06 July 2018

I Stopped and Smelt The Roses

It's been a while since I've been able to update on this little platform of mine. As you know we recently built our new home and moved into it in April so since then things have been hectic! I had to have a bit of a break from blogging but have been semi-active on instagram. When it comes to a new house it's a never ending cycle of things to do and it's a slow process, which never really ends, but it's all for good measure and it's the kind of busy I'm proud and happy to do.  I'm not sure how my scheduling is right now for blogging, I do want to get back into it properly but the main reason I can even get started on it again after all this time is because my office is almost ready and I have been moving things in and decorating it, it feels amazing having all this space to do all my creative things. I thought since it's been a while I would give you another update on a few things —going back to my Bi-Weekly Notes style posts, only I probably won't be calling it that anymore and call it Monthly or Bi-Monthly Notes.

 NEW IN ⎯  

Inspiration  –  Essential oils has always been something I've been into since I can remember, but as I've continued to learn more, there are so many wonderful uses for them than just diffusing them like I use to just do. Because I work in the beauty and skincare industry it's something I've always had a passion for and only just this year have I been able to dabble more into it. I've been loving learning about DōtTERRA essential oils and all the remedies and blends. I honestly don't know how I went so long without getting into it as much as I have now, it's definitely something I can't live or leave the house without. I've been creating lots of blends for household, skincare, wellness use (etc) and it's become part of my everyday ritual. I love diffusing it while I am working or during bedtime - it's so soothing and keeps me calm and at peace. The Easy Air Respiratory blend is one of my favourites from my collection. 

Updates  –  There's so many new adventures I've started this year, from joining an art group every fortnight on a Tuesday to a monthly Bookclub I have with a small group of friends to monthly workshops for our Essential Oil's group with my beautiful friend Nicole and now I'll be commencing a Ceramics course in August which I am super excited about. I want to take my career in a new direction and for me, I've always been the type to seek the new and my next challenges in life. I love exploring the unknown and I always want to keep testing the waters no matter where it takes me, so for this I am over the moon to have the opportunity to explore my next passion. Especially with our new house I have so much space to do whatever I want with, I feel free and open to let my creative juices flow. 


Doing  –  a "to-do list" for my office room, it's so exciting getting furniture and making it into my own little space to do all my favourite creative work.
Reading  –  Apple and Knife by Intan Paramaditha (the current book we are reading for the bookclub I have with a few friends of mine - Elaine, Carina, Kat).
Working  –  on projects for our house, our shutters and blinds are currently being custom made and will be getting installed soon - the exposed aggregate is in the works for our front and driveway - exciting times. We've finished painting the house (we only have the back section of our house to do and it's completed, just the laundry and toilet) - it's amazing what a difference painted walls can make the the overall look. Now we're continuing with the rest of the skirting for the floorboard areas.
Wanting  –  to make some time to explore the hills more and have a picnic on a day that isn't raining.


Instagram / Blogger  –  my lovely friend Imogen from @cherieimi is always a favourite - love her posts, they're raw and just so beautiful.
Lifestyle product  –  my new crystals, especially Black Tourmaline, helping to protect me from any negative energy and keeping me grounded (The stunning *Pink Jasper Point is from Telluric Crystals) and jewellery pieces from GLDN - Oval range *Kiki + *Marcie rings in Moon and Line Art Face inscription (in gold) and their *Florence Oval Star Sign Constellation necklace in Pisces (in silver). I love pairing it together with another new pendant the Mr got custom made for me from Lawnswood of our beloved beautiful Poppy's paw print also in a silver oval shape (she passed away at the end of May this year - it's been a rough few months).
Beauty product  –  *QTElixir with Aquamarine crystal (my birthstone) and *Julisa Rose Quartz Gua Sha both so luxe and have been part of my nightly skincare regime.

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