29 September 2017

Bi-Weekly Notes — #5

I think when there is a delay on my Bi-Weekly Notes due to unforeseen events, it takes a bit of time to get back on track again. I'm so far a week behind schedule, however for me I would like to post causally and not force myself to catch up and be on time each post. I know it's called bi-weekly notes, but I'm quite happy for it to be a bi-week starting from any time of the week. It's still a few weeks between each post. Also if you've been wondering why I've been quiet on my Instagram account @amourjnfr, it's because most of my time has been spent on my private account @bonjourjnfr ⎯ I've been enjoying posting more personalised content on there and if I am completely honest, I haven't been feeling motivated by my main account for a while now.

   NEW IN ⎯  

Inspiration  –  Honestly, nothing new has really been inspiring me lately. I have been feeling a little uninspired, though the regular things that inspire me still keeps me going. I've noticed since working on the other side of the city I've come to realise how beautiful nature is, even more so than I realised. You could say nature has been inspiring me a lot lately. I always feel so happy when I see birds, trees, beautiful parks, etc. I especially love the little Willie Wagtails that keep greeting me each time I'm around that area. I've snapped a few images of them. 1, 2, 3
Updates  –
  • Last week we received confirmation that the next stages of our home will be under construction this week. The foundation slab has been laid for our house (on Wednesday) and it is the most exciting thing to see each stage slowly form. We've been documenting every stage and I can't wait to see it continue to build up slowly. It makes it even more special to see your very first house get built one layer at a time. 
  • An old friend of mine from Melbourne has booked a long weekend trip to Perth to visit for the first time (it's long weekend over there for them this week). I'll be seeing Anna for dinner tonight and taking her around town tomorrow morning. I can't wait to see her again. 


Focusing  –  on what makes me happy and the things I enjoy doing the most. I've been taking a step back and re-evaluating the important things and prioritising those.
Working  –  on social media and PR work for a new company I've been working at. I am so excited and it's been a really great month. I'm loving every bit of it!
Wanting  –  to continue shopping my makeup and skincare stash without purchasing any new products until they are finished. I have a box filled with products I've been wanting to finish up and so far it's going great. I also have another bag filled with empties of which I am very proud of. That satisfying feeling of using up an entire tube ⎯ pure bliss.


Instagram / Blogger  –  Lavanya is such a beautiful soul, I love her content and I always look forward to her posts and chatting to her. We recently became pen pals and are currently putting together a little surprise in the mail for each other, yay! Show her some love and give her a follow @elle_files / www.ellefiles.com
Lifestyle product  –  My new black Circular Shoulder Bag from COS that the Mr surprised me with last week. It has been on my wish list since the store opened up here in Perth. I am so in love!
Beauty product  – This beautiful Rose Perfume Oil gifted to me from Imogen.

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