my list as she knew that was a brand that would definitely be on my wish list. Cindy is also a Glossier Rep, so do shop through her link if you would like extra discounts and her recommendations.

Milky Jelly Cleanser –  I have been wanting to try this cleanser for so long. When it first launched I wasn't too phased by it and kind of brushed it off but because Cindy and many others had raved and talked about this cleanser so much I was curious to try it. Plus I really liked the concept of it, I love any simple/gentle cleanser that can be used daily. 
I've been using this non-stop since I've received it (it's actually almost reaching the half way mark) and it is perfect for an all round type of cleanser, whether morning or night. I use it as a first step cleanse followed by my other cleanser to double cleanse. It works so well at removing excess build up of dirt and makeup. I don't wear as much makeup as I use to, therefore it takes off every bit of makeup even my mascara (which isn't waterproof). 

Priming Moisturiser Rich –  A lot of people have been using this as their night cream, however I like to switch in between depending how dry my skin is. As it is winter here in Australia, my skin has been a lot drier so I've been using this day and night within my skincare regime. I love the consistency of this moisturiser, it feels really thick and luxurious on the skin and smells of subtle lavender which works perfectly before bed time. If I were to choose, I would definitely keep this as a night cream as opposed to a day cream, but for those drier skin days this works like a charm either way. 

Super Pure Serum –  Although, I thankfully have never suffered from severe acne occasionally I do of course get pimples (especially during that time of the month). Therefore having a good selection of pimple treatments has always been a must within my skincare. I love Niacinamide with its anti-inflammatory properties, it works deep within the skin to remove any barriers that may be clogging your pores which can lead to build up of pimples forming. This formula just melts into my skin so quickly which I really enjoy, as I can't stand products that sit on top of the skin feeling sticky or tacky. 
The only down side to the Glossier Super Serums is the small size. I own their Hyaluronic serum (Super Bounce) and it was the quickest product I've ever gone through. I hope Glossier brings out a larger size option to choose from. I've since been using The Ordinary's Hyaluronic Acid instead which is a lot more forgiving, though the formula isn't as top notch as Glossier, but is still very good. The Super Pure Serum is actually lasting me a lot longer as I only need to use it occasionally. I noticed instant results after apply this to any pimples or redness. It reduces any noticeable areas instantly.

Balm Dot Com Coconut   I wasn't too crazy about the original Balm Dot Com, it smelt horrid and I found it wasn't a good product. Though, I admit the packaging won me over and I was quite in love with just the packaging alone (looks amazing in photos, that's for sure). For some reason, since using this Coconut flavoured Balm Dot Com, I've sort of converted and find in some ways it works a lot better than the original and smells so good as well as feeling more hydrating on the lips. 
It has a subtle coconut smell, nothing artificial smelling which is perfect (I love coconut). It's a shame all the Balm Dot Com's contain Petrolatum which is frustrating (why do brands feel they need to add this in?) however, the other ingredients listed makes up for it and therefore I don't mind it so much. I carry this balm everywhere with me and because it isn't tinted I use it where I have dry skin, but mainly for my lips. Again, the packaging of all Glossier products is just too aesthetically pleasing, it's just a crime not to fall in love with it a little extra.

Generation G Lipstick in Jam   My most favourite and almost used daily lipstick these last few months has been my Gen G Lipstick in Leo that I purchased a while back. I love the consistency of their lipsticks and it makes the perfect terracotta brown on my lips. I had three other shades I was eyeing for the longest time and Jam was definitely one of the three (cake and like were the another shades). Jam is literally the shade of jam, right? It sheers out so nicely on the lips and I like to apply it on my cheeks and blend it out to give that subtle flush. Jam can be built up from a sheer to a semi-bold lip, it makes the perfect berry shade.

Milk Makeup is another brand that is almost impossible to get a hold of here in Australia, unless you're doing an order through forward mailing services which can be such a pain. I've been so curious about their products and just love the simplicity of their brand and overall outlook to their aesthetics.

Sunshine Skin Tint in Light –  This is considered a skin tint however if you were to compare it to the actual Skin Tint from Glossier it provides a lot more coverage and if anything, I would consider this more of a tinted moisturiser with light to medium coverage than a skin tint. I love the packaging, there has been a mixed review on the packaging of this skin tint, but for me, I love how travel friendly and convenient it is. 
It is a very smart way of applying your base with the glass ball applicator and click style pen. The shade 'light' is most definitely my winter shade, I would probably go for a more medium shade next time as they come off a lot lighter than I thought (I'm usually a light-medium in most bases) but I can make it work as it blends out so seamlessly.

