01 August 2017

Haircare Discoveries

I don't usually talk a lot about haircare, mainly because I always find it difficult to find cult products for my fine straight hair. Not many products work well for my hair type and I always steer away from anything that is going to weigh down my hair, make my scalp dry or leaves a tacky residue. These last few months I have been testing and trialling out a few products I have been sent and have only been able to sift through a small selection that I have now grown to love, some more than others but these are the top 3 that I want to talk briefly about in todays post.

*Hello Hair Botanic Edition Hair Mask  

The first time I tried out this hair mask I wasn't sure about it, mainly because I had used it all throughout my hair and scalp massaging it in as the packaging instructions states to do. However it made my hair really clumpy and weighed down after I rinsed it out. I then decided to give it another go, only this time focusing it strictly on the ends of my hair, and voila, it worked like a charm. Of course, I knew I had very fine and thin hair that lacks volume so I usually don't put hair masks within my scalp, but because the packaging said to do that I thought perhaps it was clarifying. That's how all beauty products work, you need to figure out how it can work well for your own benefits as everyone's hair situations are all different. Now that I've mastered this process I have been putting a small handful at the ends of my hair to nourish it from any dryness and I really enjoy using this as a treatment when my hair is in need of a pamper.  
 DO'S  Apply on hair that is dehydrated and is in need of nourishing treatment!
 DONT'S  Apply to your scalp if you have very thin hair and lack volume, it will not do you any favours!

*Natura Siberica Hair Repair Oil  

Hair oils are another item that I tend to hesitate using unless it will absorb instantly into my hair. I can't stand any hair oil that just sits on top of your hair and doesn't absorb into the follicles, you just know it isn't doing anything but weighing your hair down. When I first applied this hair oil to the ends of my hair, I was instantly sold. My hair soaked up every bit of the oil and felt so soft and smooth. It created a beautiful shine and texture to each strand and felt it was more of a dry type of oil that doesn't leave any oily residue. It smells tropical and feels super luxe each time I use this! I highly recommend it. 
 POSITIVES  Packaging is just as beautiful as the product itself, comes with a glass dropper pipette.
 NEGATIVES  None, I love everything about this!

*Hairstory New Wash  ⎯

This is by far my most favourite of the lot and the stand out of almost any haircare I have ever tried. I am so shocked at how amazing this makes my hair feel after each use, I've been using this as my second wash every few days. This is a one of kind product and I am sure there isn't anythings else quite like it out there. It is an all in one, shampoo and conditioner. A new way of washing your hair, no seriously! At first when you apply it, it feels more like a conditioner texture and as you massage it into your scalp and hair you start thinking "is this even working?!". But be patient my friend, it clarifies and cleanses your hair all while nourishing it and leaving it feeling so clean and hydrated. You can see the results instantly once you have dried your hair after the wash. I can't figure out how they do it, because yes, I have tried those two in one shampoo and conditioners back in the day, and all I can remember is that it was the biggest faff. Not this baby, my hair is absolutely loving the formula to this hair wash and I know it will be a permanent product in my haircare regime. Time to stock up!
 PROS  Love, love love, the formula to this! It gives my hair so much volume and clarity as well as feeling so nourished and healthy. I've seen a difference in the texture of my hair as well as thickness to each strand.
 CONS  The packaging, it leaks a lot and the pump doesn't work at all. It gets stuck and seeps through the sides of the cap so I have to keep pumping a lot to get the product out. The packaging is plastic, it seems quite flimsy and could do with some upgrading, especially the pump. Lucky the formula is out of this world amazing, all they need to fix is the packaging. 

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