18 September 2017

My Go-To Makeup

I've worked within the beauty industry for several years now and although I have moved on from being a makeup artist to working within the beauty side of PR, I have noticed my routine for my makeup application has changed drastically. I use to wear a full face of makeup daily for work as it is of course a given that comes with the job and I was loving being creative with my looks each shift. However, since I've moved into the more office side of things I can't pull that same look each day, therefore my daily makeup routine has become much more minimal. In some ways I am loving this change as with makeup it doesn't matter how much or how less you wear, it’s whatever makes you feel confident and enhances the beauty you already have. Having a much more simpler makeup application is ideal for me as it suits my current lifestyle. Occasionally, I like to go back to being more creative with my makeup on night outs or special occasions but in terms of daily wear this is what I have reached for the most and my perfect application routine.

| Surprisingly I haven't been reaching for much highlight/illuminating products, bronzers or even eyeshadow.


 BASE ⎯ 



 EYES ⎯ 

 LIPS ⎯ 


Swatches L-R (Swatched + Blended T-B )  ⎯   Go-To Pinky Nudey Lips and RMS Lip2Cheek in Spell.

⎯ My Bi-Weekly Notes #5 will be up next Friday.

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