07 March 2018


This year I told myself I will take extra care of my mind and body. Taking extra steps and trying things I've not tried before, discovering new rituals and practising better self care/love. I've always taken care of myself, but not well enough. I've found things I have forgotten to take better care of is my mind and body, things that I have taken care of but not to my full potential. It isn't just about going to the gym and eating healthy, there's far more things you can do to better yourself. These are a few new rituals I've taken on board this year.

// Sneak peek at a few areas of our home (this was during our home visits I was able to take a few snippets for the blog while the Mr was doing some electrical work) of our ensuite marble stone bench top, matte black tap-ware, subway tiles with black grout and our silk cloud carpet ⎯ picture below.

// B  O  D  Y


There are many benefits to dry body brushing from reducing cellulite, aiding detoxification, improving digestion, strengthening your body and immune system, firming and giving your skin that natural glow, increasing energy and reducing stress. Dry brushing your body helps stimulate blood circulation which detoxifies itself naturally. I've actually tried body brushing a few years ago with a chemist store bought brush. I didn't quite know what to do with it because it wasn't the best quality as it was too soft which isn't how the bristles are meant to be in order for it to work and I didn't have any information on how to use it properly ⎯  Stass & Co curate all relevant information included with your brush to help guide you through each step, I found this so useful and has motivated me to use and better understand the benefits of body brushing.

❝ This simple, all natural practice is the perfect way to 
start your day, or calm your soul in the evening ❞  

The Body Brush made my skin look and feel so smooth and my visible red bumps I usually have on my legs started to fade in the short time I started practising this brushing method. My skin feels so much more vibrant and less dull with a boost of energy due to blood circulation. I can feel a difference in the elasticity of my skin but overall it seems to be less rough with less signs of red bumps and it has given my skin and overall even texture as well as toning. Not to mention how good it feels to exfoliate any dead skin cells leaving my skin feeling really refreshed. Having a nice warm bath/shower afterwards is so therapeutic, it's become my weekly pamper.
Read here for more info. 

*FUR OIL 75ml  ⎯

It's interesting that in this day and age you don't see many forms of beauty products aimed for the private regions of your body that isn't chemist owned or promoted. There isn't anything really out there to promote well being and care for your pubic hair and ingrown hairs all around your body. Having a brand advocate this, FUR was invented by women who believe in natural beauty for everyone and wanted to make a change and break the stigma that is of the unspoken of. It is so important to make sure you not only look after your body but also your genital regions.

❝ Beautiful, natural, and effective skincare and haircare 
for up top, down there, and everywhere in between. 
Welcome to the new era of body care ❞  
⎯  FUR

Since using this, I have to admit I've mainly used it on my legs and areas I want to target my cellulite and uneven skin or ingrown hairs. But, I have tried it on my pubic hairs, the only thing is I don't have much of it (being Asian and having hardly any hair on my body). Though that doesn't stop me from using it there, it's helped with any ingrown hairs there and all over my body. I've also used it on my face as well, as I always suffer from extremely dehydrated skin from time to time ⎯  usually during weather changes ⎯  and this has hydrated and repaired my dry skin so much. It's pretty much what you could call an all rounder, all-in-one type of product, there's no limit to where you can use this! A few key ingredients are Grape Seed Oil, Vitamins A and E, Jojoba Oil,Clary Sage Seed Oil and Tea Tree Oil. 
Read here for more info.


I've seen the art of facial massaging for quite some time now and have always been curious about it, I was so happy to receive the chance to try it out for myself. One of my favourite gemstones (and I think for many others too) is Rose Quartz, it is known as the "Love Stone", it sends off strong vibrations of love, happiness, warmth and emotional health. I like to use this facial roller with an oil of choice ⎯  especially paired with the FUR oil. It helps penetrate the facial oil deeper into your skin as well as making the natural gemstone roll smoothly onto your skin. I've been practising this technique for almost a month now and I have noticed a difference ⎯  especially under my chin, eyes and overall skin.