Saturday Skin has only recently launched here in Australia, from what I've seen it's stocked in Myer. The pink packaging is just calling out to all those folks who are loving the Millennial Pink phase (I, included) and the Korean's just know their shit when it comes to skincare, let's face it. I only had my eyes on one products and that is of course... (the facial mist)

Daily Dew Hydrating Essence Mist –  I have been dying to try this mist since seeing Tamira Jarrel feature it countlessly on her feed. The bottle and packaging is just too perfect and everything I would want packaging wise. The mist is so fine and beautiful, I almost feel guilty using it as I don't want it to end. I've been using this to prep or perk up my skin when needed and using this sparingly. I need this in my life forever.
Quench Face Masks –  Cindy added in two of their face masks for me to try, and I was so thrilled but I am still yet to try them as I am reluctant to even open one. They're just to lovely to destroy. I will hopefully find the courage to pamper myself with one of these bad boys soon, I'm thinking on my first pamper session I have in my new home and brand new large bath. Yay!

PIXI  ⎯ 
Pixi is another brand that has just recently launched in Australia (within this month, actually) and from what I've seen it is within David Jones. Before this I hadn't tried much Pixi products before Cindy sent me these items. Shortly after the PR of Pixi have been sending me a few of their products to try and combined with the products Cindy sent me I have been so in love with their brand. The only product I have tried and have been using for a few years is of course their cult, Glow Tonic which is by far one of the best! 

Hydrating Milky Mist –  I've been using this mist religiously since I received it it is almost empty, thankfully I have a back up! The mist doesn't spray out as fine as most mist do. Pixi's misting spray nozzles aren't very good, they tend to spray very sparsely other than that this is packed full of goodness and is the perfect pick-me-up when your face is feeling dehydrated. 
Multibalm in Baby Petal –  The shade Petal is the perfect soft rose shade, I have swatched this on my hand, but am yet to fully test this multibalm out. 
Lower Lash Mascara –  I have a few mascaras I am currently going through before I can crack open this mascara, but I am looking forward to using it on my lower lashes as the wand is very thin and petite. 

Fresh is a brand I've heard of for so many years, yet have never ventured out to trying. Their Sugar Lip Balm is probably their most cult product within their range and I am so glad I have the chance to try it out for myself. 

Sugar Lip Balm in Honey –  The packaging to the Sugar Lip Balms are housed within this almost heavy duty matte metal-like material. It feels really hefty and twist open to reveal a beautiful balm. I chose the shade Honey, well, because it just sings out to me in terms of the type of shade I always go for (I think you know by now). 
The consistency of these balms are very buttery and smoothing on the lips, it gives an overall tint adding that subtle colour that can be slightly built up. My lips feel instantly hydrated and without any stickiness. I do find the packaging of the twist up balm can make it scratch onto the balm itself and because it is such an emollient balm it is prone to melting easily especially during a sunny day. 

If a could use one word for Tatcha, it would be "masterpiece". I can't quite get over how luxurious and beautiful their products are. It is literally gold in a bottle. Their paper packaging is almost too stunning to throw away. The packaging hoarder within me is dying to hold onto it, but that is the old me and I must refrain from keeping the paper packaging and move on. Thankfully, their actual product packaging is even more breath taking so I'm doing ok.

Luminous Dewy Face Mist –  Believe it or not, I am actually still yet to try this beauty! Mainly because I am going through several other facial mist at the moment, I am saving this for a special occasion. It is so luxurious, which isn't any surprise when it comes to Tatcha and how stunning their products are. I am so grateful to be collaborating with them at the moment and have several more of their products I am currently testing. More to come with this stunning brand soon!

Polished Rice Enzyme Powder –  I like to use this powder either on its own with a few drops of water or mixed with a cleanser (preferably Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser) it feels so gentle on the skin and really buffs away dead skin leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft. Luckily, I have a backup of their full size! I am so grateful that Cindy introduced me to the world of Tatcha and I was able to try a few of their products for the first time through her.

The one thing that catches my eyes with Herbivore is how minimalistic everything they have within their range is. I love that their range broadens from each end of the skincare scale and how ethically sourced their ingredients are. 

Blue Tansy Face Mask – Wow, I was definitely not expecting this within my package! Cindy surprised me with a random pick from Herbivore, it was a brand on my list, but for a few of the brands we both told each other to choose which ever product we thought the other may like from a few brands (For me it was mainly Herbivore, Tatcha, Milk Makeup and Fresh which makes it more fun and spontaneous). 
I wasn't sure what to try from Herbivore, I had seen their range floating around the net quite a few times and have always wanted to try their products out and I am so thrilled Cindy had chosen this face mask for me. I had actually never seen or heard of it, but oh my it is sublime! The dark teal shade of this mask is so mesmerising and I just love the cooling affect it has on my skin when I use it. It's like magic in a little jar and a definite treat for my skin, I love a good AHA/BHA treatment. 

Have you ever done a mail swap with anyone before?

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