24 February 2018


I've been a lover of dainty jewellery for as long as I've worn jewellery. There's something so delicate and unique about the simplicity of minimal jewellery. I'm not really the type to be torn between being a silver or gold kinda gal, I'm happy and love every tone as I find either suits me. On this occasion dainty gold pieces had me head over heels.

Everything GLDN (by Layered + Long) have within their range is to die for (they have an endless range and plenty of options to choose from). I love their approach to their branding ⎯ personalised, quality jewellery that's consciously handmade by people who love what they do. Not only is it unique, they are very dedicated towards empowering women's rights and giving back to the community (where 10% of profits is given to charity) ⎯ which I find absolutely amazing. As if that wasn't enough, I particularly love how involved they are with their customers as well as show casing every detail and behind the scenes of their business.

From featuring their team members to how their beautiful jewellery is made (each and every piece is handmade all in the USA) and the many stories behind each collection. Oh, and let's talk about their packaging, the type font and textured material is just perfect (I bet all graphic designers out there are aesthetically pleased right now) and the little personalised handwritten notes on each card make it so much more sentimental.

There's no doubt the La Femme collection had me at hello, I knew it had me written all over it. From the stunning designs of femininity to the purpose behind this collection ⎯ La Femme collection celebrates femininity in various forms where half the profits from the collection go to care.org, working to empower women around the world.

One of my favourite designs is the *Poise necklace, I have mine in 14k gold filled (gold filled is an alternative to solid gold, which is an actual layer of gold-pressure bonded to another metal  this form is of higher quality than gold plating, it does not turn colours, flake or rub off and is much more valuable and tarnish resistant.) I adore the line art created by Chrissy the Founder of GLDN. My other favourites from the collection are Au Naturel and Femme.

Another piece I wear proudly in my collection is the *Davina earrings in 14k gold filled. I'm sure this is as close as you'll get me to wearing "hoop earrings" again. These are so light weight, the simple detailing of the misshapen linked hoops makes it so unique. I haven't taken these off since receiving it ⎯ I've been so in love with both the necklace and earrings and I'm pretty certain I'll never take them off.

I've teamed up with the wonderful team at GLDN to give my readers an exclusive discount code of $5 off your order, simply enter my code "JENNIFERXGLDN" at check out. If you do use this code please let me know as I would love to see what pieces you chose for yourself too.

*This discount code is purely for the benefit of my readers and is not affiliated ⎯ discount code is valid for 3 months and expires 22nd May 2018 

P.S. It's getting so close to moving day for the Mr and I, approximately end of February is when handover is and we get the front door keys ⎯ however we probably won't be officially moving in until mid march when things such as fencing, blinds/shutters etc are installed! We currently have access to our garage door keys as my boyfriend is doing the electrical for our house and he is also friends with the owner of the building company we are building with so that's a definite bonus ⎯ also the reason we've been so lucky to be able to come in and out of our house this entire time while construction has been on. It's so amazing watching each stage develop, it's been such an amazing experience and I can't wait to show you snippets of our design. Lots of exciting updates to come, thank you for those who show continuous support, it means the world to me.

02 February 2018

'Ello, Stranger!

Wow  where do I begin? It sure feels quite alien being back on the blog again. I could go on about how busy life has been and what's been happening etc but we all know why everyone takes a break from things. One things for sure, our house has kept me so busy, from home DIY's to meetings and regular visits (it's coming along so well and handover will be end of February, just in time for my birthday  YASSSS!). It's all been such a wonderful experience. I will definitely show a few snippets and updates once it's complete, but for now will continue to post regular updates on my private/personal instagram @bonjourjnfr.

I just wanted to pop in and to say "hi", if anyone is still interested in reading my blog. I'm still alive!

I recently came across this quote by Shakespeare which states:

    h a v e  m o r e  t h a n  y o u  s h o w ,
s p e a k  l e s s  t h a n  y o u  k n o w .

Something about this really resonates with me, so simple yet so much food for thought. I definitely can say I live by this quote.

I have many things planned for upcoming posts (lots of exciting PR/brand work) and I am so thrilled to be able to get back into the swing of things. Around the end of each year I always tend to take a small break from blogging and most of the time come back again in the new year. I can't wait to have my new workspace so I can expand and create more of what I love doing. I will update again further. I have such a great feeling 2018 is going to be a fantastic year for many, including myself. So much to be grateful and to look forward to.