❝ Sleep with the Rose Quartz Roller next to your pillow 
so that whatever is causing you pain emotionally 
will manifest in your dreams ❞  
⎯  Julisa

Just like dry body brushing, massaging every part of my face and body with this tool helps stimulate blood flow and circulation, relieving muscle tension, headaches and stress as well as toning and firming the skin. It has a dual roller heads to make it ideal to use on both the face and body. The natural gemstone has a cooling effect which helps relieve puffiness around your face and under eyes. This method is beneficial for lymphatic drainage with those who retain water in their bodies.
Read here for more info.

I've teamed up with the wonderful Juliet Director of Julisa to give my readers 10% discount, use the code "AMOURJNFR" at checkout. Which gemstone will you chose? There's Opal (I have my eyes on this beauty), Rose Quartz and Amethyst. There's also an amazing range of vegan nail polishes and oils.

*This discount code is purely for the benefit of my readers and is not affiliated

// M  I  N  D

MANY MOONS By MODERN WOMEN (Volume 1: 2018 January-June)  ⎯

This is a workbook of astrological overviews for each month, self-development prompts with rituals and exercises for working with the main phases of the Moon (New, Waxing, Full, Waning and Dark). I love learning about the moon phases and how each moon cycle can build and shape us, having a moon calendar at hand is really helpful to know when to cleanse your mind as well as your crystals. I also own the previous Volume 2: 2017 June-December.

Other books I've been enjoying to help ease my mind have always been poetry books as well as reading quotes.


These are the new crystals I've just added within my collection. During the weekend that just went by it was thankfully a long weekend for us folks in W.A, the Mr and I took a small road trip to this beautiful hidden crystal boutique up in the hills of Perth. I've been wanting to add a few more crystals to my collection and since there were a few I have been hunting for but haven't quite found the "right" crystal for me the Mr surprised me with this little road trip visit.

It was so wonderful to explore so many beautiful crystals, the options were endless. These were the items I picked up during our visit and these crystals called out to me most. The best way to know if a crystal is right for you is to hold the ones that appeal or drawn to you in each hand and see if you feel any energy or warmth between the two and that's how you know which crystal is meant for you. I'm so happy with the selection I chose, they are exactly what I have been searching for. Each crystal represents a healing property, you can find out more information on them through crystal books or online.

I've been wanting to pick up some Palo Santo woods to use as a cleansing ritual for our new home once we move in. It helps clear and raise vibrations leaving you mentally and emotionally calm. It has a sweet and woodsy aroma and removes any form of negative energy.

Raw Clear Quartz
Raw Rose Quartz
Lithium Quartz
Opal Wand
Palo Santo Holy Wood

Let me know if you would like to see a post on my crystal collection.


This year I've limited my use on social media ⎯ I actually started this mid-last year but am continuing on strong  I don't use any other platform besides Instagram, blog and Youtube. I've found since removing other platforms I found tedious and useless I've become more peaceful within myself. I especially enjoy using my private/personal account (@bonjourjnfr) to post more of what I truly want to post to those I trust and engage with the most. I know my main account (@amoujnfr) is mostly based towards beauty, lifestyle and PR work ⎯  which is my passion and I love working on ⎯ at times because it is public, it can involve a lot of unwanted people that don't have good intentions. With all things, everyone knows social media can form either a positive or negative impact.

When it comes to the positive, you can meet and engage with so many wonderful and supportive online friends and chat daily with. Then there are those who are purely there for the numbers, the attention, the drama or even just to throw negative energy out there. Those are the people who ruin it, surprisingly it's mainly those who once were part of your life but ended up being the total opposite to what they were ever intending. That's what is unfortunately the down side to social media and why it is important to not take it so seriously, do what makes you happy and cut out any kind of negativity to help keep your mind clear and positive.

It is important to know that when it comes to the online world you are only as good as what you put out there, show and spread love, empower one another. The more positivity there is out there the more hope there is for a better world.

Mantra  Focus only on those who are good to you.