27 April 2018

Our New Haven

*Canvas Wall Print of Claude Monet Nympheas at Giverny from Photowall

 A   l i t t l e   s n i p p e t   o f   o u r   n e w   h o m e  —

It's been a crazy journey building our first home, it feels surreal this day has finally come it almost seems like a dream. We moved into our house on the 24th of April and as we slowly unpack and decorate this home of ours there's an endless list of things to do — it almost seems never ending! Building your first home is never easy, from the planning to the design to the endless amounts of meetings for every single part of your home to the building process to the handover to the moving day — it just keeps going. We received our handover on the 10th of April where the builder had gifted us champagne and other goodies for our new home, it was such a wonderful day to experience receiving the rest of our keys and knowing the house is now all ours to takeover.

Words can't express how I am feeling right now, living in this beautiful abode we call home. It's been such a long time coming and it was worth every bit of energy. I wanted to take a few snippets of our home even though we are no where near finished unpacking nor is the house close to being complete. As time goes and more changes happen to our house I will definitely keep updating further, for now here are a few sneak peeks into a few of my favourite parts of our home. We designed and selected every detail, there are a few more pieces we are working on changing which is all in the works. 

I thought I would also add in a little home to do and DIY list for you to see what we have planned — there's still plenty more trips back and forth to Bunnings and Ikea. During the building process we were lucky to do a lot of our own work because the Mr is friends with the owner/founder of the building company, we had early access during construction with a key into the home — we did all of our own electrical, skirting, etc. Because of this, we were able to come and go during each stage of building, so being able to see each stage develop each day/week was really nice. In some ways it was such a tease and made it even more exciting seeing our home come together especially during lock up stages. It's amazing how a house gets built from sand to a slab to bricks etc, I've learned so much during this journey. It was overall approximately 6 months to build our home, we started our prestart during mid of 2017 and building had commenced in end of September. 

One of the most exciting projects I've been working on and eager to get unpacked and installed is this beautiful canvas print of *Claude Monet's Nympheas at Giverny painting from Photowall. They kindly reached out and gifted this to me as a house warming gift for our brand new home, I am so in love with every detail of it. It was so easy to put together and the quality of the canvas is phenomenal. We decided to place this painting in the front hallway entrance of our home, it feels so welcoming and brightens up the area. The main theme to our house is black and white, all monochrome and neutral shades, so having this pop of colour really adds life to the house.

If you are looking for any canvas prints or wall murals for your home, Photowall are your go-to! I have an exclusive 20% discount code for my readers just add the code "AMOURJNFRCampaign2018" at checkout. 

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Since living here for 3 days now I've felt so motivated and happy, the lighting in our home is amazing and I can't wait to get more creative with my work — (also, because we don't have our shutters or blinds installed yet we are using newspaper to cover our windows so that did change the lighting slightly for my photos in this post, but I managed to still get some good lighting in). I have so much planned and I am excited to share more with you soon! Thank you to all those who have supported and given us so much love and help through this journey, I appreciate all those wonderful people in my life and I am so happy to have them be part of this exciting stage of my life. If you follow me on my personal account @bonjourjnfr I have saved a lot of behind the scenes snippets of our home journey on my story highlights.

  H o m e   t o   d o   l i s t  —

  • Finishing off the skirting to our floor boards (we finished the skirting for our carpet area during building as it needed to be done before the carpet was installed) 
  • Painting our walls — before we moved in we sanded and sealed the walls (we are in the process of choosing our paint colour) 
  • Blinds and shutters will be getting installed soon (it was so fun choosing which designs to go for, we chose white wooden shutters and block out blinds)
  • Our exposed concrete for our driveway has been planned and will commence soon  
  • Getting side gates installed 
  • Working on our backyard design 
  • Unpacking and organising the rest of our boxes 
  • Decorating each section of our home 
  • Shopping trips to get more homeware items 
  • Putting together our new furniture
  • Buying new white goods 
  • Packing the rest of things left at our old home to bring over 
  • Once the exposed concrete is completed we need to plan our front yard design 
  • Plan the design of our letterbox

and... the... list... goes... on !