08 September 2017

Bi-Weekly Notes — #4

If there is one thing that can always brighten my day it is in the form of a plant, a bouquet of blooms to be precise. Each time I fill my entire house with all kinds of flowers and plants it just makes all the difference. I've been feeling under the weather lately hence my absence on social media and blog which also explains the delay of my bi-weekly notes. That is why I've decided although I am late I will post one regardless of the timing. As I was saying, I've been feeling sick so having flowers around have definitely kept my spirits up.

What I've been doing a lot lately is drying out a few of the flowers I want to preserve or pressing them in old books. My idea is to later frame them in our house one day as art, so no flower goes to waste. I am still yet to master the way to keeping plants alive and for them to not die on me, so far many of my plants and flowers are going strong but I do notice many of my flowers don't last as long as I think it should.

I must admit I am not someone who often visits local florists as much as I want to here in Perth, mainly because of time, distance and that there are so many options. Though, it is always so lovely to be able to visit a florist in person a lot of the time it isn't realistic to do so. This stunning arrangement of flowers placed in this cutesy mason jar was kindly delivered for me from the folks at *Flower Bros last week. I love the story on how James and Jay started their little business. With no clue about flowers or what type of blooms to get for their wives, they wanted to build something special out of it by providing quality and value to their services. They supply and deliver the most stunning blooms in different forms, from a mason jar (my fav) to a bouquet or box ⎯ I'm guessing with the help of the women in their lives they've aced it. It's always nice to know there is an actual flower delivery service within Perth that is of fun and quality I can now use if I am ever in need of more blooms, without having to visit a store if I am lost for time.

There's nothing quite like a vase filled with the most prettiest blooms. It's always great discovering local Perth florists that specialise in flower delivery services within Perth. Flowers Bros is located in the nooks of Claremont and deliver all your floral needs. I am in love with my beautiful jar that's filled with a variety of my favourite blooms. Now I'm just waiting for Peony season to arrive.

When I take photography having some form of plant/flower in the background or as a prop always makes all the difference to each photo. Even our home, it brings so much life into it and if I could I would have a bouquet of flowers in a vase every single day. I could take photos or create paintings of plants and flowers all the time and never get bored of it, the vibrant colours of each petal is just mesmerising.

  NEW IN ⎯  

Inspiration  –  My saved collection tab on my Instagram. Mixture of home interior, stationery and art and plants giving me all the inspo I need right now. 
Updates  –
  • I created a new personal account on Instagram @bonjourjnfr where I posts more behind the scenes type of photos of my life that I don't share else where. (I won't be accepting all follow requests, this is only for those who interact with a lot and are close to me.) 
  • Stationery, ah my pure addiction ⎯ MiGoals newest launch of their *Get Shit Done (GSD) Notebooks/Notepads have launched and they're amazing. I was kindly gifted a few of their launch to try out and I am diggin' the craft and khaki tones and the added pocket at the back of their notebook is always a bonus. These have been keeping me organised and on top of my to-do lists. 
  • The Mr and I have been jotting down all the types of plants we want to have within our home as well as a vege patch and fruit tree. I also need a flower garden too. 


Doing  –  the index and layout to my new journal ⎯ I just finished my current journal and now it's time to crack open a new one,  best feeling ever. I found these A6 notebooks that are ink friendly and with French made smooth high quality paper from Clairefontaine at a bookstore.
Reading  –  Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba ⎯ needing all the advice I can get!
Working  –  on some exciting new adventures I've just started and I can't wait to learn and experience this new path.
Wanting  –  to keep donating my unused/unwanted belongings and just continue living with less. I've made over 5 trips to the donations boxes and plan to continue.


Instagram / Blogger  –  Kate is another fellow Perthian and I just adore her posts on Instagram and all the little shopping hauls and places she visits, not to mention the delicious foods pics she is always capturing. Go show some love and follow her @kateemay / www.kateelizabethmay.blogspot.com
Music  –  Nothing beats old school R&B from the 90's to 2000's, that's what I've been listening to non-stop on my playlist. Monica's Angel of Mine, anyone?
Beauty product  –  Tatcha Exfoliating Rice Enzyme Powder has been my go-to cleanser daily (sometimes paired with my Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser) and I just love how it thoroughly cleanses and exfoliates so gently without stripping my skin of any natural oils. 

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